Thursday, June 16, 2022

All Set and Ready to Wrap and Roll at Kenny Rogers Roasters

The hectic daily grind is back in a new normal that's here to stay with days packed with back-to-back meetings, appointments, errands and everything in between. Often, the only chance to enjoy a tasty bite is while on the move to the next scheduled task. Times like this, you just need to chill and simply Wrap and Roll...

Kenny Rogers Roasters introduces a healthy and delicious hassle-free meal without the guilt with the new Wrap and Roll for a satisfying hand-held feast on the go. A complete meal in itself, the flat rolled tortilla is lavishly loaded and filled to the brim with your choice of meat and vegetables then drizzled in a delectable dressing delivering fresh, bold and real flavors with every bite. Ready to Wrap and Roll? Then, read on... 

Available in Kenny Rogers Roasters nationwide starting June 15, 2022, the refreshingly satisfying Wrap and Roll is available in three tasty variants to suit your mood or craving including Steak, Chicken and Fish. No utensils needed, just use your hands and go for one big bite. Now that's how you Wrap and Roll.

It's one more delicious offering from Kenny Rogers Roasters, constantly creating innovative meals to keep in step with your busy lifestyle (for more on Kenny Rogers, see my previous posts, Hot News: Enjoy a Mexican Fiesta on a Plate with the New Chipotle Spicy Roasts and Ribs by Kenny Rogers Roasters early this year, Your Favorite Roast with a Luxurious Spin, Meet the New Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters from November last year, ECQ Eats: All Squared Up with the New Detroit Style Pizza from Corner Pizza on their innovative pizza concept and ECQ Eats: Kenny Rogers Roasters Goes Beyond Deliciously Healthy with Plant-Based Options from Beyond Meat on their unique plant-based offerings from 2021).

Individually packed in cartons and tightly wrapped in foil, your Wrap and Roll from Kenny Rogers Roasters arrives ready to eat. It's a full meal on the go with all the fresh flavors you love with each bite. 

Each wrap starts at P 220 with options including a bundle with potato chips and soda. Make it a real meal with Potato Chips and Soda for a complete package. The thin and crisp Potato Chips are the perfect side to the Wrap and Roll by Kenny Rogers Roasters with its contrasting flavors and textures, perfectly washed down with an ice-cold soda.  

Now let's take a closer look at the Wrap and Roll by Kenny Rogers Roasters...

...with all three variants for a healthy and delicious meal. Generously stuffed with the freshest ingredients, you'll enjoy full-on flavors right from the very first bite all the way to the last.

The combo with Potato Chips and Soda just makes the Wrap and Roll by Kenny Rogers Roasters a deal you just can't pass up. The tempting bundle with Potato Chips and Soda starts at P 255 to P 280 available for dine-in, take-out and delivery. For only P 560, you get two Wrap and Roll Chicken or Fish with two bags of Potato Chips and two bottles of Soda. If it's Steak you love, two Wrap and Roll Steak plus two bags of Potato Chips and two bottles of Soda will only set you back for P 650. Not a bad deal at all. Let's start with the first Wrap and Roll variant...

The Wrap and Roll Fish brings fresh and clean flavors to the palate with its tender fish fillet filling along with fresh vegetables including carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and a creamy dressing binding all the ingredients together in a rich and balanced blend. The delicate notes of the fish fillet comes through, complemented by the fresh medley of vegetables and creamy dressing.

The Wrap and Roll Chicken features a tender and juicy roast chicken paired with fresh lettuce, tomato, white onions, carrots and a silky smooth dressing. The juicy chicken is perfectly complemented by the other components of the rolled and stuffed soft tortilla without overpowering its mild flavors. The fresh crispness and subtle sweetness of the vegetables bring both textural contrasts and notes to the hearty wrap for a satisfying meal.  

The Wrap and Roll Steak offers layers of rich and savory notes from the premium steak, nutty mushrooms, tart tomatoes, crisp lettuce, carrots and special dressing wrapped in a soft tortilla. The beef is tender releasing bold beefy notes with every bite, further intensified by the special dressing draping the palate with a savory richness. The different vegetables complete the flavors. Fish, Chicken or Steak, Kenny Rogers Roasters has something for everyone with the new Wrap and Roll

Now that's a wrap. Ready to Wrap and Roll? The new Wrap and Roll by Kenny Rogers Roasters is a welcome addition to their growing repertoire of specialty meals that you can take wherever you need to be without skipping a beat. Healthy and flavorful, it's another refreshing and tasty option from Kenny Rogers Roasters' own game winning playbook. 

Ready to Wrap and Roll? See more of the specialty bestsellers from Kenny Rogers Roasters on or order via their hotline at 8-555-9000. The new offerings are also available via GrabFood, foodpanda and Pick-A-Roo. You can also check their FB Page at for updates.

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