Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Coffee Experience at Commune Cafe + Bar

Good coffee, like fine wine, is an intensely personal experience. Immerse yourself in the fragrant aroma of roasted coffee beans freshly brewed for a satisfying cup at Commune Cafe + Bar...

Take a break from the daily grind that's slowly getting back up to speed in this new normal with a soothing cup of freshly brewed coffee at Commune Cafe + Bar in Makati with its wide selection of homegrown local coffee beans. It's an advocacy that remains at the heart of the cafĂ©, championing the cause of Philippine coffee since it opened. Soak in the local neighborhood vibe with a freshly brewed cup...

Located at a corner in the vibrant and quirky neighborhood of Makati's Poblacion, Commune Cafe + Bar is easy to spot. It's pristine white facade, panoramic glass windows and open air al fresco area at the second floor will lead you to the popular coffee hub. Or simply let your nose lead you to Commune Cafe + Bar with the lingering aroma of roasted coffee beans. 

Social media strategist and coffee aficionado Ros Juan is the dynamic creative force behind Commune Cafe + Bar, and a staunch advocate of Philippine coffee. For Ros, Commune Cafe + Bar is about coffee "and the connection it fuels" from great conversations and as an incubator of innovative ideas making it popular among communities and start-ups. Inside, you'll find the tools of the trade including massive roasters and a well-stocked inventory of coffee-related products. If you love coffee, then you'll feel like a kid at a candy store in Commune Cafe + Bar.

Commune Cafe + Bar is known for its own exclusive blend of coffee, the Commune Blend with Arabica Beans for flavor and aroma and Robusta for that soothing boldness. It's the flavorful base for their extensive coffee creations... the Flat White, with rich and creamy frothy milk and espresso coming together in a seamless and balanced cup conspiring for a relaxing and deeply personal moment with each sip.  

The seemingly never-ending debate on the origins and merits of a Flat White versus Cafe Latte continues to be popular coffee talk but here's the low down. A typical latte with more than the usual milk brings a sweeter finish with subtle coffee notes while the Flat White with its use of a more concentrated espresso or ristretto delivers a bolder finish even with the creamy milk and frothy milk foam. Purists can argue all day long, but everything is settled after that first sip. The Flat White at Commune Cafe + Bar offers a deep and nutty profile mellowed by the velvety smooth layers of milk that just makes your day a whole lot better. No argument there. The richness of Philippine coffee used at Commune Cafe + Bar has an indulgent smoothness followed by rounded and full flavors without any bitter hints.      

You can go fancy as well at Commune Cafe + Bar, just let the baristas surprise you with their creations to perk you up along with that caffeine kick. Not into cats but this one's a keeper. 

Commune Cafe + Bar also has a wicked kitchen whipping out some comforting classics like this Grilled Cheese with its blend of five gourmet cheeses on soft, buttery and delicately crisp sourdough bread. The homemade Ketchup brings a tangy sharpness to the palate tempering the creamy richness of the gourmet cheese blend. A bite and sip at Commune Cafe + Bar becomes one of those well-deserved moments to start or end your day in this new evolving normal. 

Drop in for a freshly brewed cup of local coffee, and have a few tasty bites. You deserve a coffee experience to lift your spirits. And they do that everyday at Commune Cafe + Bar...

Commune Cafe + Bar is located at 36 Polaris corner Durban Street, Poblacion, Makati or call 8275 6324 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at and their website at for more updates.

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