Thursday, May 5, 2022

Meet Pau-Pau, Your Reliable Foodie Friend and Bestie You Need This Year and Beyond

Look beyond the bright colors and furry coat and Pau-Pau may be your best foodie friend yet...

Gelliemae Obena chilling with Pau-Pau

It's easy to spot him. Hovering high above in a hot air balloon or taking flight with flower turned wings, the cool ambassador of foodpanda always makes an impression. That's Pau-Pau, in case you're wondering who the adorable pink panda from a magical foodie land is and probably seen all throughout the metro with ubiquitous signages in malls and on lamp posts and taxi cabs everywhere. And soon, you'll find out why Pau-Pau is the trusty old bestie you wish you had and met earlier. In fact, here's five good reasons why Pau-Pau can be your best foodie buddy, read and to find out more...

Christelle Concepcion living it up with Pau-Pau

He Understands the Struggle

How many times have you experienced coming home after a long day only to find out there's nothing in the fridge to match your tummy's craving? Sounds familiar, right? Pau-Pau totally gets this. And that's why he's become the friend we all know now, ensuring everyone's faves are accessible and readily available. 

He Cares About the Environment and its Safety

A charmer and a rebel, Pau-Pau can easily transform any gloomy flower bloom with his quirky antics or facing adventures head-on just when you need to spark things up. You can always stick to the old reliable favorite dishes, or try something totally new. Pau-Pau offers both options whenever you feel like it, just like a good friend who knows you inside and out.

He is the Embodiment of #YOLO

Pau-Pau's adventures have taken him to magical lands far away, giving him volumes of stories to share as well as some invaluable lessons and experiences. And a whole lot of wisdom too. His two cents on living? Live true according to your own terms and embrace your individuality. That makes a whole lot of sense, just the kind of advise you can expect from your best buddy. 

Express yourself through these cool Pau-Pau stickers on WhatsApp and Telegram and share his adorable cuteness and good vibes to your friends and loved ones by simply using his gifs on Viber.

Kyle Vergara having a drink with Pau-Pau

He is Reliable

Like a true friend, Pau-Pau will always be there for you just like that song that pops into your head when you need it. After all, Pau-Pau's got this, so just chill and relax when the going gets tough. Stuck with a last minute gift emergency? Or maybe lunch on an incredibly hectic day? No worries. Pau-Pau will make sure you get what you need with a few quick taps on your mobile device.

He Makes for the Perfect Food Trip Companion

Pau-Pau understands food, that's his love language. And he's willing to go that extra mile so you can enjoy your absolute must-have munchies and cravings. He's been to faraway lands where gigantic fruits grow and slept on pizza trees, so it's no surprise he knows where the best deals are for you to enjoy all your cravings without missing a beat.

Now that's a real foodie friend and a buddy for life, don't you think? Now it's your turn. It's time for you to meet Pau-Pau for your own foodie adventures. How? Simply download the foodpanda app now to meet your adorable bestie and begin your memorable foodie journey. And send him my regards and thanks for being one cool and incredible foodie friend. Now I'm getting hungry. Getting in touch with Pau-Pau right now...

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