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Craving Tempura? #CraveHanako with the Tempura All-You-Can at Hanako...

Quality and value for money combine for a sumptuous dining experience and when you're craving tempura, Hanako should be on the top of your list...

Hanako launches its Tempura All-You-Can promotion on Mondays to Thursdays for the entire month of May in all its branches. That's right. All-you-can-eat tempura for only P 499. Read on for a peek at Hanako's newest location in Estancia at Capitol Commons as well as their other bestselling dishes...

An established dining concept popular in the south with pioneer branches in Moonwalk and Better Living as well as Pasig and Quezon City, Hanako brings authentic Japanese cuisine like Sushi, Donburi, Gyoza and Tempura at prices that won't bust your wallet (for more on Hanako, see my previous posts, ECQ Eats: Hot Eats with the New Hot Trays Party Platters by Hanako on their sumptuous platters available for delivery from 2021 and #CraveHanako: Party on a Platter with the Party Platters by Hanako on their signature sushi and gyoza from early this year). 

The quality and value for money equation remains at the very core of Hanako, values shared by new franchisees Ryan and Vangie Uy at the new Estancia at Capitol Commons branch. Located right across the theaters, you can have a meal before or after the movies. The launch of the Tempura All-You-Can promotion reinforces the concept of value and quality, giving diners more bang for the buck for a hearty no holds barred and all-out tempura feast.

Japanese cuisine has always been popular with the local palate and is pretty much a part of the culinary mainstream. And tempura remains top-of-mind when one thinks of Japanese food. Loyal diners from the south have long known this gem of a find, and it's now here in Estancia at Capitol Commons.  

Exclusively for dine-in, the Tempura All-You-Can at Hanako allows diners to enjoy this popular staple with endless rounds of succulent and delicately crisp tempura fresh from the kitchen to your table. Each order comes with a bowl of Gohan to complete your feast. At only P 499, this is one cool deal that's hard to pass up. Down south in Moonwalk and Better Living or in Quezon City and Pasig or right here at Estancia at Capitol Commons, diners can now enjoy and satisfy their tempura cravings. Hanako also offers other specialty dishes you may want to try... the Spicy Tuna Crunch (P 279) with fresh tuna, togarashi and crunchy tempura flakes to get you started.  

The play on textural contrasts and flavorful notes teases the palate. Using only the freshest ingredients, you can enjoy a burst of real flavors without breaking your budget. Quality and value for money is a delicate and often tricky balance, but Hanako has it all figured out with their extensive selection of authentic Japanese dishes.  

A complete meal in a bowl, the Salmon Teriyaki Don (P 319) includes a slab of grilled salmon drizzled with teriyaki sauce on soft and fluffy rice with sides of pickled cucumber, bean sprouts, spring onions and nori strips. 

The buttery texture of the salmon drapes the palate with an indulgent richness followed by the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce pairing well with the rice. The pickled cucumber and spring onions cuts through the richness for that balanced finish. 

The Beef Sukiyaki with fork-tender beef strips, carrots, onions, cabbage and egg slathered with Donburi sauce on soft and flavorful sotanghon noodles is high on my list of top picks at Hanako

The noodles are infused with the flavors of the various ingredients complemented by the light and mildly sweet broth, fresh vegetables and savory strips of beef. The egg adds to the richness of the broth to complete the flavors. Hearty and satisfying, pair your Beef Sukiyaki with Hanako's bestselling Gyoza

For many, no Japanese feast is complete without tempura. And at Hanako, you can have as much as you want. From Mondays to Thursdays for the whole month of May, have your fill of tempura at Hanako for only P 499. Each order comes with a bowl of Gohan to make it a meal.

Wrapped in a light and crisp batter, each bite delivers a burst of briny sweetness from the succulent prawns. And there's nothing quite like tempura fresh out of the fryer at its flavorful peak and served to your table. One more round? Absolutely.

Your first order includes five pieces of tempura, and succeeding orders with three pieces. But you can have as many refills as you want to satisfy your tempura cravings. At P 499, this is one seriously good deal. 

One more item on the menu at Hanako caught my eye...

The Torikatsu Burger with a large juicy and crisp breaded chicken patty topped with sesame slaw and Katsu sauce on lettuce and soft squid ink bun is another tasty surprise from Hanako. One big bite brings the delectable play on textures and flavors in a seamless weave with the delicate notes of the chicken enhanced by the fresh flavors of the sesame slaw. The pillow soft and unique squid ink bun is the perfect vessel for the large torikatsu patty, absorbing all the flavors from the different components. 

Take a quick scan of the tasty offering of Hanako...

...and be amazed with the reasonable pricing. Quality and value for money is celebrated and experienced everyday at Hanako

Before heading out, why not bring home some of Hanako's signature Party Platters?

Packed and sealed in a box, the Salmon Favorites Party Platter brings all your top salmon picks in one lavish package...

...including the Five Star Roll, Salmon Cream Cheese, Philadelphia Roll and Torched Cheese and Salmon.

Each variant offers its own distinct notes, presenting flavorful combinations with salmon, And you can enjoy all four salmon sushi creations with the Salmon Favorites Party Platter by Hanako.  

Sushi, Donburi, Gyoza, Tempura. And so much more priced within your reach at Hanako. When you're craving Japanese, #CraveHanako. If tempura is on your list, the Tempura All-You-Can at Hanako is your ticket to a sumptuous and hearty Japanese feast.  

Hanako is located at the Fourth Level, East Wing, Estancia at Capitol Commons or visit their website at and FB Page at for updates.

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