Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Real Deal: All-Natural Sausages and Hotdogs by Healthy Hogs

Real ingredients, real flavors. Juicy and savory sausages with a fresh snap made from all-natural pork, that's more than enough reason to fire up the grill or bring out the trusty pan...

No artificial colors and flavors. No nitrates. No extenders. No artificial additives. No MSG. Gluten-free. Just 100% all-natural pork, fresh herbs and spices. Now that's the kind of hot links that will make anyone's day. Healthy Hogs changes the game with its range of sausages and hotdogs made with real pork for real flavors. It's time to get real with sausages and hotdogs by Healthy Hogs...

Sausages and hotdogs are a common and essential staple in any home pantry for a tasty snack or meal easily prepared in minutes. With so many brands in an established and competitive market, a new entry makes the case for sausages and hotdogs with a unique difference. Healthy Hogs keeps it simple and real with their line of all-natural sausages and hotdogs using real pork for real flavors. With no additives or extenders and absolutely nothing artificial, it's as real as it gets. It's a refreshing alternative to the commercially produced links available in the market, delivering pure and real flavors with each bite. And this is one gem of a find. Fire up the grill and experience the real deal with sausages and hotdogs by Healthy Hogs and taste the difference.    

Heathy Hogs offers a variety of sausages and hotdogs, here are some of my picks. The Hungarian Sausage by Healthy Hogs are the best way to get acquainted with their wide range of all-natural offerings. The large all-natural pork links deliver all the flavors from the very first bite. Best to boil the Hungarian Sausage first, and when the water runs out let it gently sear on the pan or grill for that delicately charred finish.

Each slice and bite is announced by an audible snap followed by the juicy notes of the all-natural pork with its blend of spices and seasonings. The sharp hints of spices tempers the savory richness of the links, draping the palate with full-on and deep flavors you won't find from the usual commercial variety filled with artificial additives and extenders. There's a rich flavorful depth that can only come from all-natural ingredients and the Hungarian Sausage by Healthy Hogs packs a solid savory punch.

The Garlic Hotdog by Healthy Hogs combines the deep, nutty hints of garlic with all-natural pork for another tasty option in each seamless and flavor-filled bite. Unlike the familiar commercial variety, the Garlic Hotdogs by Healthy Hogs isn't predominantly salty. Instead, one can enjoy smoother and more refined flavors with a garlicky finish and cleaner, meatier notes. 

The flavors of the pork come through without being muddled by excessive salty notes from the preservatives. Just fresh, clean and uncluttered flavors. It's an upgrade from the hotdogs we all grew up with, and the difference becomes evident immediately with that first bite with a snap.

Meatier, firmer with richer flavors, the Vienna Sausage Links by Healthy Hogs levels up the usual canned variety with bolder and more savory notes. These sausages deliver a more pronounced meaty profile and bite for a real Vienna Sausage experience.

The blend of spices add layers of flavor for another tasty pick from Healthy Hogs. And it's the densely packed pork filling that differentiates it from the usual Vienna Sausage with its bland and overly processed filling that we're used to, delivering richer and deeper flavors. Each link is also noticeably heavier than the canned variety. And that's because real and all-natural pork is used for each savory link. 

The Spicy Garlic by Healthy Hogs is my personal pick for its vibrant blend of flavors from the pork and garlic finished with a soothing layer of heat for a seamless and balanced finish.  A dab of spicy mustard and an ice-cold beer completes it for me. Made from all-natural ingredients, you can enjoy real flavors with Healthy Hogs at home or anywhere.

Breakfast, a light snack or a savory meal, Healthy Hogs offers a variety of tasty options with their all-natural line of specialty sausages and hotdogs. All-natural pork, you just can't beat that. 

You can enjoy the all-natural sausages and hotdogs from Healthy Hogs as is or use it as an ingredient for savory recipes including pasta, tacos and stews (be sure to check their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/HealthyHogsPH/ for recipe suggestions). 

After the long days of the quarantine experience, you just can't wait to go back to real flavors. When you're craving sausages and hotdogs, get real with the all-natural offerings from Healthy Hogs. How to order? Simply hit the links below and send a quick message to discover the real deal with just a few quick and easy taps on your mobile device...

For more on Healthy Hogs, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/HealthyHogsPH/ and IG Feed at https://www.instagram.com/healthyhogsph/ for updates.

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