Thursday, March 31, 2022

Timberland Highlands Resort Goes Live Love Local in a Unique Collaboration with Local Brands

You don't need to go far from the metro for a quick and relaxing escape. Just head northeast of the city to San Mateo, Rizal... 

Just an hour's drive away without leaving the metro yet far enough to be immersed in a mountain escape, Timberland Highlands Resort in San Mateo, Rizal is your new gateway to adventure. The mountain getaway also recently launched its Live Love Local campaign featuring a room package bundled with a wide array of proudly homegrown local products for a memorable staycation experience. It's a good time to head up north of the highlands and reconnect with nature and local products while enjoying spectacular views of the metro's skyline below at Timberland Highlands Resort...  

The 8.6 hectare resort is at the heart of a new premiere business and leisure township destination in San Mateo, Rizal providing a unique experience in mountain eco-development preserving the environment for an immersive and holistic experience with nature. Even after a short walk around the property's wide open spaces, impressive views and facilities, it's still hard to believe that you really haven't left the city. And that's what makes Timberland Highlands Resort special. Easy access makes it the perfect destination for quick getaways. 

And maybe this is just the break you need after more than two years of the quarantine experience. High above overlooking the city, the unique design of the resort is anchored by the panoramic views of the skyline below surrounded by lush and verdant hills capped by a spectacular sunset. The distinct curved design of the main structure is followed by the wide open deck area offering the very best views from the property. Pick your spot for a front row seat of the sunset and the stars while the pulsating distant night lights remind you that you're far enough from the city's hectic pace.   

Every corner of the property gives you glimpses of the stunning views, framed by the resort's imposing structures. The design follows the contours of the land for a seamless blend with nature, a guiding principle seen throughout the business and leisure township. The meticulous and delicate planning behind the township places emphasis on the preservation of the ecosystem for a holistic experience with nature. 

At the al fresco dining area of The Ridge Cafe, guests and diners can enjoy the expansive views while having lunch or dinner. After the long days of quarantine, it's good to be outdoors again. At Timberland Highlands Resort, just pick your spot and enjoy the view. Plan out your adventures while enjoying a cocktail or cold beverage from a variety of options including Yoga by the Mountains, guided trekking or mountain climbing, farm tours, culinary workshops, archery, ATV adventures, biking or camping.  

At sunset, the curved deck and the pool side at Timberland Highlands Resort become the focal points for an evening of cocktails, a lavish barbecue dinner and stargazing for the launch of the Live Love Local campaign.  The featured products for the Live Love Local initiative present some of the very best homegrown offerings in the market like Zarah Juan, TÚ by Modern Filipiniana, Gourmet Farms, Engkanto Brewery, Alab MNL, Lakan Lubi, Circa 1740, Destileria Limtuaco, Better Snacks, Tu'Ka and more for a wide selection of handicrafts, health and beauty products, fashion accessories, craft beer and spirits and gourmet food items.

The property implements all the latest health and safety protocols for your peace of mind, a reminder of the new normal that's here to stay. Temperature scanners at the entrance and multiple automatic alcohol dispensers are positioned at every corner of the property. After just a few minutes, we were led to our rooms to begin our mountain escape at Timberland Highlands Resort

Timberland Highlands Resort boasts of 70 Deluxe and Premiere Deluxe suites with all the modern amenities including hot & cold shower, working desk, cable TV, IDD/NDD telephone, mini bar and safety deposit box for that perfect getaway. Timberland Highlands Resort is offering a unique Work with Nature Room Package in partnership with Papelmelroti which includes a work essential kit by Papelmelroti, all-day coffee, early check-in, daily choice of set lunch or dinner, 10% savings on the Live Love Local menu and more starting at P 4,850 net. The Live Love Local campaign highlights homegrown businesses as part of the unique experience at Timberland Highlands Resort to get you reconnected with nature and the finest local produce.  

In addition to its elegant accommodations, the property offers upgraded sports facilities, recreational areas focused on health and wellness and fully equipped function rooms. This is your destination for adventure as you head back to nature without even leaving the city. For business or leisure, Timberland Highlands Resort is an ideal venue for celebrations, weddings and corporate events.    

The Ridge Cafe is the property's all-day dining outlet offering breakfast, lunch and dinner for guests. The impressive high ceilings, panoramic glass walls and al fresco dining area allows you to enjoy your meal with picturesque views of the distant city up north of the highlands at San Mateo.  

Start with the refreshingly crisp Caesar's Salad (P 350) with tender and juicy grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes and croutons on Romaine lettuce to open up the palate...

...before the main course of Country Style Pork Belly (P 450), a slow roasted slab of pork with a sweet glaze served with seasonal vegetables. 

Elegantly plated, the delicate notes of the fork-tender pork belly are enhanced by the smoky sweetness of the thick glaze draping the palate with a savory richness after each bite. The freshness of the seasonal vegetables adds clean layers of flavors to the dish.    

While at Timberland Highlands Resort, definitely save room for dessert. Choose from a local classic that's perfect for summer like the refreshing and indulgent Halo-Halo... 

...or one of their many dessert creations to cap your feast on a sweet and high note. The satisfying lunch was just a preview of the culinary delights at Timberland Highlands Resort, as a luxurious pool side barbecue feast is scheduled to be set up with cocktails for the evening's Live Love Local launch. 

And already, one can imagine the shifting light with its play of colors on the deck come sunset at Timberland Highland Resort. But it's time for tree planting...

A short drive from Timberland Highlands Resort led us to a remote area deep into the hills revealing just how large the business and leisure township is as the long trek along the sloping downhill trail brought us to the tree planting site. It's comforting to know that vast tracks of land in its pristine and natural state remains in the metro. 

As part of the various programs lined up for the launch of the Live Love Local campaign at Timberland Highlands Resort, the tree-planting activity allowed guests to give back to nature and preserve the mountain eco-development. 

Seedlings of Robusta coffee plants were positioned and ready for planting, as we picked our spot and in our own small way helped preserve the diversity and balance in the lush mountainsides of San Mateo. 

Being close to nature is at the heart of the Timberland Highlands Resort experience, and it's a philosophy that's taken to heart down the line with the property's corporate team.  

Choosing the high ground, I gently laid the Robusta seedling in place. After signing off on the label of the seedling, I finally have one elusive item ticked off from from my bucket list. Write a book. Have children. Or plant a tree. And planting a tree isn't bad at all. A sense of fulfillment added another eye-opening perspective to my experience at Timberland Highlands Resort.

Back at the resort, the grills were fired up for the evening's festivities as the changing light drapes its bright amber glow on the property. The lingering aroma from the grill excites the senses, with the scenic views conspiring for a perfect day at Timberland Highlands Resort.

And it really doesn't get better than this. The Live Love Local campaign becomes more than just a tagline, it's a celebration of all things homegrown taking the global stage. From the scenic views to the impressive accommodations and facilities of Timberland Highland Resort all the way to the curated selection of local products, Live Love Local brings all the elements of a memorable stay at the resort in a seamless multi-colored weave. 

At the display area featuring the wide selection of local products, guests can bring home souvenirs and gifts to friends and family from your quick getaway at Timberland Highlands Resort. From handcrafted and intricately woven bags, all-natural personal care products, fashion accessories including colorful face masks to keep you in style in this new normal to gourmet drip coffee, masterfully roasted coffee and teas, craft beer, spirits and liqueurs and even healthy chips for a healthier snacking game, Live Love Local at Timberland Highlands Resort is an immersive highlight in itself adding to a linked chain of experiences during your memorable stay.  

A day of walking down the trail and tree planting can make you thirsty and a soothing libation is in order. Good friend Larry G. Guevarra was the evening's mixologist, ripping handcrafted cocktails using the world-class spirits and liqueurs of Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc. The local distiller is also one of the featured brands in Timberland Highlands Resort's Live Love Local campaign. 

The world-class local spirits and liqueurs by Destileria Limtuaco were also on deck that day... 

...showcasing its expanding and growing portfolio of products in creating the perfect cocktail. After all, what better way to celebrate a sunset than with a cold and refreshing shot of sunshine in a glass prepared by one of the country's top mixologists, right?

That day, Larry Guevarra created three soothing libations for the launch of Live Love Local at Timberland Highlands Resort. Our first round kicked off the Live Love Local celebration with the sharp, citrusy and zesty Timberland Mai Tai, a refreshing blend of Palawan Blanco Rum, fresh lemon juice, Orgeat syrup and Old Captain Rum float. The sharp citrus hints of fresh lemons are perfectly tempered by the deep sweet notes of rum for a perfect start to the evening's festivities.

The Timberland Mudslide brings the nutty and creamy hints of chocolate, coffee and fresh milk with the bold yet smooth finish of Napoleon Brandy for a balanced and silky smooth finish. The Amadeo Coffee Liqueur and Intramuros Liqueur de Cacao by Destileria Limtuaco sweetened with simple syrup combine for an elegant blend of indulgent richness with each sip.  

As the sun sets on the distant skyline, the Highland Sunset completes the magic hour vibe with its blend of Paradise Mango Rum, Inferno Rum, Orchid Coconut Liqueur, fresh mango juice and float of Peychaud bitters. The vibrant layers of fruity notes from sweet mangoes with hints of coconut and the subtle yet deep smoky sweetness of rum deliver a refreshing tropical vibe, intensifying with each satisfying sip. Guests could also enjoy the specialty craft beers of Engkanto, another homegrown brand featured in the Live Love Local campaign at Timberland Highland Resort

Meanwhile, the grills are loaded up with a fresh batch of savory meats... the local Pork Barbecue with skewered chunks of tender pork draped in a sweet and smoky glaze...

...pairing well with another round of the Highland Sunset.

A Kinilaw Station was also set up where guests can enjoy a bowl of fresh seafood prepared a la minute with its rich briny notes complemented by local citrus and fiery chilis for yet another highlight of the evening's impressive feast.

As the setting sun takes its final bow...

...the evening shifts into high gear with the stunning views as the backdrop draped in the golden hues of another spectacular sunset. It's just another day at Timberland Highlands Resort.

The grills were never empty and always fired up, reloaded and replenished all night long with a variety of savory offerings from pork, chicken and seafood. More stations were lined up and filled with local fare for the evening's buffet dinner.   

And as the grills fired away, Timberland Highlands Resort lit up to reveal another facet of its elegant structure against the early evening skies.

The seemingly fleeting moments of the sun's final bow leave a lasting impression, as the surrounding hills glow in a different, more subdued light. 

It's moments like this that calls for another cocktail.

The distant city lights begin to sparkle below Timberland Highlands Resort competing with the equally impressive stars above. It's this continuous play of lights and colors that make any time of day special at the property.

Later that evening, Carmela Bocanegra, VP for Sales and Marketing of Chroma Hospitality led the formal ceremony along with Department of Tourism 4A Regional Director Maritess Castro for the formal launch the Live Love Local campaign at Timberland Highlands Resort.

At a special area created for the curated selection of homegrown products, one can't help but be amazed at the wide variety of tempting options featured for the Live Love Local campaign at Timberland Highlands Resort from artisan local vinegar by TU KA... world class roasts from Gourmet Farms...

...all-natural personal care products from Lakan Lubi...

...and even coffee in bags from The Circa 1740, all you need to do is add water. And there's just so much more to choose from with the Live Love Local selection at Timberland Highlands Resort like fashion accessories, handcrafted woven bags, craft beers, snacks and spirits and liqueurs representing the finest homegrown brands. 

Below the gardens, telescopes were set up for stargazing for another interesting activity. For dinner, Timberland Highlands Resort served Baked Oysters...

...Crispy Boneless Bangus...

...and crisp and juicy Porchetta...

...along with even more savory options from the grill. In addition, the buffet feast included popular local staples like Kare-Kare, Pancit and other familiar dishes. From cocktails to starters all the way to dinner, the kitchens of Timberland Highland Resort continued to churn out dishes all night long.

Timberland Highlands Resorts offers their sumptuous grill feast every Friday to Sunday, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm for only P 1,200++ per head. And with a magnificent sunset, this has to be one of the best deals in the metro.  

Early the next morning, a quiet stillness looms over the property for a start of another day of infinite possibilities.   

The site for a memorable afternoon and evening with cocktails, a stunning sunset and a lavish dinner with stargazing, the open deck space is transformed to welcome a new day Timberland Highlands Resort. And it's time for breakfast...

The Ridge Cafe offers sumptuous Breakfast Sets like the Western Breakfast (P 550) with Herb Roasted Salmon served with roast potatoes, baked tomato, mushroom salad and two eggs prepared to your liking. The Breakfast Set also comes with bread, butter, seasonal fruit platter, fruit juice and coffee. 

Perfectly roasted, the buttery slab of salmon is a light yet satisfying start to your mountain escape at Timberland Highlands Resort. You can also opt for the Bacon-Wrapped Chicken for breakfast or the Filipino Breakfast Set (P 500) with your choice of Corned Beef, Pineapple Cured Pork Belly, Beef Tapa or Boneless Cured Milkfish paired with Garlic White Rice, Pickled Papaya and Baked Bacon and Egg.

For that quick escape to the mountains of San Mateo, Timberland Highlands Resort is the perfect destination that's far enough from the city for that much needed change of pace. And with Live Love Local, your stay at the township's resort becomes a memorable experience with the very best homegrown products and brands woven seamlessly with your return to nature. 

Timberland Highlands Resort is located at Timberland Heights, Barangay San Mateo, Rizal or call 0999 889 2647 and email You can also visit their website and FB Page at and for updates.

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