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Tea Time with Tea-rrific Tandems by Steuarts Tea for World Tea Day

In recognition of the storied history and deep cultural and economic significance of tea around the world, the United Nations proclaimed May 21 as World Tea Day to celebrate the enduring and timeless beverage. Tea is, after all, the second most used drink in the world after water. Now that's reason enough to celebrate with a soothing cup of tea. You can even make it more special with the Tea-rrific Tandems of Steuarts Tea Philippines... 

Steuarts Tea Philippines is brewing something cool and special for World Tea Day with the launch of the Tea-rrific Tandems campaign, a unique collaboration with local food and beverage establishments showcasing the versatility of tea. Enjoy the world's beloved beverage with traditional brewed tea or take it for an inventive spin with milk teas and as a flavoring ingredient to indulgent pastries. Read on for the detailed lowdown on Tea-rrific Tandems by Steuarts Tea Philippines...  

Since its founding in 1835, George Steuart & Company remains one of the world's foremost exporters of Ceylon Tea with an extensive portfolio of tea-based products. The enduring company has played a major role in the development of Sri Lanka's tea industry emerging as the third largest tea exporter in the world accounting for one fourth of the country's total exports. Tradition runs deep, down to the tedious process of harvesting tea plucked by hand to ensure only the very best buds and tender leaves are used for the final product. 

George Steuarts Philippines was incorporated in 1989 driven by the vision of promoting good health and physical well-being to Filipino consumers by offering high quality, pure, and all natural Ceyon tea products at reasonable prices. Steeped in tradition while boldly facing the challenges of the future, George Steuarts Philippines is committed to serve the best quality tea, service and experience to their customers and partners. 

To celebrate World Tea Day, George Steuarts Philippines rolls out an innovative concept in collaboration with 11.11 Philippines, The Fatted Calf, Prologue PH and Dough & Grocer with the Tea-rrific Tandems campaign highlighting the versatility of tea. The campaign features free unlimited tea, discounts on pastries and buy 1, get 1 offers to enhance your tea experience beginning May 21.

Tea-rrific Tandem 1: 11.11 Philippines x Steuarts Tea

Take a closer look at the intriguing logo of 11:11 Philippines and you'll soon connect it to their specialty milk teas. The 1's represent the straws while the colon symbolizes the boba moving up the straw with each refreshing sip. The proudly homegrown brand now has six branches located in Eastwood, Maginhawa, Don Antonio, Baguio, Las Piñas and Wilson. Clearly, they're doing something right as they aim for global expansion with their very first branch in Yunnan, China.  

11:11 Philippines offers a wide variety of beverages from the Cheesy + series using the finest cheese with tea, Pulpy + with fresh fruits, Whipee + topped with their very own sea salt whipee (and no, it isn't whipped cream), Milk Tea, Panna Cotta based beverages, freshly squeezed fruit juices, seasonal selections, coffee, Milk + beverages made with all-natural fresh milk, Fruity + with fresh fruit juice instead of milk and Nutri + with healthy and low-calorie beverages (for more on 11:11 Philippines, visit their FB Page at  

Loyal fans of the popular homegrown brand now have more reasons to celebrate. Steuarts Tea and 11:11 collaborate for an epic World Tea Day celebration granting every milk tea lovers' wish and that's a value-added Buy One, Get One deal that's just hard to pass up. If you love your milk tea. this one's for you. How? All it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device.

Simply follow the tandem's Instagram accounts at and @11.11philippines. Easy, right? Then show it to any of the participating 11:11 branches, that's Eastwood, Don Antonio, Maginhawa, Wilson, Las Piñas and Baguio and you get your free milk tea. It's as simple as that.

Walk in the 11:11 branch nearest you and walk out with two refreshing beverages in hand. That's the way you celebrate World Tea Day with 11:11 and Steuarts Tea

The Buy One, Get One offer from 11:11 will be available only for eleven days, May 21 to May 31, so plan your visit and your next return visit accordingly. Eleven days of Buy One, Get One at 11;11, just choose your date and enjoy.

While at 11:11, you may want to check out their Root Crops Chips to pair with your milk tea beverage...

...and complete the experience. I sampled three variants, the Cheesy Jalapeño, Truffle and Honey Butter and each one just hits the spot guaranteed to satisfy even the most serious case of the munchies. And once you start, well, you know the rest. 

Tea-rrific Tandem 2: The Fatted Calf x Steuarts Tea

When the summer heat gets to you, why not take a long and leisurely drive down south to cool down and enjoy a sumptuous feast at Chef's Jayjay and Rhea Castro Sycip's celebrated restaurant, The Fatted Calf? Located in the idyllic upland of Silang less than a kilometer away from Tagaytay, The Fatted Calf offers hearty breakfasts like waffles, baked eggs and tartine to garden fresh salads and comforting savory dishes including Osso Buco, Beef Pares Bowl and Whole Roasted Leg of Lamb making it a must-try dining destination down south (for more on The Fatted Calf, see my previous post, Serendipitous Journeys: Feast and Celebrate at The Fatted Calf Farmhouse Kitchen).

Both former hotel professionals, Chef Jayjay and Rhea Castro Sycip bring their own take on elegant cuisine with a rustic farmhouse vibe down south with their masterful execution using the finest and freshest local ingredients at The Fatted Calf. Each dish at The Fatted Calf draws inspiration from memorable childhood favorites to countless travel experiences for an extensive menu of timeless classics recreated with a modern spin (for more information on The Fatted Calf, visit their FB Page at And for World Tea Day, a cool summer treat awaits diners at The Fatted Calf...

The Fatted Calf and Steuarts Tea celebrate World Tea Day with Unlimited Steuarts Premium Black Tea with Negros Muscuvado and Calamansi infused with fresh tarragon leaves for Free with a minimum spend of P 500. Now that's a cool summer treat best paired with the comforting dishes at The Fatted Calf. But better book a table, the promotion is valid for May 21 only. Just make the reservations and take the family for a relaxing drive down south or meet up with friends over a sumptuous meal paired with refreshing Steuarts Premium Black Tea at The Fatted Calf this weekend. Now that sounds like a plan.

While at The Fatted Calf, don't forget to cap your meal with the indulgent cake creations from Flour Pot Manila by Chef Rhea Castro Sycip for that perfect sweet ending best paired with a cup of soothing tea.

Known for her lavish Rum and Naked cakes, Chef Rhea's inventive creative style was recently showcased with her Earl Grey, Orange and Chocolate Tea Cake for Mother's Day (see more on my post, A Cup of Tea and a Slice of Cake: The Indulgent Earl Grey, Orange and Chocolate Tea Cake by Flour Pot Manila for Mother's Day). Like what you see? Make your plans for the weekend and celebrate World Tea Day with Steuarts Tea at The Fatted Calf.

Tea-rrific Tandem 3: Prologue PH x Steuarts Tea

A free cup of tea makes dining so much more special at Prologue PH as it celebrates World Tea Day with Steuarts Tea. Enjoy a free cup of tea with a minimum spend of P 700 in Prologue Quezon City and if that's way up north, catch the cool deal at Prologue Greenhills so you won't miss out on the treat. And here's an even better deal. Get free unlimited tea when you order galettes and crepes at Prologue Greenhills (for more on Prologue PH, visit their FB Page at But better hurry. This offer is available from May 21 to May 31, so round up the gang for a catch-up get-together at Prologue over a sumptuous meal and a cup of tea. 

Tea-rrific Tandem 4: Dough & Grocer x Steuarts Tea

A specialty food outlet with an extensive range of curated premium restaurant quality products, pantry staples and fresh and frozen goods, Dough & Grocer joins Steuarts Tea in the World Tea Day celebrations with their own line of special baked treats including pastries and cakes infused with Earl Grey. The lavish and creative offerings complement the tea experience in the elegant style of Dough & Grocer (for more information on Dough & Grocer, visit their FB Page at for updates and their website at for the complete product listing and locations). 

Elegantly packed in box, the fresh-baked creations tempts the eyes before the palate. Open the box and bring out the pot of Steuarts Tea...

The collaboration between Deal & Grocer and Steuarts Tea for World Tea Day elevates your tea experience with three elegant pastry creations...

...starting with the Earl Grey Cube, a dense bread with a sweet filling. Simply warm it up in the oven enjoy hearty bites for that perfect tea pairing. Subtle hints of Earl Grey tease the palate, becoming even intense with another bite finished with sip of tea. 

The fragrant aroma of the Earl Grey Pound Cake is just the first in a series of sensory experiences...

...followed by the soft yet dense and moist texture of the creation releasing a subtle sweetness with just a whisper of distinct notes from the Earl Grey for that memorable afternoon tea experience. Go ahead and have yourself another slice with one more cup of tea.

Buttery and flaky, the Earl Grey Echire Croissant completes the trifecta of fresh baked creations from Dough & Grocer for World Tea Day. The flavors from the rich buttery notes and delicately layered texture of the croissant to the sweet glaze and mild hints of Earl Grey come together in a seamless blend with each bite.

You can order these special World Tea Day treats from Dough & Grocer in their Scout Gandia and Capitol Commons locations or go online at for delivery. And here's even more good news. Simply add these tea-inspired pastries and enjoy a cool 10% Discount when you use the code TEARRIFICTANDEM online. Bring out your mobile device and start tapping, the discount offer is valid only from May 21 to May 31.

The versatility of tea, elegantly expressed in a variety of executions. Four Tea-rrific Tandems from Steuarts Tea with 11.11 Philippines, The Fatted Calf, Prologue PH and Dough & Grocer for World Tea Day, and it all starts this coming May 21. There's just no better way to celebrate the world's beloved beverage than with a soothing cup and exclusive treats with the Tea-rric Tandems of Steuarts Tea and partner establishments. Join in on the festivities and celebrate tea in a special way with a soothing sip and tasty bite...

For more information on Steuarts Tea Philippines and the Tea-rrific Tandems promotion, visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at for updates. You can also visit their website at for more information.

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