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Tea Time with Steuarts Tea Philippines: Celebrate National Iced Tea Month with Steuarts Tea at Cyma and Souv, Moonleaf Tea Shop, Cheech & Chang HK Roasts and Lotus Gin Room

Have you celebrated National Iced Tea Month yet? Better hurry, you can still catch the celebrations with Steuarts Tea Philippines at Cyma and Souv, Moonleaf Tea Shop and Cheech & Chang HK Roasts and Lotus Gin Room...

Enjoy sweet deals from Steuarts Tea Philippines for National Iced Tea Month this June with a refreshing line-up of cool offers for tea connoisseurs and casual tea lovers alike. Starting June 15, 2022, Steuarts Tea Philippines is rolling out collaborations with Greek concept Cyma and Souv, Moonleaf Tea Shop, Cheech & Chang HK Roasters and Lotus Gin Room for FREE Steuarts Iced Teas. The latest round of promotions follows the successful Tea-rrific Tandems campaign of Steuarts Tea Philippines, with even more tempting offerings for National Iced Tea Month (see my previous post on Tea-rrific Tandems at Tea Time with Tea-rrific Tandems with Steuarts Tea for World Tea Day).

Now that's a cool deal that's hard to pass up. Pairing a soothing iced tea with a classic, tracking down the latest foodie find, or simply enjoying a refreshing iced tea beverage while on the go, nothing beats a thirst-quenching freshly brewed iced tea. Thirsty? Then, read on...  

Steuarts Iced Tea X Cyma & Souv

One of the metro's enduring all-time classics known for its hearty and authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, Cyma celebrates National Iced Tea Month with Steuarts Tea Philippines with Bottomless Iced Tea for every minimum purchase of P 800.   

At Cyma, the Cyma's Ultimate Iced Tea (P 90 Solo/P 160 Bottomless) is the [perfect beverage to pair with the rich flavors of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Steuarts Tea Philippines has been a partner of Cyma for years now, and the Cyma's Ultimate Iced Tea has been voted as one of the best iced teas in the metro. The rich and deep hints of tea followed by the bright notes of lemon and a sweet finish cleanses the palate while quenching your thirst. And you can enjoy bottomless rounds at Cyma and Souv from June 15 to 21, 2022.

No dining experience at Cyma is complete without their specialty salads. The Marouli Salad (P 400 Solo/P 645 Share/P 810 Family) or Greek Spring Salad is a garden-fresh medley of pure and clean flavors with crisp shredded mixed greens, tomatoes, spring onions, dill and crumbled feta drizzled with lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressing. 

The freshness and crispness of the vegetables brings all the flavors, from the tartness of the tomatoes to the bite of the spring onions followed by the bright notes of lemon smoothened by the extra virgin olive oil and creamy feta cheese. The salads at Cyma still rocks after all these years, and the Marouli Salad is one of those timeless dishes that remains top-of-mind at Cyma. And the best beverage to pair with the Greek Spring Salad? Why, it's the Cyma Ultimate Iced Tea of course. 

Next up, something new on the menu for a hearty Greek style feast. The Kreatika Me Rizi Basmati 3-Meat Combo (P 670 Solo/P 1,900 Share/P 2,900 Family) is a loaded platter with saffron scented basmati, grilled vegetables, garlic yogurt and homemade chili sauce topped with Beef Kebab, tender Chicken and savory Lamb. Even the Solo serving is impressive, enough to feed two or one real hungry dude. 

The lamb, chicken and beef kebab combine for a savory combo, pairing well with the saffron scented long-grain basmati for one serious meal. The grilled onions, tomatoes and chili complete the dish. A dab of garlic yogurt on the grilled meats makes you go for another spoonful of basmati...

...while the lingering yet soothing heat of the homemade chili sauce adds even more flavor while making you reach for another bottomless serving of Cyma's Ultimate Iced Tea. It's dishes like this that make the Bottomless Cyma's Ultimate Iced Tea the perfect match. If you prefer a seafood option, the Thalassina Me Rizi Basmati topped with the day's freshest catch should do the trick.  

Cyma's Ultimate Iced Tea and the Kreatika Me Rizi Basmati, now that's a winning pair from the metro's iconic Greek and Mediterranean restaurant and Steuarts Tea Philippines.   

Steuarts Fruit Tea Blends X Moonleaf Tea Shop

Round up your best pals over some refreshing fruit tea blends from Moonleaf Tea Shop and Steuarts Tea Philippines. Buy any two of Moonleaf's Steuarts Tea Fruit Tea Blends, Steuarts Passion Fruit Tea Blend with Nata and Steuarts Lychee Fruit Tea Blend with Nata for only P 160.

The rich notes of the tea add a flavorful depth to the iced beverage combining seamlessly with the natural sweetness of the Lychee and Passion Fruit. It's Iced Tea with a fruity burst of flavors with every sip. But better hurry. The deal runs only from June 17 to 24, 2022.

Steuarts Iced Tea X Cheech & Chang and Lotus Gin Room

Go ahead and satisfy you bao cravings and dine at Cheech & Chang HK Roasts and Lotus Gin Room with a special deal from Steuarts Tea Philippines for National Iced Tea Month. Purchase four baos and enjoy a FREE Steuarts Iced Tea with your order. Now that's another deal you can't pass on. The offer is available from June 24 to 30, 2022 so hurry.

And these baos from Cheech & Chang HK Roasts are seriously good. With prices ranging from P 80 to P 100, order up a couple of baos for a snack or light meal. Or better yet, just order one of each from their menu for four tasty and savory baos and get a free Steuarts Iced Tea.  

Roast Duck, Lechon Kawali, Char Siu and Fried Chicken, each offering its own distinct savory notes. The generous fillings of the pork, duck and chicken variants along with fresh vegetables combine for punchy flavors that will have you going through all four baos in a flash. It's no surprise that Cheech & Chang HK Roasts is included in the Tatler Dining List for 2022

Craving for noods? Cheech & Chang HK Roasts has that covered too. The Uncle V's Beef Brisket Noodle Soup hits all the right notes pairing well with the specialty baos of Cheech & Chang HK Roasts. Noods and baos. That's Cheech & Chang HK Roasts. 

Tea Time made even more special. Celebrate National Iced Tea Month with Steuarts Tea Philippines at Cyma and Souv, Moonleaf Tea Shop and Cheech & Chang HK Roasts and Lotus Gin Room for some awesome deals with your favorite beverage.  

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