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Strawberries n' Ice Cream: Meet the New Strawberry Summer Collection from Sebastian's Ice Cream

What happens when you give fresh strawberries to Sebastian's Ice Cream? You get an all-new line of pure strawberry indulgence with the Strawberry Summer Collection...

Widely regarded as the Willy Wonka of Ice Cream for his inventive frozen creations, Sebastian's Ice Cream unveils a decadent line of strawberry ice cream-based indulgence just in time for summer. After dazzling ice cream lovers with his Poppits in a Pint (more here on my previous post, Forget the Spoon. Enjoy Ice Cream in a Fun New Way with Poppits in a Pint by Sebastian's Ice Cream), Sebastian's Ice Cream is back with the all-new Strawberry Summer Collection. Get ready for an epic strawberry summer...

Ranked third in the world for ice cream flavors, Strawberry is considered by many as the original fruit ice cream. But it's a tricky fruit to work with due to its high water content resulting in a batch that's too icy. But it's this same challenge that pushed Sebastian Ice Cream to dive deeper into strawberries and explore its infinite possibilities with a whole new line of ice cream. The result? The indulgent Strawberry Summer Collection showcasing a variety of creative expressions using strawberries as its flavorful base. That's right. Real strawberries with absolutely no artificial flavors. Now let's take a closer look at the all-strawberry line of Sebastian's Ice Cream...

Strawberry Six Ways Ice Cream Cake

The strawberry-inspired summer playlist of Sebastian's Ice Cream starts with his decadent ice cream cake, the Strawberry Six Ways Ice Cream Cake (P 155 per slice/P 1,650 per 9" whole cake). Made with dried strawberries and layered with Sebastian's Ice Cream's very own Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberry Sorbet Ripple topped with Strawberry Compote and garnished with freeze-fried strawberries with moist cake in between, the Strawberry Six Ways Ice Cream Cake is a lavish celebration of cake, strawberries and ice cream with every slice and bite.

The vibrant tartness of strawberries are faithfully recreated by Sebastian's Ice Cream with the newest ice cream cake from that first bite all the way to the last. It's cake with six ways of strawberries, and that's hard to top. The use of real and fresh strawberries makes all the difference. And it's a tedious cake to prepare, combining all six different strawberry components in one cake. The pureed dried strawberries are mixed into the batter added with even more chopped dried strawberries before baking. The cake is then layered with Strawberry Ice Cream ribboned with a Strawberry Sorbet topped with Strawberry Compote and garnished with a Strawberry Crumble made from freeze-dried strawberries. So go ahead and have your cake with six ways of strawberries with the new Strawberry Six Ways Ice Cream Cake by Sebastian's Ice Cream.  

Strawberry on a Stick Dive Bar

Sebastian's Ice Cream adds the Strawberry on a Stick (P 135 per bar) to their growing selection of Dive Bars, and it's a keeper. Imagine silky smooth Strawberry Ice Cream and Strawberry Compote dipped in White Chocolate and sprinkled with Freeze-Dried Strawberry Crumble and you get the picture.

The contrasting textures of the different layers from the White Chocolate shell to the Strawberry Ice Cream blended with Strawberry Compote and freeze dried Strawberry Crumble combine for an extravagant burst of strawberry goodness with each bite. Much heavier than the commercially available options, Sebastian's Ice Cream packs in all the fresh and unrestrained strawberry goodness into their latest Dive Bar.

And you can take it along with you on your summer escapades. Strawberries on the go? You got it with the new Strawberry on a Stick by Sebastian's Ice Cream.

Strawberry Sorbet

Perhaps the purest way to enjoy strawberries is with a refreshing sorbet, and the Strawberry Sorbet (P 145 per scoop/P 435 per pint) by Sebastian's Ice Cream lets you experience the clean and uncluttered flavors of real strawberries with its dense and smooth texture. As it slowly melts in your mouth, even more intense strawberry notes are released draping the palate with real strawberry richness. 

The deceptively simple iced creation also delivers the boldest strawberry notes in the collection, and that's because it's made from real strawberries, cane sugar and filtered water. Without the usual butterfat content of ice cream, nothing gets between your palate and the burst of real strawberries for that purest of strawberry experiences. Dairy free and vegan friendly, you can indulge without the guilt with a pint of Strawberry Sorbet by Sebastian's Ice Cream.  

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The creative genius behind Sebastian's Ice Cream goes all out for his latest creation, the Chocolate Covered Strawberries (P 145 per scoop/P 435 per pint) with Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Fudge Ripple with Miniature Chocolate Truffles filled with Strawberry Compote. Chocolate and strawberries conspire in an elegant weave for another indulgent combo, and it works perfectly. A brand new flavor for the Strawberry Summer Collection, the concept behind Chocolate Covered Strawberries began with a simple challenge: to capture the experience of a fresh strawberry dipped in chocolate. The creative process then led to getting all that concentrated strawberry flavor in a tiny bite-sized morsel made with Strawberry Compote, frozen and cut into cubes before draping it in luscious milk chocolate. The frozen morsels are then layered into Sebastian's Ice Cream's signature Strawberry Ice Cream blended with a ribbon of chocolate fudge...

...resulting in what may be the most indulgent chocolate and strawberry pairing yet. The blend of Strawberry Ice Cream, Chocolate Fudge Ripple and Miniature Chocolate Truffles filled with Strawberry Compote comes together seamlessly for a unique and decadent ice cream experience.  

A bite brings the tart sweetness of strawberries to the palate followed by the rich and nutty notes of chocolate adding a flavorful depth. The play on flavors is taken to a whole new level with the Miniature Chocolate Truffles with its tart blast from the Strawberry Compote. It's these lavish layers of rich flavors that makes the Chocolate Covered Strawberries one of the absolute must-try variants in the new Strawberry Summer Collection by Sebastian's Ice Cream.

Strawberry Supreme

This is Sebastian's Ice Cream's inspired take on the classic flavor, loaded with as much strawberry goodness as possible. Just leave it to Sebastian's Ice Cream to make a classic even better. The Strawberry Supreme (P 135 per scoop/P 405 per pint) is a lusciously smooth creation with strawberries and Strawberry Sorbet Ribbon for intensely concentrated flavors. Fresh strawberries are added to the Strawberry Ice Cream as it spins in the batch freezer before being layered with concentrated Strawberry Sorbet for a double punch of pure strawberry bliss. The tartness of the compote perfectly tempers the richness of the ice cream for that balanced finish.

The Strawberry Supreme is also unique with its combination of ice cream and sorbet for a double dose of flavor and texture. Who says you can't have it all? 

Strawberry Sammie Chilly Burger

One of the more popular offerings, Sebastian's Ice Cream adds one more variant to their growing Chilly Burger line with the Strawberry Sammie (P 140 per piece), an ice cream cookie sandwich made with White Chocolate Chip Strawberry Cookies filled with Strawberry Supreme Ice Cream. Blending dried strawberries into the cookie batter then topped with white chocolate chips and freezer-dried strawberries for color and flavor, the Strawberry Sammie is another chart-topper of a hit that's perfect for summer. 

The chewy cookie and smooth ice cream pair well, made even better with its bold strawberry flavors. Ice Cream, Sorbet, Ice Cream Cake, Dive Bar and Chilly Burgers, Sebastian's Ice Cream has summer all figured out with the new Strawberry Summer Collection. Drop by their Podium branch or order online via for a strawberry-filled summer experience you can only find at Sebastian's...

The new Strawberry Summer Collection by Sebastian's Ice Cream is available at The Podium and for online orders. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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