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Savory Trio: Butter Chicken, Sisig and Beef Pares by The Pork Project

Known for his wide repertoire of traditional local cuisine, Chef Redd Agustin of The Pork Project takes your palate on a culinary journey of global flavors with his latest offerings...  

Chef Redd Agustin adds an international twist to his core of Filipino dishes at The Pork Project with the savory Butter Chicken, a popular Indian dish served with Roti. The new dish showcases the diversity of options available at The Pork Project. And just like his other specialties, simply reheat at home and enjoy. Read on for a look at Chef Redd's latest offerings from his recent drop to Manila.

Based in Batangas, The Pork Project's unique business model evolved with the shifting habits of consumers during the quarantine experience focusing on ready to heat and eat meals exclusively for delivery with regular scheduled drops to Manila (for more on The Pork Project, see my earlier post, Classic Ready-to-Heat Filipino Dishes by The Pork Project Delivered to Your Doorstep from his last batch of deliveries). With frequent scheduled trips to Manila, you can pre-order for inclusion in the next batch of deliveries (be sure to check out The Pork Project's FB Page at for updates on the delivery schedules).

The Pork Project's menu highlights traditional Filipino dishes, but occasionally Chef Redd adds a taste of global cuisine to his ensemble of ready-to-heat and eat meals. And this time, Chef Redd shared his own take on a classic Indian dish. Also known as Murgh Makhani, Butter Chicken is a type of curry made with a rich spiced tomato base and loads of butter for a creamy and silky smooth finish. Chef Redd's own version faithfully captures the savory richness and indulgent mouthfeel of the dish for a lavish addition to his growing menu.  

The dish brings a savory richness to the home dining table with tender chunks of chicken simmered in a buttery and mildly spiced sauce. Like many Indian dishes, it's the sauce that carries the dish. Made with a complex blend of spices with flavorful layers of subtle sharpness from the spiced tomatoes and indulgently smooth texture and equally rich notes from the butter, the Butter Chicken is best paired with traditional Roti.

Each order comes with Roti, a soft Indian flatbread to soak up the rich sauce of the Butter Chicken. Unlike most Indian dishes with its bold and pronounced flavor profile, the intense notes are replaced by a buttery richness with the Butter Chicken. The flavors are much more delicate and easy on the palate, and perfect for sharing with family at home. 

It's a unique dish that offers a different dining experience from the usual and familiar options from The Pork Project. it's also a dish that reflects the diversity of The Pork Project's menu.

That day, Chef Redd added classic Filipino dishes to his delivery including the popular Sisig. Using a blend of pork face mask and offals, Chef Redd's version is a savory and textural twist from the usual crunchy pork sisig draping the palate with an indulgent savory richness. 

The addition of liver and offals gives this dish a flavorful punch tempered by the soothing heat from the fresh chilies and zesty hints of calamansi for that balanced finish. Consistent with the culinary style of Chef Redd for real and unrestrained flavors, you'll want extra rice with this dish.

Chef Redd then pulls out all the stops with his own take on the local Pares, loaded with tender melt-in-your mouth beef tendon in a thick and mildly sweet sauce. Simmered for hours, the richness of the beef is infused with the sauce for a sticky and gelatinous texture. And it's that texture that makes this dish a well-loved staple. Chef Redd's own version has all the good stuff, all beef and all tendon.  

Paired with steamed white rice, a bowl of Pares is a comforting and sumptuous meal any day. The local and ubiquitous braised beef stew brings textural contrasts and beefy notes with each bite followed by a subtle sweetness from the star anise. Perfect for a cloudy day, I'll take this on a scorching hot summer afternoon anytime. 

But Chef Redd isn't done just yet. Here's something to remind you that pure indulgence can come in small jars...

...with The Pork Project Aligue. That's right, pure crab fat goodness in a jar. And this jar opens up a whole world of possibilities for you in the kitchen. Pasta? Fried Rice? Time to get creative...

Butter Chicken, Sisig and Pares, Chef Redd Agustin and The Pork Project brings it home yet again with their sumptuous ready-to-heat and eat dishes with the must-try savory trio of Butter Chicken, Sisig and Pares. And that jar of The Pork Project Aligue. Thinking of your next family meal at home? Hit up the link below for your orders...

For more on Chef Redd Agustin's The Pork Project, call 0917 438 2133 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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