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Born in Bangkok: Greyhound Cafe Comes To Manila at SM Aura Premier

Flair with creative chaos, east meets west and tradition in step with the contemporary, it's this contrasting play on playful contradictions coming together in a seamless blend just like the streets of Bangkok that's celebrated and showcased at one of the metro's newest dining destinations...

Viva International Food and Restaurants, Inc. brings the vibrant flavors of Bangkok to Manila with Greyhound Cafe at SM Aura Premier with three more branches in the pipeline. It's modern Bangkok on a plate with a refreshing twist on classic Thai flavors for a new and exciting dining experience. Curious? Here's a quick peek at Greyhound Cafe...

A sense of excitement and adventure soon takes over the minute you enter Greyhound Cafe in SM Aura Premier with its sleek and modern interiors of polished concrete walls adorned with bright neon installations and stark monochromatic murals...

...replicating the bustling scene and vibe of the city that never sleeps setting the stage for a casual and comforting dine-in experience with its cool, youthful and dynamic energy. 

What started as a clothing label back in the eighties has evolved to include a novel and successful restaurant chain to complement and extend the fashion and lifestyle concept of the brand. And it seems to have worked seamlessly with the overall brand architecture envisioned by its founders. Greyhound Cafe now has over 40 restaurants around the world with Manila as its latest location winning over local diners with its unique, modern and inventive take on traditional Thai cuisine.

That quirky and fun character is also reflected in its cuisine. An extensive menu of familiar flavors alongside modern interpretations await diners at Greyhound Cafe...

...but first, settle down with a refreshing beverage to soothe and open up the palate for a sumptuous Thai feast. And Greyhound Cafe offers an impressive selection of beverages that teases the eyes before the palate... the Pink Cooler (P 300) with its colorful and playful blend of watermelon, orange and pineapple with its tart sweetness.

Cool down with the Thai Iced Tea with Milk/Bubble (P 250/P 310), a Bangkok favorite to beat the scorching summer heat. You can also opt for the equally refreshing Thai Iced Coffee/Bubble (P 250/P 310) if you prefer the caffeine kick. 

The Pink Journey (P 300) with strawberry, apple juice and lime juice is another tempting option with the bold fresh notes of fruits...

...while the Passion Fashion (P 300) with passionfruit, pineapple, lime juice and mint syrup brings a fresh sweetness finished with mildly sharp citrusy hints.

No worries with diluted flavors with this iced tea. The Iced Tea Greyhound Style adds a quirky element with its innovative flavored ice cubes, ensuring each successive sip is as fresh and full of flavor as the first all the way to the last.

The convergence of east meets west is reflected with Greyhound Cafe's inspired spin on a popular all-American favorite with the Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings (P 390). Simply seasoned, the juicy wings will have you nibbling through a number with its pure, uncomplicated yet comforting flavors. 

The Thai Pop (P 390) are fried bite-sized morsels of juicy and crisp chicken served with two creamy sauces. The juicy chicken with its contrasting crunchy outer layer is already loaded with flavor on its own, a dab of the creamy dip smoothens the tasty notes with its silky finish. Once you start poppin' these bites, you just can't stop... 

Weep for joy with the Weeping Hunters (P 790), my top pick for appetizers at Greyhound Cafe. The intricate appetizer features tender and juicy medium grilled beef ribeye laid on thinly sliced cucumber draped in the signature Spicy Pesto sauce and topped with crisp basil leaves. Each bite becomes a delectable play on textural contrasts and flavors with the savory richness of the beef layered with the soothing heat from the nutty pesto and refreshing subtle sweetness of the cucumber. Fresh, inventive and playfully creative with bold unrestrained flavors in their unique culinary style, the Weeping Hunters is an absolute must-try at Greyhound Cafe.

The hearty Beef Massamun Curry (P 680) served with grilled flatbread features fork-tender beef simmered in a richly flavored curry sauce. It's the sauce that really makes this dish special, with its rich blend of spices. The order comes with warm pita bread, perfect for mopping up the rich sauce.

It may look complicated, but the wittingly named Complicated Noodles (P 380) is probably one of the most inventive and flavorful dishes at Greyhound Cafe. Garden fresh and crisp lettuce, flat noodle sheets, savory minced pork, coriander and mild green chili sauce make up the Complicated Noodles and part of the fun is assembling your own roll.

Each big bite brings the fresh and clean flavors of the lettuce followed by the deep savory notes of the minced pork and subtle sharpness of the green chili sauce and coriander to the palate finished by the chewy texture of the flat noodles. Fresh with bold flavors, it's another must-try dish at Greyhound Cafe

The flat noodle sheets hold everything in place for that perfect bite. And the minced pork adds that savory finish. Go ahead and make yourself another wrap...

For the main course, Greyhound Cafe's sumptuous Tom Yum Super Bowl (P 1,400) is a lavish seafood feast with scallops, black mussels, squid and Tiger prawns in a thick, rich and spicy broth with noodles. It's classic Thai flavors down to the soothing heat.

The freshness of the seafood makes this literally a souped up version of the popular Thai staple, with the richly flavored broth delivering a lingering spice. Hints of lime cuts through the richness and spice for that balanced finish. 

If you're still craving for more noodles, the Phad Thai with Fresh Shrimp (P 450) is the hands down pick at Greyhound Cafe. With stir-fried rice noodles draped in tamarind sauce and topped with fresh shrimps, crushed peanuts and chili powder, the iconic Thai dish is faithfully recreated at Greyhound Cafe. 

The briny sweetness from the succulent shrimps are complemented by the fresh spring onions, bean sprouts, egg and ground peanuts. A fresh squeeze of lime completes the flavors.

Fresh off the grill, The Famous Muay Thai Grilled Chicken (P 690) is aptly named delivering a solid flavorful punch. The grilled turmeric chicken has a fragrant and mildly smoky aroma, finished with a delicate weave of herbal and savory notes. Served with Somtum and sweet and spicy Jaew chili sauce, the full range of flavors from sweet to spicy and everything in between comes alive with each bite. The order comes with sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf.

For dessert, the Sticky Rice + Mango Parfait (P 250) is a modern interpretation of a traditional Thai staple. At the bottom, you'll find the soft and chewy sticky rice topped by a layer of sweet mangoes and coconut sherbet slathered with creamy coconut milk. Perfect for the weather and yes, I prefer this version over the traditional plated dessert. 

Other parfait options at Greyhound Cafe include the Chocolate Lover Parfait (P 250) with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, cornflakes, Malteser, brownies, Ferrero Rocher, whipped cream and cocoa dust for the ultimate chocoholic creation and the Chum Cham Parfait (P 250) with lemon and strawberry sherbet, fresh kiwi, strawberries, orange and dried bananas draped in mixed berries sauce.

The Thai Tea Granita (P 190) topped with a mound of shaved ice cools the palate with the bold hints of tea adding depth to each sip. It's the perfect sweet ending to a lavish Thai feast. Better yet, pair it with some of Greyhound Cafe's other dessert bestsellers...

The Tub Tim Krob Greyhound Style (P 280) is a decadent Thai dessert with sweet and chewy water chestnut dumplings served with tender coconut strips, coconut sherbet and coconut cream. The coconut sherbet and rich silky smooth cream give this dessert a luscious finish.

A soothing cup of Cafe Latte seals the deal at one of the newest dining destinations in the metro. 

Greyhound Cafe brings another taste of Thailand to the metro, both traditional and modern creative spins to the local culinary scene. The flavors combine authenticity and fun to the dining experience best shared with friends and family.

From starters and mains to desserts and beverages, Greyhound Cafe has everything covered. It's Thai cuisine that's comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly different with a cool modern vibe.

Dining out should always be fun. And you're guaranteed a memorable dining experience with honest and authentic flavors woven with a playful and quirky character born in Bangkok. Experience Thai cuisine with a fresh, bold and fun vibe at Greyhound Cafe, now open at SM Aura Premier...

Greyhound Cafe is located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM Aura Premier, 26th Street corner McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. You can also visit their FB Page at, IG Feed at and website at for more information and updates.

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