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The Cage-Free Switch: Resorts World Manila First in APAC to Offer Cage-Free Eggs with I Love Earth Sustainability Program

Choosing the right egg makes a world of difference. Resorts World Manila launches its I Love Earth sustainability initiative becoming the first integrated resort in the region using cage-free eggs across all hotels and F&B outlets as part of its ongoing sustainable culinary program. It's a shift that's both timely and relevant keeping Resorts World Manila in step with the times, and that means sumptuous dishes made with the good egg... 

In a bold move, Resorts World Manila launched its property wide I Love Earth campaign at The Den last March 22 starting with the use of cage-free eggs across all hotels and restaurants within the massive integrated resort as part of its commitment for a total shift guided by sustainability. The very first in the APAC region, Resorts World Manila leads the way in putting the earth to heart and finally makes things right in all aspects of its operations. Read on for a closer look of the I Love Earth sustainability program of Resorts World Manila...

The switch to cage-free eggs reflects the ripple of change sweeping the world as more sustainable practices and shared responsibility become the focus in a rapidly evolving landscape. The benefits of cage-free eggs compared to commercial options include food safety, a healthier overall nutritional profile as well as animal welfare resulting in a more natural and flavorful batch of eggs. Give a chef an egg, and watch him create some awesome dishes. Give a chef a good egg, and get ready for a memorable dining experience at Resorts World Manila. And the chefs at the integrated resort have prepared a mouthwatering menu using cage-free eggs for your next visit.

United with a common cause, key officials and General Managers of Resorts World Manila, Marriott Hotel Manila, Sheraton Manila Hotel, Hilton Manila and Hotel Okura Manila graced the occasion with a renewed pledge promoting sustainability with the I Love Earth initiative. The property-wide initiative is taken to heart, led by Resorts World Manila's top management and down the line for a transformative and timely change toward sustainability. 

In partnership with Batangas Free Range Chicken or BFRC led by Emerson Sicar, a social enterprise created out of passion to provide alternative and healthy poultry products and livelihood in the countryside, Resorts World Manila is on the right track in offering a sustainable and responsible menu starting with cage-free eggs. Built on a shared advocacy, the partnership with the integrated property is one small step bringing us all closer to a sustainable earth. 

Each cage-free egg from BFRC is stamped for traceability and guarantee of the freshness and quality of every batch. And the chefs from the different hotel properties at Resorts World Manila have whipped up some exciting dishes to kick off its Sustainable Culinary program as part of the I Love Earth initiative.  

The commitment is met with joy and delight as Resorts World Manila takes the very first step in the APAC region toward a sustainable direction. "It is indeed an honor to be entrusted by RWM with this important role and lead the significant endeavor of chartering the course of I Love Earth, a concerted initiative of all hotels and operating units with the integrated resort towards sustainable operations. Purposely and sincerely, we embrace what this program stands for, and that is putting Earth to Heart, the same dictum that we are in Marriott International also champion, all aimed at serving our valuable guests, communities and fellow associates brilliantly, while taking great care to respect and preserve our environment," expressed Bruce Winton, Multi-Property Vice President of Marriott International for the Philippines and overall chairman of the I Love Earth sustainability program.  

Resorts World Manila Executive Chef Meik Brammer, chair of the Sustainable Culinary Committee for the I Love Earth initiative, echoed the integrated resort's commitment to the program tasked with sourcing cage-free eggs for all the hotels and F&B outlets of Resorts World Manila. "Egg is a symbol of a new life or a start of something bright and sunny. Our pledge to use cage-free eggs is just one of the many things we are doing and we want to do in terms of Sustainable Culinary. It is an honor to be able to lay the groundwork in launching a noble endeavor more so to become a part of jumpstarting a hardworking sustainability program such as I Love Earth," explained Executive Chef Meik Brammer.    

Good things come with the good egg, with its impact felt throughout the supply chain down to the farming communities with the promotion of sustainable best practices and flavorful dishes that truly make a difference. The I Love Earth campaign at Resorts World Manila starts with small steps and eventually integrating itself into the system leaving a significant footprint. It's a bold leap, with immeasurable benefits for a chain of experiences that begins with cage-free eggs.  

Guests at the grand integrated resort can already notice the little touches at the property, like the use of refillable glass bottles instead of plastic. It's these little steps, given the proper momentum and focus, that leads to a more sustainable future. 

The Lever Foundation, a US based international NGO, presented Resorts World Manila and all the hotel properties within the integrated resort a plaque in recognition of their commitment to the I Love Earth sustainability initiative. Robyn del Rosario, Sustainability Program Manager at Lever Foundation, worked in close coordination with the integrated resort for the initiative.

"We congratulate Resorts World Manila for being the very first Integrated Resort in the Philippines and in the APAC Region to commit to sourcing only cage-free eggs for its operations. The new cage-free egg policy will improve the welfare of animals in the complex's supply chain while also reinforcing Resorts World Manila's commitment along with other participating hotels to provide world class experiences to its guests," announced Robyn del Rosario.

Top management, general managers and executive chefs join hands for the launch of the I Love Earth campaign at Resorts World Manila, the first in a series of sustainable initiatives. "Cage-free eggs are just the start. With "I Love Earth," we are uniting the efforts of RWM and all its hotel partners to promote not just sustainable operations throughout the property, but also sustainable living among our staff and all our stakeholders," shared Resorts World Manila President and CEO Bruce Winton.

That day, chefs from the different hotel properties of Resorts World Manila showcased their inventive and lavish creations using cage-free eggs starting with the Tapsilog, a Batangas cage-free egg custard with beef tapa flakes, puffed rice, labuyo pearls and calamansi by Chefs Meik Brammer and Rej Casanova for Marriott Hotel Manila.

Chefs Meik Brammer and Rej Casanova of Marriott Hotel Manila reinterpret and transform the local breakfast classic with their spin on the ubiquitous tapsilog with a lavish cage-free egg custard as its base. Rich and creamy, the silky smoothness of the custard drapes the palate with a lingering indulgence bursting with real flavors. The crisp beef tapa flakes adds layers of bold, beefy flavors and textures to the ornate creation, with hints of sharp notes from the calamansi and soothing heat from the labuyo pearls completing the dish along with the puffed rice.

Chef Francisco Santiago of Sheraton Manila presented his Eggs Two Ways with cage-free soft egg and cured egg yolk with Bohol asin tibuok, pulled pork barbecue and adlai rice for another inspired creation using cage-free eggs.

In another masterful execution by the chefs of the integrated resort, the duo of soft egg and cured egg yolk by Chef Francisco Santiago of Sheraton Hotel Manila presents a double play on the richness of flavors and textures with the cage-free egg...

...combining with the savory pulled pork barbecue, soft adlai rice and enhanced by the sharp hints of the Bohol asin tibuok for a sumptuous meal. The different components of the dish are tied together by the cage-free soft egg and cured egg yolk with its rich flavors and textures. 

The Vegetarian Cage-Free Egg Rendang with Malaysian style wok-fried cage-free egg, sautéed vegetables and fluffy brown rice by Chefs Goh Sew Kong and Fook Lim Loh of Resorts World Manila's Happy 8 offered bold savory notes with just a whisper of soothing heat for another creative and flavorful presentation.

The pronounced and unrestrained flavors of the rendang are delicately tempered by the wok-fried cage-free egg for that balanced finish, absorbed by the brown rice. The egg brings a comforting layer of flavor to the bold character of the classic rendang, mellowing and smoothening it with an elegant richness.   

The Cloud 9 by Chef Lord Bayaban of Hilton Hotel Manila recreates another popular classic with his unique pandesal bagel, house-made corned beef, fresh lettuce, cage-free egg foam and poached egg yolk draped in rich Hollandaise sauce. Like all the dishes served earlier, the cage-free eggs with its natural and rich flavors makes all the difference.  

The mild briny notes of the house-made corned beef punches through with its savory and beefy notes, delicately balanced by the equally rich cage-free egg foam and poached egg yolk drizzled with Hollandaise sauce for a decadent finish to a simple yet comforting meal. 

The fifth and last dish at the preview of Resorts World Manila comes from Japanese Chef Ryuji Tsuchida of Hotel Okura Manila, the Onsen Tamago with Japanese style soft cooked egg served with flavorful dashi sauce Aonori on noodles. An elegant dish doesn't have to be complicated or cluttered, keeping it simple can sometimes be pure indulgence in itself. And this dish just proves it.  

The velvety smooth egg in all its lavish richness is the star of the dish, complemented by the mildly sharp hints of the dashi broth for a delicately balanced finish. The soft yet firm cold noodles completes the dish. Light and refreshing with nuanced notes, one can only wonder if eggs of a lesser quality can replicate the vibrant flavors of the dish prepared by Chef Ryuji Tsuchida of Hotel Okura Manila.  

Five elegant dishes from seven master chefs of Resorts World Manila...

...transformed by the rich flavors of cage-free eggs from BFRC. The skills and creativity of the chefs are reflected with each dish, but it's the quality and freshness of the cage-free eggs that truly defines the elegant creations. 

As the flavorful base of the sumptuous dishes at Resorts World Manila, rediscover the comforting notes of your favorite dish made with cage-free eggs as interpreted by the integrated resort's top chefs. And you too can enjoy and taste the difference made with cage-free eggs now used in all hotel properties and F&B outlets at Resorts World Manila. 

Give a chef an egg and be amazed at what they can do. Give the same chefs quality cage-free eggs and be transformed with the dining experience while doing your small part in shifting toward a more responsible and sustainable future. It all starts here at Resorts World Manila with I Love Earth, presented in the lavish creations from their top chefs... 

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