Friday, April 15, 2022

First Five: Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt Unveils Five New Flavors for Summer

Berry Kiwissable, Tropic Like It's Hot, Lemon Bee The One, It Takes Passion to Mango and KitKat You Outta My Head. Think of it as summer's first five. From Koomi...

Manila's favorite natural drinking yogurt from Australia, Koomi, turns on the summer heat with its refreshingly cool, healthy and playfully inventive new flavors. On track to open its 100th store by June, Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt brings the summer vibe with five wittingly named flavors to stay ahead of the game.   

Following the success of its previous roll-out of new flavors with its Purple Rice Series (see more on my earlier post here at Get Your Sticky Purple Rice Fix with Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt's New Purple Rice Series), Koomi is back with yet another promising batch of flavors. Each variant offers unique and distinct all-natural goodness with fresh fruits for real flavors to help you beat the summer heat without the guilt. Lemon Be The One, Berry Kiwissable, Kitkat You Outta My Head, It Takes Passion to Mango and Tropic Like It's Hot, the amusing names alone deserves an award. 

I recently sampled all five variants from Koomi, packed, sealed and delivered in a box...

...of pure yogurt goodness with its thematic color trademark of pink and purple. This is #GuiltlessGoodness in five flavorful new creations.

Made with the freshest and all-natural ingredients, Koomi has earned its rightful place in the competitive and cluttered food & beverage marketplace that's constantly thirsty for new flavor experiences. Now with more than eighty stores around the country and counting, Koomi aims to reach 100 stores nationwide by June. And that's a major feat for a relatively new brand in the country's culinary landscape. One refreshing sip and you'll know why Koomi is fast becoming the yogurt drink of choice. Now let's take a closer look at Koomi's First Five for summer...   

KitKat You Outta My Head (P 175)

Yogurt, chocolate and KitKat. Now that's a combo that's hard to get out of your head. The KitKat You Outta My Head is the chocolate lover's choice with its double dose of indulgence from chocolate and chunks of KitKat blended with yogurt for that indulgent and satisfying beverage. The sour hints of the all-natural yogurt cuts through the deep nutty richness of chocolate for that perfectly balanced weave of flavors. And who doesn't love KitKat, right? The popular chocolate and wafer bar just adds that chocolatey punch to the yogurt beverage making it unique and different from the usual options.   

Tropic Like It's Hot (P 160)

A medley of fresh fruits combine with all-natural yogurt with the Tropic Like It's Hot for a summer thirst quencher with a cool tropical vibe. Real apples, dragon fruit and oranges brings vibrant and colorful splashes of flavorful notes for a fruity multicolored palette pairing well with the creamy canvas of yogurt. The vivid pink hints from the dragon fruit distinguishes this variant from the other new flavors. You just can't go wrong with fresh fruits paired with all-natural yogurt, and Tropic Like It's Hot is one of those classic combos that will keep you sipping long after summer.    

It Takes Passion to Mango (P 150)

Mango, passion fruit and yogurt. That's another summer chart-topping hit from Koomi with sweet mangoes and refreshingly sour and sweet passion fruit blended with all-natural yogurt. The sweet mangoes gives this yogurt beverage its smooth finish rounding out the tartness of the yogurt and passion fruit. The use of real fruits just adds layers of fresh and bold notes, capped by the creamy finish of the yogurt. Light and soothing to the palate, it's the summer beverage to keep you cool all season long.

Berry Kiwissable (P 150)

With its blend of kiwi fruit and strawberries, the aptly named Berry Kiwissable brings the bright and tart freshness of the fruit and berry blend along with the all-natural yogurt for another winning summer combo. Each sip brings flavorful layers of soothing notes to cool you down from the summer heat, recharging your body while draping your palate with its all-natural richness. Bits of real fruit bring a textural play to the experience, while releasing even more intense bursts of flavors with sip and bite.

Lemon Bee The One (P 145)

The soothingly sweet honey-lemon blend pairs well with the refreshing tartness of the yogurt combining for a rejuvenating and palate-pleasing beverage for summer. Building on the classic honey plus lemon combo, the sweetness from the honey and intense lemon notes are a comfortingly familiar flavor combination made even better with the subtle sour profile of all-natural yogurt. Fresh, clean and uncluttered, the Lemon Bee The One is definitely the one for summer.

You can customize your Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt with your preferred level of sweetness and fun add-ons like sticky purple rice, chewy sinkers, jelly, fruits, nuts, oats and many more for that perfect summer heat-busting beverage that's good for you too. 

The five new flavors from Koomi celebrates all the vibrant notes of the season and along with the growing line of offerings with its all-natural yogurt as its flavorful base, summer is definitely looking good. You can visit any of their 80+ stores and counting or simply order via foodpanda and GrabFood for this summer's first five yogurt essentials. 

For more on Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt and the new Purple Series, visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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