Thursday, April 28, 2022

Let The #UmaniFlavorCookOff Begin with Plant-Based Sausages by Umani

A cold brew and some juicy and savory sausages with bold notes and that fresh snap with every bite, all without the guilt. That's enough motivation to bring out the trusty pan and home grill.

Smoky, juicy and tender with that delectable snap, who doesn't love sausages? But here's one sausage that will love you right back. That's right, sausages that are good for you made without meat. 100% plant-based, a good source of protein with absolutely zero cholesterol yet packed with all the flavors you love, meet the Umani Plant-Based Sausage...

I first sampled the meatless offerings of WTH Foods including Ground Meat, Shredded Meat, Corned Beef, Nuggets, Spring Rolls, Holiday Ham and Sausages early January of this year, and I've been impressed since (see more on my experience with WTH Foods on my earlier post at #CraveGoodFood: It's Always Worth The Health with the Plant-Based Offerings of WTH Foods). The Umani Plant-Based Sausage is their latest product perfectly recreating the rich flavors, textures and mouthfeel of sausages with each and every bite, and great for substituting meat in a variety of recipes.

From the freezer to the pan, simply add a little water and let it simmer before adding oil when the water dries out and you're ready for a sumptuous and savory sausage feast. And yes, without the calories or the guilt.

One bite, and that fresh snap reminds you that this is as good as it gets. That juicy and meaty dense texture delivers the very same mouthfeel with its savory richness from the blend of spices that will soon have you going for another bite. Another bite and it's still hard to believe these sausages don't contain any meat at all. 

The flavors and textures make the Umani Plant-Based Sausages a hit straight out of the pack to your frying pan or finished in the grill. But it's also a versatile ingredient for your favorite dishes, substituting your usual option without losing the flavor. 

And that brings us to the #UmaniFlavorCookOff where chefs and foodie content creators share their favorite sausage recipes so you can discover even more unique and satisfying recipes for your home kitchen. But they need your help. By liking and sharing their #UmaniFlavorCookOff recipe posts on FB, IG and TikTok, you can pick and support your favorite recipe.

Now that you have your sausages, complete the picture with an ice-cold artisan brew...

Pair your Umani Plant-Based Sausages with the artisan beer offerings from Nipa Brew to complete your sausage feast like the thirst-quenching Fizzo Fresh Tea Soda, Sun Stoked Blonde Ale, Drop Zone India Pale Ale and Tropic Haze Wheat Ale for that perfect match. 

Where to buy? Easy. You can order these healthy and tasty meat-free options from WTH Foods online via their website featuring all their innovative products or through and with just a few quick taps on your mobile device. 

For more on the Umani Flavor Cook Off, Plant-Based Sausages and WTH Foods, visit their FB Page at or their website at for more information and updates.

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