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Flavors of Swissotel Clark: Market Day at MARKT

Now with ten dining outlets, it will take more than a day to experience all the restaurants at the newest and luxurious hotel property up north. Spend the night and discover some tasty finds. Here's the second of five posts on the flavors of Swissotel Clark...

After the exclusive preview of Ristorante di Verona, the tenth and newest dining outlet in Swissotel Clark (see more on my previous post, Flavors of Swissotel Clark: Infusing Fun to Italian Fine Dining at Ristorante di Verona, the Tenth and Latest Dining Outlet in Swissotel Clark), it was time to discover and experience the other amenities and dining options of the luxurious hotel property in the Clark Freeport Zone. Read on for a virtual tour and taste of Swissotel Clark...

Since its soft opening in March, Swissotel Clark is well on its way to being one of the shining beacons of hospitality in the booming Clark Freeport Zone. The newest hotel property boasts of 372 rooms and suites plus ten dining outlets offering a variety of international cuisines to suit every mood or craving. Situated within the expansive Hann Casino Complex, Swissotel Clark is your one-stop destination for dining, entertainment and a leisurely get-away in Central Luzon. 

Inside, the outdoors are transplanted in The Atrium with lush and verdant greens throughout the elegant space. Natural skylight drapes the space as it welcomes you to the world famous brand of hospitality from Swissotel. #SwissHospitality and #SwissTastes await at Swissotel Clark

The relaxed vibe at The Atrium is your sanctuary where you can enjoy vitality-infused drinks or a freshly brewed cup of coffee in an open tropical-inspired lobby lounge.  

Take a seat by the bar and enjoy a soothing G&T with over forty artisan gin and tonic brands in its collection making it one of the largest in the country. That alone deserves a toast (see more on my post, Flavors of Swissotel: Meet Me at The Atrium for Refreshing G&Ts). Where to find the best vantage point for the sunset? Head up to Swiss Tropic Pool Bar (see more on my post, Flavors of Swissotel Clark: Chillin' at Swiss Tropic Pool Bar). 

From the elevator, warm muted tones lead you to your home away from home in the Clark Freeport Zone... 

Comfort and a functional modern Swiss aesthetic combine with the very latest in guestroom automation technology for a memorable stay at Swissotel Clark.

Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows allows you to enjoy distant mountain views or the fast evolving cityscape of the Clark Freeport Zone best enjoyed with a refreshing cup of coffee from your very own Nespresso Machine. The subdued elegance is consistent with the Swiss style highlighted by its light wood tones and warm color palette all the way to the elegant marble bathrooms with well-appointed fittings.

The room's TV set-up is your link to a variety of services from Swissotel including a menu for in-room dining. Matched with complimentary high-speed internet, you're always connected with the outside world if choose it. A posturepedic mattress and quality linens guarantee a good night's sleep. Modern, functional yet warm and cozy, a night at Swissotel Clark becomes a much needed break from the city.

A bowl of fresh fruits is a sign of even better things yet to come at Swissotel Clark. It's the little touches like this that make your stay at Swissotel Clark special.

Refreshed from the long drive, head down the Fifth Floor and enjoy the infinity pool with mountain ranges as your backdrop...  

...while resisting the urge to dive right in. But it's time for lunch.

Swissotel Clark's all-day dining restaurant, MARKT, offers a tempting variety of international cuisines from its themed stations. It's also the perfect start to get acquainted with the Swissotel brand of dining and service. 

The spacious interiors replicates the wide open marketplaces of Europe reflecting the Swiss heritage of the Swissotel brand. Designed with an open plan, plaza-style concept, MARKT brings a casual and even nostalgic vibe with striped awnings and chalkboards in the style of European storefronts. A stained glass ceiling casts a colorful glow lighting the way as you go from one themed station to another. Make a stop at Orchard for their simple and health-conscious fare using the very best local produce. At the Grill, indulge in Asian and Western style barbecues grilled a la minute as you order. Then, there's the Pizzeria and Pastry with their own selection of all-time classics.  

Pick a table and begin your culinary journey at Swissotel Clark's all-day dining restaurant at MARKT...

Before you head out to the different stations, note that both lunch and dinner at MARKT is strictly a la carte. But breakfast at MARKT is offered with the more familiar buffet format. But first, a soothing beverage. Quench your thirst with freshly squeezed fruit juices... the refreshing Watermelon Juice (P 250) with its all-natural sweetness. Other options include staples like Orange, Mango and Calamansi or check what's available or in season at the display. 

The impressive Salad Station can whip up your favorite bowl, just pick your fresh harvest and your bowl will be served to your table. You can also order specialty salads as well. 

The Nutty Waldorf Salad (P 360) with red and green apples, walnuts and raisins in a creamy dressing with crisp greens opens up the palate with its clean and fresh notes. The fresh and tart sweetness of the apples are complemented by the walnuts and raisins with the creamy dressing delivering the perfect finishing touch. It's the perfect start to a sumptuous feast at Swissotel Clark. Other salads include the Panzanella, Caprese, Schwabischer Kartofellsalat or German Potato Salad, Nicoise Salad, Roasted Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Ensalada Mixta and Classic Caesars Salad

And there's so much more to discover at MARKT...

A soothing bowl of soup becomes the second course at MARKT, and the Cream of Carrot and Ginger (P 370) with the sweetness of carrots and distinct aromatic notes of ginger combine for a soothing blend warming the palate. Other options include the Cream of Mushroom, Kartofellsuppe or Potato Soup, Cream of Broccoli with Cheddar and Bacon, Stobhach Gaelach or Irish Beef Stew, Cacciucco or Tuscan Seafood Stew, Goulash and Minestrone with Pesto.    

At the Pasta Station, enjoy comforting dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese (P 350) prepared as you order with fresh-baked bread. Other pasta options include the Fettuccine Carbonara, Spaghetti Aglio Olio Pepperoncino and Penne Putanesca

Or why not create your own pasta? Simply pick your pasta (Spaghetti, Fusilli, Penne, Farfalle or Fettuccine), your sauce (Tomato, Bechamel, Bolognese, Pesto, Aglio Olio Pepperoncino or Seafood Marinara) and your topping (Chicken, Boiled Shrimps, Bacon, Ham, Anchovies, Parmesan Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Sliced Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Parsley, Basil or Chili Flakes).

Since you're staying at Swissotel Clark, why not try some traditional Swiss staples like potatoes and sausages? The Rosti Potatoes with Cervelat Sausage (P 400) is classic Swiss, considered by many as Switzerland's national dish. Almost similar to the more familiar hash browns, the traditional rosti is made from coarsely grated potatoes, shaped and pan-fried or baked in the oven. At MARKT, the rosti is delicately crisp and thin and not soggy. The Cervelat Sausage is the perfect pairing with the crisp potatoes. You can also order one topped with egg. 

It's always good to try something new, and you'll find a whole lot of tasty new discoveries at Swissotel Clark. Other specialties from the Fry Station include Rinder-Schnitzel or deep-fried pounded beef, Hanchen Schnitzel or deep-fried breaded chicken cutlet, Schweine Schnitzel or deep-fried breaded pork cutlet, Fish and Chips, Falafel, Fritto Misto or assorted deep-fried seafood with tartar sauce, Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Cheese Fries, Truffle Potatoes, Rosti Potatoes with Fried Egg, Kartoffelpuffer, Rosti Potatoes, Patatas Bravas, Croquetas de Setas and Croquetas de Pollo

Fresh off the grill, the Grilled Salmon (P 999) is a light and healthy option for lunch or dinner... 

...or go for more deep-fried goodness like the Croquetas de Jamon (P 400) with ham and cheese...

...and Arancini (P 400) or deep-fried rice balls with Beef Ragu, Mozzarella and peas. 

The Grill is probably the most popular station at MARKT, and it's easy to see why. Behind the glass panels, the sight of steaks on the grill just sets your appetite on overdrive. 

There's just nothing quite like slabs of premium beef on the grill, and at MARKT, the grills are constantly fired up with orders. 

The New York Angus Ribeye (P 1,900/300g) is a good choice at MARKT...

...but if you prefer your steak with seafood, the Surf and Turf (P 850) with grilled tenderloin and garlic butter prawns is the one for you. Grilled to your preference, the steaks arrive at your table at its flavorful peak. 

Other specialties from the Grill include the New York Angus Striploin (P 1,150), Slow-Cooked Beef Short Ribs Bone-In (P 640), Chicken Peri-Peri, Sous Vide Rosemary Pork Chop, Grilled Barramundi with Lemon Butter Sauce, Tuna with Kalamata and Tomato Salsa, Italian Sausage, Bratwurst and Cervelat Sausages.

For dessert, how about some Gelato (P 130/scoop)? Swissotel Clark takes pride in their silky smooth gelato creations, and a scoop to end your feast on a high note at MARKT is pretty much mandatory to complete your experience. 

Strawberry Gelato topped with white chocolate chips...

...the timeless Stracciatella with chocolate sprinkles...

...or the Blueberry Gelato with blueberry compote, take your pick. With the a la carte format, there's a lot more order and less of the usual buffet chaos at MARKT which makes your dining experience less stressful. The variety of options also make MARKT your perfect first stop at Swissotel Clark.

At The AtriumOma's Dessert Bar is the spot for afternoon coffee, bubble teas and indulgent milkshakes...

...pairing well with their decadent selection of desserts. If you're bringing the kids, why not treat them to an afternoon spectacle of indulgence with the Teppanyaki Ice Cream prepared live with all the flair and showmanship for a memorable experience? Oma's Dessert Bar also takes you back to countless childhood summers with nostalgic treats for all the kids at heart.   

You can even bring the Swissotel Clark experience home...

...with a lavish selection of dessert creations from Oma's Dessert Bar for a well-deserved reward to yourself or as gifts to friends and family. 

Not to be missed at Swissotel Clark is the iconic Swiss Chocolate Cake, and one of Swissotel's signature dishes served in their properties around the world. The centuries old recipe is faithfully recreated for guests at Swissotel, following the same and exact recipe to this day. Made with no flour, the Swiss Chocolate Cake is sinfully smooth and luscious using premium chocolate. And the Swiss know their chocolate. You can order a whole cake at Oma's Dessert Bar or enjoy a slice in your room via the in-room service.  

In the evening, you can settle comfortably in your room with a satisfying meal. Just turn on the TV and click on the in-room dining menu like the Prawn Sinigang with large succulent prawns in a tart broth simmered with vegetables. After a meal like this, a good night's sleep becomes automatic. 

If you prefer Asian flavors like noods and dim sum and more in a casual setting, you can always visit Spice Street Eats (see more on my next post at Flavors of Swissotel Clark: A World of Asian Flavors at Spice Street Eats). 

Early the next day, enjoy the scenic views with a freshly brewed cup of coffee from your own Nespresso machine in the room. It's a new day for more flavorful adventures... MARKT for a buffet breakfast. Ready?

Load up on Sausages and Bacon...

...paired with Hash Browns for a hearty start to your day at Swissotel Clark.

You can also have your Omelet prepared just the way you like it...

...and served to your table.

From cereals... fresh baked bread, the breakfast selection at MARKT will set you on the right track for the perfect start.

Eggs Benedict and Scotch Eggs for breakfast? Why not.

Got room for Cold Cuts and Cheese? Go right ahead. 

French Toast, Waffles and Pancakes too. 

Though the selection is predominantly western, you'll find Sushi and Rolls at MARKT to satisfy your Asian cravings... pick up another plate. 

For me, another round of sausages completes my breakfast at MARKT. Though some may find the lack of local fare at MARKT quite disappointing, I enjoyed the skew on the Western style breakfast selection. After all, you're on vacation and it's about time to try something new and different.  

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, MARKT is the perfect place to sample the signature #SwissHospitality and #SwissTastes at Swissotel Clark. Stay the night enjoy MARKT all day...

Swissotel Clark is located at Lot 2A, Lot 2B, Lot 2E1, Manuel A. Roxas Highway corner Claro M. Recto Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga or call +63 45 306 2000 for inquiries. You can also visit their website at and FB Page at for updates. 

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