Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Art of Coffee A La Francaise at PAUL Le Cafe

A family-owned company established since 1889 with uncompromising quality at heart, a passion for bread and French traditions, PAUL unveils a refreshing new concept with the opening of PAUL Le Café...

The legendary French institution, PAUL Boulangerie et Patisserie, creates an elegant new concept leveraging the coffee experience with the opening of PAUL Le Café at Greenbelt 5. Representing a new generation of shops from the enduring French icon, PAUL Le Café features a modern and uncluttered look alongside its traditional PAUL sites. And you'll find everything you love from PAUL at the new PAUL Le Café. Let's take a peek, shall we? Better yet, why not have a virtual sip and a bite?

The subdued elegance of its stylish facade and sophisticated interiors by famed designer Emilie Bonaventure combines a clean contemporary look and feel alongside tradition with its striking trademark black and white checkered flooring and tiles to the stunning photographs of Patrick Rougereau showcasing Paul's specialty products. Each design element comes together in a seamless weave with a vibrant burst of color. The bright lighting design also showcases the gleaming coffee machine draping it with its warm glow. And that's no surprise. Coffee, particularly excellent coffee, is at the heart of PAUL Le Café's unique and indulgent experience.

It's the art of coffee a la Francaise paired with handcrafted viennoiserie or intricate patiesserie PAUL is known the world over that's served daily at PAUL Le Café. Yet despite the clean, uncluttered and contemporary modern feel of the wide open and streamlined space, the rich traditions of the brand remain at the core of your experience at PAUL Le Café. 

A good friend of mine and respected author, Ige Ramos, once described why he admired PAUL and how "it democratized good food and made it available to the citizens of the Republic and not just the chosen few. It's a place where you can buy affordable breakfast like croissant with jam or coffee and baguette with ham and cheese. And that's why PAUL positioned itself near train and bus stations so they're accessible to the commuting masses." In France, you'll find PAUL Le Café at Orly Airport, Lyon-La Part Dieu station, in the center of Chartres, Aire de Mornas village on the A-7 and its very first store at Montparnasse station. 

At PAUL Le Café, my friend's insightful observations are vividly captured by the transitory nature of its customers constantly in motion with a cup of coffee in one hand and bite to eat in another.

It 's this image of PAUL that still resonates when you visit the newest concept at Greenbelt 5. And it's the coffee at PAUL Le Café that make it everyone's first stop before heading to work or some destination that keeps the coffee machines busy. PAUL Le Café serves 100% Arabica coffee sourced from sustainable Rain Forest Alliance producers, prepared in a variety of classics including Espresso, Latte or Americano. You'll also find more sophisticated brews like the Flat White, Cappuccino, Cafe Viennois and Mocha as well as vegan versions made with almond or oat milk. 

Tradition and contemporary tastes and flavors are served alongside each other. Summer's here, and a cold drink was in order. It may not be traditional, but the quality of the coffee comes through even with their cold beverages. And that's what PAUL Le Café is all about, with tradition and modernity in sync with the other in a timeless concept showcased at Greenbelt 5. 

The Iced Caramel Macchiato with its blend of steamed milk, espresso and sweet caramel soothes your parched throat and body drained from the summer heat by the creamy and sweet notes of steamed milk and caramel rounded out by the bold and robust flavors of the espresso. But to complete the art of coffee a la Francaise experience at PAUL Le Café, you need to pair it with their famous patisserie selections...  

...like the Almond Pain Chocolat, a delicately layered laminated dough with chocolate and almond cream topped with sliced almonds. The light, flaky and buttery layers of crisp dough just oozes with the almond cream followed by the deep flavors of chocolate. The almonds add a decadence to the already rich creation, perfectly tempered by the smooth yet robust fresh brew of coffee. Coffee and viennoiserie or patisserie? That's what the art of coffee a la Francaise is all about at PAUL Le Café.

And you'll find a whole lot more at the newest concept from PAUL. PAUL Le Café offers a wide variety of tempting options...

...like the Chocolate Eclair, another iconic and distinctly French offering from the world famous institution. The traditional choux dough filled with custard and topped with chocolate is immediately spotted at the shelves of PAUL Le Café with its distinctive shape. In addition to the classic Chocolate variant, PAUL Le Café offers other equally tempting options like Hazelnut, Coffee, Ube and Strawberry to suit your mood or craving. 


Sweet or savory? PAUL Le Cafe has it covered for that perfect pairing with your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Now that you've had your coffee fix, follow it up with a lavish chocolate based beverage like the Chocolat Chad Paul or Moka Coffee (also available in a decaf version) before you head out to keep you energized all the way to your next destination. The casual vibe at PAUL Le Café lends well with the mobile and transitory nature of customers always on the move. 

PAUL Le Café also offers sumptuous lunch options, from freshly prepared sandwiches and salads to quiches and pizza.  

PAUL Le Café is also the perfect stop before heading home...

...where you can recreate that art of coffee a la Francaise experience with their varied selections. Along with the Eiffel Tower, fine wine and cheeses, the Baguette is another iconic symbol of France made fresh daily at PAUL Le Café. A generous dab of butter works for me, and that's all you need with the traditional baguette along with their specialty coffee and teas.

Whether its coffee or tea for your daily ritual, the premium products of PAUL adds to the mood and overall experience enjoyed at the new location, at home and practically anywhere whenever you have that me time all to yourself. 

Like fine wine, coffee or tea is an intensely personal experience soothing both the palate and body. At PAUL Le Café, this ritual is elevated to the art of coffee a la Francaise with its unmistakable French spin. Bring home some of their specialty Meringue... 

...or one of many other indulgent creations for that Parisian vibe any where you feel the need for some indulgence.

At Paul Le Café, you get exactly the same level of quality with each specialty offering PAUL is known the world over whether it's a light or hearty lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. And excellent coffee too.

Enjoying your fresh brew with the specialty baked creations of PAUL transports you to the streets of Paris for a lavish experience. All it takes are a sip and bite of PAUL Le Café's extensive selection of intricate offerings for that indulgent French connection.

And no need to book a flight to Paris. You'll find the rich flavors and that distinctive French vibe right here at PAUL Le Café, now open at Greenbelt 5... 

Paul Le Cafe is located at the Ground Level, Greenbelt 5, Makati. You can also visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/PAUL1889.philippines/ for updates. 

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