Thursday, June 2, 2022

A Rainbow of Flavors: Sebastian's Ice Cream Presents Pride Pops and the Rainbow Ice Cream Cake for Pride Month

The month of June marks the end of summer as well as the start of a celebration of vibrant colors. Sebastian's Ice Cream has just what you need with that spirited splash of colors...

After the successful roll-out of the Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops (see more on my previous post, Summer Ain't Over Yet: The New Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops by Sebastian's Ice Cream), Sebastian's Ice Cream is back weaving even more colorful flavors with Pride Pops for the month of June to celebrate Pride Month. Rainbow Pride Pop, Bear Pride Pop, Transgender Pride Pop and Rainbow Ice Cream Cake, Sebastian's Ice Cream goes all out for Pride Month with a colorful rainbow of fresh and real flavors adding to a tempting and growing selection of frozen treats. 

Popsicle, ice drop, paleta, ice lolly, ice gola or ice candy, the popular and ubiquitous frozen treat on a stick is loved around the world. History records the first commercial frozen fruit confection on a stick sold as early as 1872 with the Hokey Pokey by Ross and Robbins but credit goes to Frank Epperson for popularizing the frozen ice on a stick concept with a patent in 1923. For Frank Epperson, the origins for his patent happened one winter evening as a child when he left a glass of powdered lemon soda and water with a mixing stick out on a porch. The next day, the concept for a unique frozen concoction came straight out of glass for an idea that stayed with him until he officially patented his childhood discovery. There's always an interesting story behind the food we all love, and Sebastian's Ice Cream spins his own story with the Pride Pops

The popsicle is probably the simplest and purest frozen indulgence with the freshest flavors, and Sebastian's Ice Cream does one better with his intricately layered creations bringing a medley of tempting flavors on a stick. Ian Carandang, the genius behind Sebastian's Ice Cream, has been a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community since 2016 and  continues to express his support by recreating the colorful rainbow stripes of the community's flag with his seasonal line of indulgences. 

His new Pride Month creations also include the equally colorful Rainbow Ice Cream Cake, available in a whole cake or by the slice. These colorful treats offer a refreshing option to beat the heat with that inventive flair that can only come from Sebastian's Ice Cream.

The Pride Pops by Sebastian's Ice Cream is a colorful trifecta of vibrant flavors, delicately layered with different blends to tease the palate. The new Pride Pops are priced at P 95 and available at The Podium branch and online store at

The Rainbow Pride Pop is the one that started it all back in 2016 for Sebastian's Ice Cream. Since then, it's been one of their most sought-after seasonal offerings. One look and it's easy to see why...

The lavish fruit-based ice pop features six layers of colors and flavors for a unique popsicle experience. The aptly named frozen treat offers Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Green Apple, Blueberry and Grape on a stick. You can focus on one layer starting from the top or enjoy all six layers of rainbow flavors in one go. 

Each layer brings distinct fruity notes to the palate, gaining in intensity with each long lick. Enjoying all the layers brings a fruity burst while cooling you down. The use of the freshest ingredients brings real flavors and a fruity sweetness that's light and refreshing. When you can't decide on a flavor, the Rainbow Pride Pop's got you covered.

The rich and deep notes of the Bear Pride Pop takes inspiration from the bear subculture of the LGBTQ+ community with a milk-based frozen creation consisting of Chocolate, Nutella Caramel, Coffee, Vanilla, Black Sesame and Black Cocoa for another lavish ice pop. In contrast with the tart and sweet sharpness of frozen fruits, the Bear Pride Pop offers an indulgent and flavorful depth with its creamy base of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, black sesame and Nutella. The different layers with its own unique notes come together in a seamless and balanced blend. If you enjoy chocolate and coffee, this layered ice pop is a real treat.

The tricolors of the Transgender Pride Pop represents the blue, pink and white colors of the Trans community completed by the subtle tart hints of Yakult blended with fruits for another playfully inventive ice pop creation by Sebastian's Ice Cream. Who knew the popular Japanese probiotic milk beverage would pair well with Blackberries and Strawberries in a frozen ice pop? 

Then again, that's Sebastian's Ice Cream for you. He just never seems to run out of flavorful surprises and combos. Layers of Blackberry Yakult, Strawberry Yakult and Original Yakult not only faithfully recreates the community's flag but delivers a bold fruity punch from the strawberries and blackberries finished by the creamy sweet and sour hints of Yakult. 

For something even more indulgent, the delicately layered and colorful Rainbow Ice Cream Cake (P 1,650 for a 9" cake/P 155 for a slice) by Sebastian's Ice Cream is a fan favorite. Originally introduced last year for Pride celebrations, the Rainbow Ice Cream Cake was often requested by countless customers and may soon be a regular menu item at Sebastian's Ice Cream. And just like the Pride Pops, Sebastian's Ice Cream applied the same colorful theme and aesthetic to the Rainbow Ice Cream Cake with its intricate layers.

Each layer has a different color and flavor, and the Rainbow Ice Cream Cake is fully stacked. Starting from the bottom, Sebastian's Ice Cream lays a base of Ube Cake topped with Blueberry Ice Cream, Avocado Ice Cream, Lemon Cake, Orange Sherbet, Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Cream Ice Cream sprinkled with crunchy milk crumbs crisscrossed by Rainbow White Chocolate with hints of edible gold glitter for a feast for the eyes and palate. Cake, ice cream and sorbet, each slice brings contrasting flavors and textures with each bite bursting with a decadent richness.  

The month of June means something to everyone, and if you've always wanted a rainbow on a stick or a slice of cake then Sebastian's Ice Cream reimagined and created it just for you. The new Pride Pops and Rainbow Ice Cream Cake are available online at Hit the links below and enjoy your indulgent piece of the rainbow only from Sebastian's Ice Cream.

For more information on Sebastian's Ice Cream, visit their website and online store at for orders, pick-up and delivery. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates and view the entire range of frozen offerings.

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