Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Pop Another in the Oven: The Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie by Pegi Waffles

Everyone loves the specialty Belgian Liege-style waffles from one of the country's leading pioneers, but there's more to Pegi Waffles than just waffles...

Known for their line of authentic specialty Belgian waffles, Pegi Waffles also offers an equally impressive savory menu like their Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie. A light and flaky buttery crust sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds and filled with melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu Beef draped in a thick and rich mushroom sauce, the Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie by Pegi Waffles is one gem of a find. And probably one of the best in the metro... 

Best known for the Belgian Liege-style waffles, Pegi Waffles is one of the country's enduring brands synonymous with authenticity and quality (for more on Pegi Waffles, see my earlier posts, Classic European Waffles at Pegi Waffles and Pegi Waffles: Celebrating Nineteen Flavorful Years from 2016). Pegi Waffles also supplies fresh-baked products to an international catering facility servicing airlines, various specialty restaurants, a reputable hospital and even an iconic coffee chain in addition to their retail operations. Following the same uncompromising standards using premium quality ingredients for their best-selling Belgian style waffles, the Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie (P 200 per pie/P 800 for a box of four and P 1,200 for a box of six) by Pegi Waffles is worthy addition to their growing selection of specialty offerings. 

To order, simply call 0995 624 6391 and 0927 772 0819 or send a message via their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/pegiwaffles/ for delivery. You may also order via FrozenMNL (for more on FrozenMNL, see my previous post, ECQ Eats: Discover Thousands of Tasty Offerings Conveniently Delivered to Your Home by FrozenMNL from last year). To ensure freshness, note that the Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie is only available via pre-order only, so call it in and book your box. 

Your order is delivered frozen, boxed and sealed, ready to heat in an oven whenever you feel like it. Stock your stash of Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie in the freezer for those times when the cravings strike. 

Simply pop it in the oven for a few minutes, and your Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie from Pegi Waffles is ready to serve. A lingering buttery aroma teases your appetite, and a slice through the delicately crisp and buttery crust reveals the savory filling with chunks of Wagyu beef draped in thick and smooth mushroom sauce. 

One bite brings all the components in a seamless blend complementing the other in a delicately balanced weave of textural contrasts and savory notes. The buttery crust absorbs all the savory richness of the Wagyu beef and mushroom sauce delivering even more flavor with each bite.

Each pie becomes a hearty and satisfying meal, a double serving with buttered corn and mashed potatoes is a feast that just takes minutes to heat in the oven or oven toaster. 

Fast and easy to prepare, hearty and filling to satisfy any craving or serious appetite, the Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie by Pegi Waffles is a convenient and flavorful package with all the good stuff masterfully prepared using the finest ingredients. 

There's definitely more than waffles at Pegi Waffles. Visit their FB Page (see link below) to view their growing line of offerings, each one prepared with the same level of quality and the very best ingredients that made their specialty waffles top-of-mind among loyal customers. Order up a box, and enjoy one of the best meat pies in the metro...

To order the Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie from Pegi Waffles, call 0995 624 6391 and 0927 772 0819 or send a message via their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/pegiwaffles/

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