Wednesday, March 23, 2022

It's Crunch Time with the Savory and Crunchy Liempo Crisps by Papel na Liempo Aurora Cubao

This one's got some serious crunch. Change up your crunch game with the newest snack option on the block...

Papel na Liempo Aurora Cubao shares their own spin on crunch time classics with their line of specialty liempo crisps in a variety of flavors. That's right, savory pork liempo sliced paper-thin for that delectable crunch and bold flavors. The first pork chips in the market, Papel na Liempo Aurora Cubao offers a whole new way of enjoying crunchy snacks with real pork. 

You have your favorite crunchy snacks, and here's one more to add to your list. Made with pork liempo, it's not your usual snack variety that's just all crunch. This one packs both the crunch and the flavor...

...with tasty variants to suit your every mood or craving. From the classic Original to BBQ, Cheese, Sour Cream, Cheesy Jalapeño, Pizza, Saucy Beef, Salt & Vinegar, Wasabi and Salted Egg, enjoy pork liempo in a whole new snacking experience from Papel na Liempo Aurora Cubao. It's the paper-thin base of crisp pork liempo that really sets this apart from the usual crunchy snack. Available in Snack (P 80-P 110) and Regular (P 150-P 180) resealable packs, Papel na Liempo may be just what you're looking for when that craving hits you.

The Original (P 80-P 150) has the classic flavors we all love including the comfortingly familiar notes of savory pork liempo. Mildly salted and seasoned, each bite delivers the distinct notes of pork liempo followed by an audible crunch. If it's your first time to try Papel na Liempo, it's best to go with the Original to acquaint your palate with its porky flavors before trying the other variants. 

The subtle yet rich pork notes just drapes the palate with its deep rounded flavors and of course, that crunch. One more bite and you'll have to agree, Papel na Liempo redefines crunch time with its line of tasty offerings. 

Unlike the more commercial and often starchy options, the Papel na Liempo presents bolder and real flavors. And if you want to push the flavors, Papel na Liempo also offers several tasty and even surprising options...

And this is where Papel na Liempo flexes its creativity with popular flavors from the snacking game adding both familiarity and some unexpected surprises from their line of crunchy offerings. Who would've thought that the pork leimpo would pair so well with these flavors?

Dusted and draped with the richly seasoned flavors of Cheese (P 85/P 155) and Cheesy Jalapeño (P 90/160), the paper-thin liempo crisps take on bold layered flavors that tease the palate...

...while the deep flavors of the BBQ (P 85/P 155) brings sweet and smoky savory notes into play with each bite.

Other inventive flavors include Saucy Beef (P 90/P 160) and Pizza (P 90/P 160) for a fresh spin to snacking, while the sharp notes of Wasabi (P 110/P 180) and Salt and Vinegar (P 110/P 180) weaves contrasting flavors to your snacking experience.

The richness of Sour Cream (P 85/P 155) and Salted Egg (P 110/P 180) adds an indulgent layer of flavor complementing the paper-thin liempo crisps.

You can reheat the liempo crisps in a toaster or oven and even deep-fry for that hot crunch if you can get yourself to stop sneaking a bite from the bag. The Papel na Liempo has to be one of the best finds for your snacking game.

From the savory notes of the Saucy Beef, BBQ and Pizza, the sharp flavors of the Wasabi and Salt & Vinegar and the creamy finish of Cheese, Cheesy Jalapeño, Sour Cream and Salted Egg, the crunchy delights from Papel na Liempo pretty much covers all the flavors of the snacking spectrum. But it's the Original or Plain variant with the pure flavors of the liempo that will have hooked from the very fist bite. 

You've had chips and chicharon from your play book, maybe it's time to change up the game with Papel na Liempo. The combination of bold flavors and that crunch will have you going for another bag. And once you start, well you know the rest.

The savory notes of pork liempo, recreated with a crunch. It's definitely crunch time with Papel na Liempo Aurora Cubao...

Papel na Liempo Aurora Cubao is located at 778-A Aurora Boulevard beside AM Florist and Wricoh Enterprises, Quezon City or you can visit their FB Page and IG Feed for messages and orders at and You can also email your queries and orders via

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