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Raise a Toast to Good Health at Sante by Zig, Now Open at Ikea in SM Mall of Asia

Visum Ventures, Inc. is back with an elevated version of their innovative dining concept highlighting healthy cuisine. Welcome to Santé by Zig...

A fresh and innovative new dining concept from the same dynamic group behind Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt, Oh My Greek!, T2 Tea, Salt & Ice Oyster Bar and Zig Healthy Made Happy opens at SM Mall of Asia taking healthy cuisine a notch higher with Santé by Zig. John Michael Hilton, the CEO of Visum Ventures, Inc., brings rich layers of delicate and nuanced notes in an elegant weave at his newest concept. Read on and take a closer look at the premium version of the Zig brand, Santé by Zig...

Launched at the height of the pandemic, Zig Healthy Made Happy is making its mark on the local food scene with its unique culinary offerings that's healthy yet big on flavor. Changing consumer habits from the quarantine experience included a shift to healthier options. After all, eating right is your first line of defense in this new normal and Zig Healthy Made Happy makes it easy for you to transition to a healthier lifestyle with their extensive offerings (for more on Zig Healthy Made Happy, see my posts, #HealthyMadeHappy: Add A Vibrant Splash of Color to Healthy Dining with Zig Healthy Made Happy on my first time to experience their wide range of healthy dishes, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Tapas, Cocktails, Dinner and Dessert All in One Strip: Oh My Greek, Zig Healthy Made Happy and Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt Now Open at Greenhills Promenade on their expanded menu and Healthy. Happy. Zig. At Zig Healthy Made Happy in Greenhills Promenade... on the formal inauguration of their Greenhills location). 

Visum Ventures, Inc., takes a unique solid concept with Zig Healthy Made Happy and takes it further with Santé by Zig...

Pushing boundaries and continuous innovation are key drivers to Visum Ventures, Inc. as they blaze new trails in the competitive local F&B industry. Creating new brands like Santé by Zig is one clear example. Inside the newest dining concept from Visum Ventures, Inc., the modern and elegant vibe of the space becomes immediately apparent the moment you enter.  

Exposed ceilings with muted earth tones of wood contrast with the pristine white tiles for a contemporary minimalist theme differentiating it from the vibrant splash of colors of Zig Healthy Made Happy.   

Throughout the space, one notices subdued and subtle touches that elevates the Zig concept at Santé by Zig. The physical design and aesthetic features at Santé by Zig already suggests a different kind of dining experience. 

In tune with the new normal, an al fresco dining area provides additional seating options for diners at Santé by Zig. It's also the best spot to enjoy handcrafted cocktails with the shifting light at magic hour. 

The onset of summer requires some hydration, and the Green Skinny (P 220) is the perfect thirst-quencher at Santé by Zig. A refreshing blend of moringa, cucumber, green apple, celery and ginger soothes your parched throat with the tart sweetness of green apples mellowed by the cucumber and celery followed by that hint of sharpness from the moringa and ginger in a balanced and seamless blend of soothing flavors.   

A vegetarian appetizer for starters? Go for the Squash Blossoms (P 380) with deep-fried squash flowers filled with goat cheese and fresh microgreens laid on rich and thick tomato-based Napoletana Sauce opens up the palate with its clean yet vibrant notes...

...before the sumptuous array of main courses like the silky smooth Pumpkin Risotto (P 390), an indulgent dish with goat's cheese drizzled with a balsamic glaze to temper the buttery richness of the dish. The deceptive simplicity of the Pumpkin Risotto satisfies like a comforting hug to the palate.   

The Pan-Seared Dory Fish (P 560) is another light yet tasty option at Santé by Zig served with pomme purée, lemon cream and capers. The delicate notes of the dory are kicked up by the zesty lemon cream and capers with the creamy pomme purée completing the dish. Each savory dish at Santé by Zig builds layers of contrasting notes and textural contrasts in a subtle yet flavorful weave consistent with the brand's culinary style, 

Expect deeper and bolder flavors with the Chicken Marsala (P 490) with tender and juicy chicken breast draped in mushrooms, cream and marsala wine. The blend of mushrooms and cream brings layers of nutty and rich notes with every bite while the marsala wine adds depth for another hearty dish at Santé by Zig.

The comforting Beef Pot Pie (P 610) with tender chunks of beef and carrots simmered in red wine and covered in puff pastry warms the palate with its savory richness. The savory mains reflect the culinary style of Zig Healthy Made Happy with refreshingly healthy dishes using the finest and freshest ingredients with a more refined and nuanced finish at Santé by Zig. It's this delicate weave of flavors that elevates healthy dining making Santé by Zig a refreshing option in the metro's cluttered culinary landscape.

Pair your meal at Santé by Zig with beverages made with freshly squeezed fruits like the popular Orange Juice to the special Immune Booster with green apple, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon and ginger and Tropical Sunrise with watermelon, pineapple, passionfruit and orange. One sip and you'll immediately feel refreshed. Guaranteed. 

Who says you can't indulge with desserts and be healthy at the same time? At Santé by Zig, you can have your cake and eat it too with their specialty desserts like the simple yet decadent yogurt draped in honey and topped with walnuts. The Yaoriti (P 165) with natural Greek yogurt, honey and walnuts is good for you too. This one's a personal favorite on my list of must-try desserts. 

The honey brings depth to the gentle tart notes of the fresh yogurt with the walnuts adding that crunch. Using fresh, all-natural ingredients, the yogurt, honey and walnut creation is the perfect dessert trifecta to cap a healthy and sumptuous feast. You'll find this yogurt treat on the menu at Meraki by Oh My Greek, which shares the kitchen with Santé by Zig (more on Meraki by Oh My Greek on my post, Soul Food, Greek Style at Meraki by Oh My Greek in SM Mall of Asia).

Santé by Zig offers other equally tempting desserts... the light and airy Mango Cream Brulee Cheesecake (P 370), a unique T2 Mangoes and Cream Tea infused creation on macadamia and almond dacquoise crumbs. It's also gluten-free. 

Make a mess and have fun with Mike's Mess (P 410), John Michael Hilton's very own spin on the classic Eton Mess with fresh cream, strawberries and passionfruit topped with crunchy meringue. Santé by Zig offers a wide selection of healthy dishes, elevated and refined, from starters to mains and desserts. Take a quick scan of Santé by Zig's menu below, and you'll find something to satisfy your mood or craving without the guilt.


And when you're having a late lunch at Santé by Zig, stay awhile and wait for magic hour... 

It's the perfect time for cocktails. Santé by Zig offers six specialty handcrafted cocktails (see menu above) for that perfect tipple before sunset. That day, we capped our late lunch with a soothing Sangria...

...and if by chance you want something off the menu, Santé by Zig is ready to whip up your cocktail of choice. Negroni? Yes, please. Next door, another new concept from Visum Ventures, Inc. draws your eyes. This time with the Greek cuisine of Oh My Greek elevated at Meraki by Oh My Greek (more on my next post at Soul Food, Greek Style at Meraki by Oh My Greek). 

As the sun slowly sets, diners can expect the rise of innovative dining concepts like Santé by Zig as we transition to the normal and dine out once more. Now that's reason enough to raise a toast... 

Santé by Zig is located at the Ground Floor of Ikea, Seashell Lane, Mall of Asia, 1709 Pasay City. You can also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates. 

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