Thursday, June 9, 2022

#AllDadsAtMax: For Dad, Nothing Less Than A Splendid Feast From Max's Restaurant

Father's Day is fast approaching and if you still haven't made any plans, just leave it to Max's Restaurant to deliver a sumptuous feast for Dad's special day...

Famous for its enduring specialty Sarap-to-the-Bones® Fried Chicken, the iconic Filipino restaurant chain Max's Restaurant celebrates every kind of Dad with a lavish and special feast this month of June. And what better way for families to show love and gratitude to dads everywhere for being a constant source of inspiration, strength and pride than a hearty feast in his honor, conveniently delivered to your doorstep? Dine-in, take-out or delivery, celebrate Dad's special day with the Father's Day Bundle for only P 2,349 good for a family of four to five and save as much as P 383. Ready to celebrate Father's Day? Then read on... 

For over 77 years, Max's Restaurant has been weaving memorable stories built around its famous fried chicken and comforting Filipino dishes continuing a family's culinary legacy and tradition since 1945. It's been part of countless family celebrations, strengthening bonds over a sumptuous feast (for more on Max's Restaurant, see my previous posts, After 71 Years and Counting, Still Sarap to the Bones at Max's Restaurant... from 2016, Every Day to the Max with Max's New Adobo Ribs and Beef Salpicao on their featured offerings, Afternoons at Max's... from 2019, #MaxsGetTogether: This National Fried Chicken Weekend, Get Together and Unlock Exciting Offers from Max's Restaurant from three years ago, Four for a Feast with the Max's Fried Chicken and Soup Bundle from 2019, Max Up Your Meal with the Max's Fried Chicken Holiday Classic Deluxe Bundle from 2020, An All-Filipino Feast Delivered by Max's, Just Call 888 79000 from 2021, Max's Chicken: Delivering Memories For The Last 76 Years from last year, Max's Restaurant Aims for a Bigger Slice of the Pie with the New Buko Pandan and Caramel Pocket Pies by Max's Corner Bakery on their growing menu of specialty offerings and Get Ready to Welcome Summer with the Old School Classic Pinoy Desserts from Max's Restaurant from early this year). Now, it's Dad's turn. This year, Max's Restaurant focuses on dads everywhere with the Father's Day Bundle...  

...a festive feast Dads will enjoy along with the family. The Father's Day Bundle from Max's Restaurant includes the specialty Regular Whole Fried Chicken, Lechon Kawali Kare-Kare, Tinapa Shanghai Rolls, Gising-Gising, Tamarind Chicken Skin, Sizzling Corn Sisig, Large Plain Rice and a Choco Dulce Delight Mini Cake by Max's Corner Bakery. Let's take a closer look and a bigger bite at each of the dishes, shall we?

Inspired by the creamy vegetable stew from the north, the Gising-Gising by Max's Restaurant with string beans, fresh chili and fermented shrimp paste slathered in coconut cream brings both a soothing heat with each bite mellowed by the creamy coconut. The snap and crunch of the fresh strings beans delivers a delectable crispness for texture followed by a sweet, rich and lingering mild spice that's perfect when paired with steamed white rice.  

The Tinapa Shanghai Rolls are crisp deep-fried spring rolls filled with local smoked fish bursting with fresh flavors and subtle smoky hints with each bite. The local tinapa adds distinct notes to the spring rolls for a refreshingly different flavor experience.

Now for some serious crunch. The crunchy and crisp Tamarind Chicken Skin is a tasty number with the sweet and tart hints of tamarind to cut through the unctuous richness of crunchy chicken skin for contrasting yet balanced finish. A dab in vinegar brings out even more flavor with each bite. This has to be one of the best creations yet straight out of the kitchens of Max's Restaurant

The Sizzling Corn Chicken is the perfect side to the savory mains of the Father's Day Bundle from Max's Restaurant. The sweetness of the corn punches through delivering fresh and clean flavors followed by the richly seasoned and buttery sauce. 

For the mains, the Lechon Kawali Kare-Kare is an inspired take on the local staple with slabs of crunchy pork belly draped in a thick peanut sauce gently simmered with a medley vegetables adding layers of sweetness. The pork belly adds a savory richness to the dish, perfectly complemented by the peanut-based sauce. From the pork belly to the vegetables down to the sauce, the Lechon Kawali Kare-Kare is a winner adding a comforting yet festive vibe to any Father's Day celebration. This one calls for extra rice. 

Completing the Father's Day Bundle from Max's Restaurant is the classic and timeless all-time bestseller, the Sarap-to-the-Bones Regular Whole Fried Chicken. Tender and juicy chicken with a lightly crisp outer layer, the signature Fried Chicken by Max's Restaurant still rocks. After all these years, nobody does fried chicken like Max's Restaurant. 

To sweeten the deal for that perfect and indulgent ending, the Father's Day Bundle includes the decadent Choco Dulce Delight Mini Cake by Max's Corner Bakery. A moist chocolate cake filled with rich dulce de leche and frosted in luscious chocolate fudge icing, the Choco Dulce Delight is topped with a charming mustache-shaped chocolate tile in honor of Dad on his special day. It's a nice touch and a fitting tribute to dads and the perfect sweet ending after a savory and sumptuous feast. 

The Choco Dulce Delight can be purchased separately for only P 499 for dine-in available in Luzon stores except Naga and Palawan. 

The Father's Day Bundle from Max's Restaurant is available for dine-in, take-out and delivery until June 30 for a month-long celebration honoring all the dads out there for a job well done. For a hassle-free feast on Father's Day weekend, order in advance and get a free liter of Sago't Gulaman. Now that's a cool deal that's hard to pass up. Just order from June 1 to 15 for delivery on June 18 and 19 to avail the freebie. It's always good to plan ahead and order early, just hit the links or dial the contact number detailed below for your orders. 

For 77 years and counting, Max's Restaurant continues to be a part of every family's celebration. This Father's Day, max it up with the Father's Day Bundle from Max's Restaurant and honor dad with a memorable and sumptuous feast...

For more information, visit the official Facebook Page at and use the hashtag #AllDadsAtMax.You can also visit or call 888-79000 (Metro Manila).

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