Saturday, June 4, 2022

#HonestlyGoodFriedChicken Exclusive from foodpanda: Change Up Your Fried Chicken Game with Jackson's Fried Chicken

 Everyone loves fried chicken. And when there's a fresher and bolder take on the classic, count me in...

The popular and ubiquitous all-time favorite is just about everywhere, no longer limited nor confined to fast food chains. Countless options abound, with more waiting to be discovered. And here's one of them. No secret herbs or spices. No confidential buttermilk recipes. Not born in Louisiana or Kentucky. Just honestly good fried chicken. Jackson's Fried Chicken takes their simple, straightforward and honest tagline to heart with their own take on bold flavors, thick thighs and extensive dipping options to suit various palates, moods or cravings. The brand continues to elevate the fried chicken game by actively and continuously improving the customer experience with added variety to their latest menu update, which launched exclusively on foodpanda last April 2022. 

Like the tempting Chicken Burger with Spiced Fries and Drink (P 259) for a complete and loaded meal. Crisp and juicy with full of flavor, it's just one of many tempting new items to try from Jackson's Fried Chicken. Curious? Take a closer peek at Jackson's Fried Chicken...

It's always good idea to try a variety of products from exciting new brands like Jackson's Fried Chicken to discover the range of flavors, and the Garlic Noodles (P 129) with its mildly sweet and savory notes is a comforting option to start your experience. Soft yet firm noodles with rich garlic hints, the Garlic Noodles opens up the palate for the other specialties of Jackson's Fried Chicken... the Popcorn Chicken (P 149), crisp and juicy chicken bites that will have you going for another piece. The crisp breading over juicy chicken delivers a delectable textural contrast with each bite, recreating both the flavors and mouthfeel of their specialty fried chicken.   

The Original Chicken Tenders (P 149) offers vibrant flavors from the crisp breaded chicken fingers starting with a delectable crunch. Deep-fried to a golden crispness, each savory bite delivers a flavorful and comforting burst of fried chicken goodness. And once you start, well you know the rest.

If you're looking for some soothing heat, the Jackson's Spicy Chicken Cheese Burger (P 179) with cheese, garlic aioli and lettuce is the one for you. The subtle heat from the spice blend lingers on the palate, mellowed by the cheese and garlic aioli for that perfect balance of flavors. The crisp coated fried chicken is the star of the show, delivering both flavor and crunch. Now's your chance to join the #JacksonsPH love train, and you'll find it exclusively at foodpanda.

The new menu additions complement the signature bestsellers of Jackson's Fried Chicken and when the craving for honestly good fried chicken strikes just pull out your mobile device and order via the foodpanda app. 

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