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New Chef's Specials, All-Time Faves, Desserts and Cocktails at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar unveils sumptuous new offerings alongside their popular specialty dishes, and that's enough reason to visit this spot of Naples in the metro... 

All-time bestsellers, decadent desserts, handcrafted cocktails and new Chef's Specials await guests at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar in Uptown Parade for a sumptuous dining experience. From their signature Napoli-style pizza and hearty pasta dishes to new savory offerings from their Chef's Specials selection down to desserts and cocktails, Salvatore Cuomo & Bar has all bases covered for your visit.  

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar's story reflects the global journey of the man that began in Naples providing a base for his culinary foundation. Taking over his father's restaurant in Japan, Salvatore Cuomo continued the restaurant's philosophy on authenticity and soon earned a name and reputation for himself with his specialty Napoli-style pizza in Japan (for more on Salvatore Cuomo & Bar, see my previous posts, Neapolitan Flavors at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar from 2016, Yes, More Pizza Please. At Salvatore Cuomo & Bar's Anniversary Special Pizza and Lunch Buffet from 2017 and Save Room for Desserts, Panino and More at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe on his latest casual dining concept at The Podium). 

With over a hundred restaurants bearing his name around the world from casual to fine dining concepts, Salvatore Cuomo streamlines his global expansion driven by his uncompromising philosophy on authenticity made with the finest ingredients.

This culinary philosophy is showcased everyday by his skilled team in a massive open kitchen...

...where diners can catch a glimpse of the magic behind each and every dish. It's this open and honest transparency that makes the dining experience at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar even more special. 

A Tipple Before The Feast

Libations? It's a bar too, so why not start with some of their signature cocktails? The Aperol Spritz (P 400) with aperol, sparkling wine and soda water soothes and opens the palate...

...while the Sangria (P 380) with its blend of red wine, fresh orange, lemon, apple, Grand Marnier and sugar gets you in the right groove for a sumptuous Italian feast at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar.

The open kitchen springs to life with the first set of orders, prepared in plain view and served to your table... 

Starting Right with Antipasto

The Prosciutto E Salame Con Crema Di Bufala (P 950) kicks off your dining experience at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar with its tempting assortment of prosciutto, salami and rich and creamy Mozzarella, Mascarpone and cream blend. Freshly sliced just minutes before, the subtle salty notes of the premium prosciutto and salami is mellowed by the creamy cheese blend of Mozzarella, Mascarpone and cream pairing well with crusty bread.

The Carpaccio Di Salmone (P 420) is an elegantly plated salmon dish topped with beets, fresh and crisp frisée and slathered in a mildly tart vinaigrette for contrasting yet balanced finish.

The buttery texture and sweet briny flavors of the salmon just melts in your mouth draping the palate with an indulgent richness tempered by the vinaigrette. Fresh and clean flavors in its purest and uncomplicated yet elegant form, the Carpaccio Di Salmone is an absolute must-try at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar.

The Insalata Amore Salvatore (P 380) is a garden fresh and crisp salad with Romaine lettuce and Parma ham draped in a creamy Asiago cheese dressing. The use of the freshest and finest ingredients delivers all the flavors, and that's what makes this hearty salad a delectable play on contrasting flavors and textures.

Meet the Chef's Specials

A new addition to the menu, the Chef's Specials by Salvatore Cuomo & Bar offers more options to suit your mood or craving. The new Chef's Specials by Salvatore Cuomo & Bar include four savory mains from pasta to seafood, duck and Wagyu beef. The Tagliatelle Con Salsiccia Tartufata (P 480), a hearty pasta dish with truffled sausage, Grana Padano and indulgent truffle oil on fresh pasta with cream is pure savory indulgence with the deep, rich and nutty hints of truffle combining with creamy buttery notes. The handmade pasta has that perfect bite, evenly draped with the richness of truffles.

The Petto d'anatra Scottato Con Glassa Di Lamponi (P 980) is another elegant dish with juicy duck breast laid on tart raspberry glaze served with fresh mesclun tossed in a tart lemon dressing. Delicately seared with a juicy pink center, the duck breast is perfectly tender and juicy draping the palate with its unctuous and lingering richness.  

The sharp sweetness of the raspberry glaze and side of frisée tossed in lemon dressing cleanses the palate, and you're ready for another slice and bite. 

The Bistecca Di Wagyu Con Purea Di Zucca Ed Asparagi Alla Griglia (P 2,400 per 200 grams) features premium Wagyu beef grilled to medium perfection with a juicy pink center and sides of grilled asparagus and mashed pumpkin. Pure elegance in its simplicity, you don't need to complicate a premium slab of beef. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, and that's it.

Each bite releases bold beefy notes, melting in your mouth like butter. The mashed pumpkin adds a nutty sweetness while the grilled asparagus brings clean and fresh flavors to complement the richness of the Wagyu beef. 

Rounding out the new Chef's Specials at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar is a refreshing seafood option, the Pesce Espada Alla Pizzaiolla (P 650) with swordfish, anchovy fillet, capers, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives and zucchini.

For dessert, the Chef's Specials feature the Strawberry Shortcake (P 450) for the perfect sweet ending at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar.

Straight from the Wood-Fired Oven

The wood-fired oven is the centerpiece in all Salvatore Cuomo & Bar's locations. Authentic Napoli style pizza is the cornerstone of every restaurant Salvatore Cuomo opens around the world and at BGC, you can enjoy a slice and taste of Naples with his lavish pizza creations. After all, Salvatore Cuomo has been dubbed as the "gift from Naples" and "The Pizza Man" by Japanese media. 

The World Champion D.O.C is Salvatore Cuomo's signature creation. The attached "D.O.C" stands for "Denominazione Di Origine Controllata," an Italian standard of authentication certifying all ingredients come from Italy as well as the authenticity of the baking or cooking technique strictly following the region's culinary traditions. That's a world champion slice of Naples, right there. Now grab a slice...

Almost like a Margherita, the World Champion D.O.C delivers a vibrant burst of intense notes from the tart cherry tomatoes while the basil adds a subtle sweetness and the mozzarella di bufala gives it an elegant finish with its smooth and creamy texture and flavor. Like all the dishes at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar, the use of the freshest and finest ingredients makes even the simplest dish stand out.

The Prosciutto E Rucola (P 950) topped with premium Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Grana Padano and fresh arugula offers equally intense flavors. The distinct sharpness of the cured pork and tomato-based sauce are tempered by the layer of creamy Mozzarella and Grana Padano. The arugula completes the contrasting notes, all coming together in a delicate balance with each bite. 

The crust, with its charred blisters from the wood-fired oven, caps your pizza experience in that signature Salvatore Cuomo style. From the toppings down to the crust, Salvatore Cuomo & Bar showcases the master pizzaiolo's craft with his lavish creations.

All-Time Faves

Then, there's Salvatore Cuomo & Bar's regular bestsellers like the Porchetta (P 650) with a slab of crisp and juicy homemade roasted pork served with gravy and a side of vegetables...

...and Agnello Alla Griglia (P 1,800) or charcoal grilled lamb chops. Other popular options include the Pollo Arrosto (P 700/P 1,500) or roasted chicken and Salmone al Burro di Acciughe (P 700) or salmon fillet. Everyone has a favorite savory main dish at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar, and these are just some of my top picks.

Pizza, pasta or savory mains, it's the quality ingredients and masterful execution by the kitchen that makes any choice at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar a sure hit. Salvatore Cuomo just won't settle for anything less. 

A soothing cup of Caffe Latte (P 140) is perfect after a sumptuous meal at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar. Better yet, pair it with their decadent selection of desserts...

Don't Forget Dessert

The Chocolate Walnut Mousse (P 300) is a classic dessert reinterpreted by Salvatore Cuomo with chocolate and walnuts presented in his creative style... 

...while the Torta Caprese (P 250), a traditional Italian cake made with chocolate and almonds paired with homemade gelato is just too good to pass up...

...and the Classic Panna Cotta (P 250) with its silky smoothness are just some of the tempting dessert options at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

One More Round for the Road

Then, spend the rest of the afternoon at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar with their handcrafted cocktails to cap your dining experience. An Old-Fashioned (P 250) always works for me. With its deep, bold yet soothing bourbon base mellowed by Angostura Bitters and sugar garnished with an orange slice and a cinnamon stick delivering deep smoky hints followed by a sweet and citrusy finish, you can't go wrong with an Old-Fashioned.

A favorite of Hemingway, the classic Negroni (P 350) with gin, sweet vermouth and Campari delivers that smooth Italian vibe...

...while the Moscow Mule (P 300) with vodka, ginger ale and fresh lime with its light and refreshing yet mildly potent kick may be just what you need for that mid-afternoon tipple. 

A formal lunch meeting or just catching up with friends, Salvatore Cuomo & Bar is your spot of Naples at the heart of BGC. New Chef's Specials, all-time faves, desserts and cocktails await your visit. It's good to be back at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar...

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar is located at the Ground Floor of Uptown Parade, 38th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. You may call 7946 3073 for inquiries or visit their FB Page at  and website at for updates and more information.

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