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An Authentic Peking Duck Dining Experience Up North at Wu Xing in Clark Marriott Hotel

That rich, juicy and succulent bite followed by a light and delicately crisp crackle. It's authentic Peking Duck prepared the traditional way. And now you can find it up north at Clark Marriott Hotel...

Only a few restaurants even in the competitive and often cluttered culinary scene of the metro can claim to have authentic Peking Duck. From the use of a proper Beijing oven fired by locally sourced star apple wood to bring out more flavor and aroma along with centuries old culinary techniques, the intricate weave of both bold and nuanced notes truly come alive in authentic and masterfully prepared Peking Duck. Up north in Clark Marriott Hotel, you'll find both tradition and authenticity in the lavish menu of Wu Xing...

The leisurely drive up north to the Clark Freeport Zone reveals a changing and evolving landscape dotted by impressive structures rising from the vast plains of Pampanga. Progressive, modern and continuously evolving, the rapid development of the northern city makes it a destination for both business and leisure. And soon, the local culinary staples the province is known for will be joined by global cuisines further strengthening its reputation as a top destination for rich and diverse flavors. And Clark Marriott Hotel is quickly emerging as the top destination in Pampanga. 

Recently rated as a Five-Star Hotel in terms of facilities, services and amenities by the National Accommodation Standards, Clark Marriott Hotel becomes the first Five Star property in Central Luzon. A feat in itself, but Clark Marriott Hotel isn't resting on its laurels just yet...

Clark Marriott Hotel is aiming its sights on authentic culinary offerings to further set it apart from the rest in Pampanga with the recent opening of the very first Wu Xing restaurant in the Philippines. That means authentic Peking Duck prepared the traditional way, served daily at Central Luzon's first Five Star Hotel. 

Inside Clark Marriott Hotel, the impressive interiors lead you to countless flavorful options. But you're after authentic Peking Duck...

...and you'll find it here at Wu Xing. The name translates to the "Five Elements" in Chinese but for many Filipinos, the name will soon be synonymous with authentic Peking Duck. Helmed by award-winning, new generation chef Raymond Yeung with over thirty years of culinary experience tucked under his belt. Now tasked with preserving the traditional imperial era style of cooking passed on for generations, Chef Raymond Yeung showcases the very best of China to your plate at Wu Xing.

Known for his inventive merging of complex flavors combining both traditional and modern techniques, diners can expect comfortingly familiar as well as refreshingly new flavors at Wu Xing. "We tried different and popular dishes of Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Hong Kong, and got the best of them in developing the menu for Wu Xing," explained Chef Raymond Yeung. 

At the entrance of Wu Xing, diners get a glimpse of the specialty Peking Duck or Beijing Duck behind the glass wall. And that's just the first in a continuing chain of sensory experiences at Clark Freeport Zone's newest dining destination.

From the elegantly streamlined space accentuated with marble, the subdued earth tones of wood and occasional splashes of red, Wu Xing exudes a welcoming yet luxurious vibe...

...completed by the warm hospitality of the staff. It's the little details that always makes an impression, right? 

You can opt for a table in the spacious dining area... 

...or one of the private dining rooms for intimate gatherings. For your peace of mind, all the latest mandatory health and safety protocols are strictly followed at Clark Marriott Hotel for a worry-free dining experience.

Behind the glass walls, our authentic wood-roasted Peking Duck is prepared as we settled in one of the private dining rooms. Launched last January 7, Wu Xing is already creating quite a buzz on both traditional and social media. And it's easy to see why.  

"Wu Xing is poised to be the newest dining destination not only for Northern Luzon diners but also for Metro Manila," says Clark Marriott General Manager Goeran Soelter. "We are bringing  authentic and traditional Peking Duck to Northern Luzon. We are already a destination for people to staycation coming out of Manila for the weekend. That was our bread and butter for the last 12 months and it really grew in comparison to the period pre-pandemic. Now people have more reasons to make the trip to Clark Marriott."

A soothing pot of tea opens up the palate for the coming feast at Wu Xing...

..starting with the Crispy Soft Tofu (P 420) served with Hoisin Sauce. The silky smooth tofu with its lightly crisp outer layer delivers subtle nutty notes to the palate along with textural contrasts kicked up by the sharpness of the hoisin sauce. Simple yet balanced flavors, well executed and a great start to our dining experience at Wu Xing. Wu Xing offers other appetizer options including Premium Jelly Fish with Treasure Oil (P 580), Marinated Ox-Tongue and Tripe with Sichuan Oil (P 780), Century Egg with Marinated Pickled Ginger (P 390), Cucumber & Black Fungus in Chili Oil (P 320) and Wok-Fried Snake Beans with Salted Egg Yolk (P 420).  

Then, the highlight of our lunch, the traditional Wood Roasted Beijing Duck (P 3,380) was presented along with more of Wu Xing's specialty dishes in a lavish spread. The specialty Beijing Duck at Wu Xing is served two ways, first the skin, breast meat and leg meat are carved and rolled in Chinese Pancakes with leeks, pickled ginger and Chef Raymond Yeung's special Hoisin Dip served with their signature Duck Soup. Diners can then choose a third option like Minced Duck wrapped in Romaine Lettuce, Deep-Fried Duck with Salt and Pepper and Fried Rice with Duck Meat and Salted Olives for an additional P 300. The kitchen also served Wu Xing's other specialty dishes... tease the palate before the main course. The Roasted Pork Belly (P 880) served with hot mustard is a classic roast with a juicy slab of pork belly capped by a crisp layer of crackling. The execution of this dish can be tricky, but one bite immediately tells you Wu Xing hits it right on the nail with their version. 

The unctuous and savory richness of the pork is tempered by the bold notes of the mustard for balanced flavors, followed by that delectable crisp crackling and finished with just a whisper of sweetness. Lighter and not as oily due to the roasting process, the Roasted Pork Belly is a must-try at Wu Xing.

The Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork (P 580) is another savory starter combining the subtle smoky hints of the pork with the rich sweetness of honey for depth. The thin layers of fat add even more flavors with each bite, capped by the honey for that lingering sweet finish.

A bowl of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall (P 2,880) soothes the palate with its light and delicate flavors. The hearty chicken soup includes a quail egg and an assortment of dried seafood... abalone to complete the dish. The light broth, infused with the flavors of the different ingredients come together seamlessly for another excellent dish at Wu Xing. Other soup options include Imperial Bird's Nest Soup with Chicken Mousse Tofu (P 4,280), Braised Spike Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce (P 1,280), Braised African Dried Abalone in Abalone Sauce (P 6,880) and Braised Imported Abalone (P 980).

Wu Xing also boasts of a wide variety of seafood dishes, like the Deep-Fried Tiger Prawn, Shrimp Mousse (P 440 per piece). Battered, shaped and deep-fried, the combination of succulent prawns with shrimp mousse combine for a succulent dose of pure seafood goodness. The textural play of the lightly crisp outer layer and the fresh snap of the plump prawns delights the palate with the shrimp mousse adding that finishing touch.    

The Green Lobster Braised in Supreme Stock, E-Fu Noodles (P 580 per 50g for 1Kg serving) is an indulgent seafood dish for any memorable celebration with family and friends. Topped with lobster on soft E-Fu noodles with delicate flavors, it's just one of many seafood dishes at Wu Xing.

The Pink Grouper Steamed with Supreme Soya Sauce (P 520 per 50g for 800g serving) is another classic dish. The tender grouper just melts in your mouth releasing just a whisper of contrasting sharpness from the soya sauce. The freshness and quality of ingredients and the masterful execution from the kitchen helmed by Chef Raymond Yeung shows with every dish at Wu Xing. 

A quick glance at Wu Xing's menu reveals even more options for the day's freshest catch like Black Grouper, Female Mud Crabs, Live Shrimps, Slipper Lobster, Sea Mantis and Tiger Prawns.   

Fried rice? Absolutely. The Fried Red Brown Rice, Egg White, Barley, Pickled Radish, Raisin and Cashew Nut (P 480) is a refreshingly light version with subtle hints of sweetness...

...while the Fried Rice, Sakura Shrimp, Pork Belly, Salted Olive, Soya Sauce (P 680) brings more pronounced savory notes. Wu Xing also offers the traditional Yeung Chow Style Fried Rice (P 580) and Fried Rice, Fujian Style (P 680).  

Chef Raymond Yeung then personally carves the wood roasted Beijing Duck...

...with duck skin, breast and leg rolled in Chinese Pancakes with leeks, pickled ginger and a dab of hoisin sauce.  

But first, the duck skin. One clean bite is announced by a gentle crunch followed by the juicy and savory richness of the duck skin. This is where tradition comes in to separate the authentic Beijing duck from the rest. That light and delicate crispness is a result of a tedious process from marinating the duck to roasting in a traditional Beijing oven using star apple wood to bring out the flavors and aroma. 

"Traditional Chinese cuisine was developed through almost 500 years of Chinese history. At Wu Xing, we follow the Beijing style of preparing and cooking our Peking Duck using Clark Marriott's specialized equipment," shared Chef Raymond.  

Next, the pancakes. The distinct flavors of the juicy duck meat comes through followed by delicate hints of fragrant smoky hints while the fresh leeks, pickled ginger and hoisin cuts the savory richness. And that's as authentic as it gets at Wu Xing in Clark Marriott Hotel.  

Wash it all down with the Freshly Squeezed Watermelon Juice (P 300) and you're ready for another round of Beijing Duck at Wu Xing.

For the savory finale, the Minced Duck with Romaine Lettuce was served...

Draped in a thick and sweet glaze, the Minced Duck brings a different kind of savory richness to the palate. Wrapped in garden-fresh and crisp Romaine Lettuce with refreshingly clean notes, it's a fitting ending to a lavish and authentic Peking Duck feast at Wu Xing. 

If you're still craving for even more duck dishes, Chef Raymond Yeung has a few more tricks up his sleeves like the Clay Pot Braised Spicy Duck with Beer Sauce, Wok-Fried Sliced Duck with Leeks, Black Fungus and Ginger, Wok-Fried Duck Intestine with Black Bean Sauce and Lotus Leaf Wrapped Glutinous Rice with Duck Meat.   

Definitely save room for dessert when you're at Wu Xing. The Signature Dessert Combination (P 380) brings three desserts from their selection. That day, we had the Macau Style Baked Egg Tart; Mango Cream, Sago and Pomelo and the Steamed Piggy Bun & Milky Egg Cream

From starters to the specialty mains and desserts, Wu Xing at Clark Marriott Hotel is another culinary destination to add to your list.

After an authentic and sumptuous Peking Duck feast and with time to spare, why not take a short tour of the Five Star amenities of Clark Marriott Hotel

Or head up the 17th Floor of Clark Marriott Hotel to Smoki Moto, a fine dining Korean bar and restaurant...

...with stunning views of the Clark Freeport Zone.

Throughout the impressive property, high ceilings and wide open spaces add to the luxe feel of Clark Marriott Hotel's Five Star status. And with authentic culinary offerings from Wu Xing and many more, this is definitely the place in Central Luzon.

As quarantine restrictions are gradually eased nationwide, it's time to get back on the road. Make Wu Xing at Clark Marriott Hotel your first stop on your drive up north...

Wu Xing is now open at Clark Marriott, 5398 Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. For inquiries and table reservations, call +6345 598 5000 or visit the Official Wu Xing by Clark Marriott FB Page at for updates.

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