Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Summer Ain't Over Yet: The New Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops by Sebastian's Ice Cream

Dairy free and vegan friendly, just real fruit and fruit juice frozen on a stick. Nope, summer ain't over yet with the new Fruitsicles Frozen Fruit Ice Pops by Sebastian Ice Cream...

Summer's hottest temperatures continue to linger, and Sebastian's Ice Cream has the answer for an indulgent and refreshing solution to beat the heat with the new Fruitsicles Frozen Fruit Ice Pops. The freshest fruits and fruit juices with absolutely no artificial flavors are transformed by the acclaimed local wizard of ice cream for yet another inventive creation.

For fans of Sebastian's Ice Cream, the Fruitsicles Frozen Fruit Ice Pops is just one more creative expression in a continuous parade of indulgent frozen innovations (for more on the inventive ice cream creations of Sebastian's Ice Cream, see my previous posts, Strawberries n' Ice Cream: Meet The New Strawberry Summer Collection from Sebastian's Ice Cream on their lavish strawberry range, Forget the Spoon. Enjoy Ice Cream in a Fun New Way with Poppits in a Pint by Sebastian's Ice Cream on their unique bite-sized indulgences, Closure, Unresolved Issues, Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend: Meet The 2020 Valentine's Collection by Sebastian's Ice Cream from two years back and Fast-Forward to Summer with Sebastian's Ice Cream... from 2018).

Dairy free and vegan-friendly made with real fruit and all-natural fruit juice, the new Fruitsicles Frozen Fruit Ice Pops by Sebastian's Ice Cream deliver fresh, bold and clean fruity flavors for a cool break from the summer heat while soothing the palate with its all-natural goodness. Sebastian's Ice Cream takes the extra and tedious step to delicately layer the frozen creations so you can enjoy distinct notes and experience the unique complexities and depth of flavor from each fruit. The vibrant colors are also a visual cue to the range of fresh flavors from each Fruitsicle, teasing the eyes before the palate. 

Drawing inspiration from the local neighborhood sorbetero's nostalgic yellow-orange ice pop from the eighties, the Three-In-One (P 75/piece) is Sebastian's Ice Cream's modern take doing one better with three flavorful fruits on a stick for a tri-colored treat. The fruity blend includes mango on top, orange in the middle and strawberry at the bottom. 

Each colorful layer has its own distinct fruity sweetness enjoyed from the top down to the bottom. Or you can simply run through all three flavors at once with one long lick coming together in a rich and seamless blend. Mango, orange and strawberry, it's the flavors of summer on a stick. 

But Sebastian's Ice Cream isn't done just yet, with even more playfully inventive flavor combos from the new line of Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops...

The Citrus Carnivale (P 75/piece) with calamansi, dalandan, lemon and orange is an east-west fusion of local and imported citrus combining for a bold burst of fresh and vibrant notes. The sharp yet light sweetness of the citrus blend cools your palate with its refreshing notes that's perfect for the last days of summer and beyond. 

It's no secret that Sebastian's Ice Cream has a sweet spot for berries. This fondness for berries takes the spotlight once more with the Berrylicious (P 85/piece) with its indulgent mix of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry on a stick.

The deep and rich notes of real strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries elevates the popsicle experience. Even when Sebastian's Ice Cream goes back to basics, the simple popsicle still becomes a luxurious treat with the use real and all-natural fruits. The Berrylicious isn't your usual popsicle, layered with four unique flavors for a quadruple burst of fresh berry flavors. 

Simple, uncluttered with pure and fresh flavors, Sebastian's Ice Cream has another winner that's dairy-free and vegan-friendly with the new Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops. It's a light and refreshing option to beat the heat anytime of year. 

Three-In-One, Citrus Carnivale and Berrylicious, the new Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops is one more lavish creation in the growing portfolio of innovative, playful and inventive frozen treats from Sebastian's Ice Cream. Summer or not, you'll want a couple of these indulgent ice pops stashed in your freezer. Just hit the links below and order online for pick-up or delivery. 

The new Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops by Sebastian's Ice Cream is available at https://sebastiansicecream.com/ for online orders, pick-up and delivery. You can also visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/Sebastiansicecream/ for more updates and view the entire range of frozen offerings.

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