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Bites, Blends and Good Spirits From Sunrise 'Til Moonlight at Catalogue Manila

Comforting cuisine all day long from tasty nibbles to sumptuous mains, soothing libations from coffee to cocktails and indulgent desserts all in one place. Welcome to Catalogue Manila...

There's nothing more reassuring than knowing you can have your favorite comfort food all day from pasta and pizza to burgers and savory mains. Plus sumptuous brunch fare and desserts. And coffee and cocktails too. If the cuisine sounds all too familiar, that's because Chef Katrina Arce Kuhn-Alcantara of Mesclun, CDP Global Table and Chuck's Deli has her culinary signature stamped on her latest dining concept at Catalogue Manila in 110 Benavidez Street. Step inside for a bite an a tipple...

Located at the Ground Floor of 110 Benavidez-Citadines Benavidez Makati managed by The Ascott Limited is the newest dining destination this side of the busy commercial and business district. Chef Katrina Arce Kuhn-Alcantara shares her elevated comfort food cuisine at Catalogue Manila including specialty coffee creations and handcrafted cocktails for your own secret spot in Makati. 

I've featured Chef Katrina Arce Kuhn-Alcantara may years back when I first started my blog, and she hasn't skipped a beat since with her countless and enduring dining concepts (for more on Chef Katrina, see my posts A Mix of Flavors at Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe from 2012 and Global Flavors at the Table: CDP Global Table from 2015). At Catalogue Manila, her distinctive culinary style of comforting cuisine and inventive weave of global flavors come together seamlessly at her newest stage in Makati. 

Cocktails or Coffee?

Why not both? At Catalogue Manila, you can enjoy a soothing tipple before a meal followed by coffee with one more cocktail for the road. From sunrise to moonlight, pick your libation and leave it to Catalogue Manila to set the mood. From the classic Negroni to a Basil Smash, Passionfruit Mojito and Margarita, the mixologists at Catalogue Manila are ready for you. 

The signature Ama de Oro (P 350) with its blend of Luisita Oro Rum, Amaretto, cherry liqueur, lemon juice and bitters is the perfect libation to jumpstart your dining experience at Catalogue Manila. Mildly sweet with the deep lingering notes of rum and vibrant citrus hints tease the palate with a silky smooth finish. 

From the Long Black to Flat White and Cappuccino, Catalogue Manila has their coffee game in full swing to satisfy any coffee craving but there's one brew that hits all the right notes. The Sea Salt Iced Coffee with espresso, milk, cream and sea salt brings both sweet and mildly sharp salty hints with the bold flavors of coffee in a decadent creamy and balanced finish. Need a picker upper? Just ice it. 

Go for second round of cocktails with another classic, the Whiskey Sour (P 355) and just go with the flow. 

Coffee and cocktails are just one layer in the Catalogue Manila dining experience, as Chef Katrina reveals even more with her tasty bites from the kitchen...

Apps & Nibbles

Once you start, and you know the rest. The Salted Vinegar Chicken Skin (P 250) will have you going for one more crisp bite after another. Richly seasoned with the sharp tangy hints of vinegar and perfectly crisp, no need to dip as you get all the flavors with each bite. Best paired with a cocktail or two, it's the proper start before a comforting meal at Catalogue Manila

The Chicken Liver Mousse (P 275) with housemade crostini is a savory and sweet starter delivering both textural and flavor contrasts with each bite. The nutty notes of the chicken liver mousse are complemented by the sweetness of the jam for that delectable palate-pleasing finish. 

Other tempting appetizers include the Spinach Dip (P 275), Su Ceviche (P 440) featuring the fresh catch of the day and Enoki Mushroom Tempura (P 275) plus soups like Potato Leek (P 195) and Green Goddess Soup (P 195) with spinach, aromatic vegetables and corn as well as salads with the Summer Salad (P 245) and Caesar Salad (P 245). 

Pasta Possibilities

The Anchovy & Kaffir (P 350) with brown butter, Italian anchovy, kaffir lime, Grana Padano and chili flakes brings sharp savory notes with a soothing heat for a complex yet flavorful blend of contrasting layers. The anchovies and Grana Padano deliver that solid punch smoothened by the brown butter while the chili flakes and kaffir lime complete the medley of rich flavors. 

The hearty Pappardelle Pork Ragu (P 350) with tender boneless pork shoulder and stewed tomatoes on soft yet firm pappardelle flat noodles is a deceptively simple dish with the bold flavors of the pork built slowly by simmering for hours for that fork-tender and savory finish. Rustic, nostalgic and hearty, it's a meal satisfying all your comfort food cravings in a bowl. 

Other pasta options include the Truffle Mac & Cheese (P 350) and Spaghetti Al Pesto (P 350). 

Cleanse your palate with the refreshing Coco Lime Mint (P 225) in between bites, and you're ready for the next round of dishes from Catalogue Manila

Did You Say Pizza?

Chef Katrina's sourdough pizza creations made with their very own 12-year old mother starter are another must-try at Catalogue Manila. Savory toppings on a crisp crust, who can say no to pizza? 

The Spinach Cream (P 350) with spinach and rich cream sauce combine for a lavish duo of savory notes on a rustic crisp crust. The richness of the cream sauce punches through followed by the nutty sweetness of the spinach but it's the gentle whisper of sourness from the crisp crust that seals the deal with everything coming together with every slice. 

A true pizza classic, the Pepperoni (P 350) with tart tomato sauce and cheese is masterfully executed with all the flavorful notes from the savory pepperoni to the fresh tomatoes and creamy cheese in a flavorful weave capped by the sourdough crust. 

You can also try the garlicky Garlic and Cheese (P 350) with Cheddar, garlic and cream sauce on a sourdough crust.

A Brunch Affair

Open as early as 6:00 am, Catalogue Manila is also an ideal breakfast and brunch spot. The Buttermilk Chicken & Waffles (P 350) served with maple syrup brings a touch of comforting soul food to your morning with soft and fluffy waffles with its delicate crispness and no fail fried chicken for that perfect start. 

Bring On The Burgers

Chef Katrina's take on the popular and ubiquitous burger is given a smashing twist with the Smash Angus Burger (P 395), a juicy and crisp around the edges Angus beef patty with caramelized onions, Cheddar and garden-fresh lettuce in between pillow-soft potato buns. The intense beefy notes of the Angus patty comes through followed by the sweetness of the onions, fresh and clean flavors of the lettuce and creamy finish of the Cheddar. The soft potato bun becomes the ideal vessel for the hand-held meal absorbing all the richness from the different components. 

Chef Katrina has another savory surprise from the kitchen...

...with the Smash Chorizo Cheeseburger (P 315) with savory pork chorizo patty, lettuce, tomato and torched cheese slathered in silky smooth garlic sauce on a potato bun. The smoky, subtle salty and sweet notes of the pork chorizo gives this burger its distinctive profile with the cheese and garlic sauce conspiring to complete the flavors. 

You can also opt for the Fish Burger (P 295) or the stacked Clubhouse Sandwich (P 380) with chicken spread, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, egg and bacon. 

Hearty Mains

The Chicken Satay (P 325) with tender marinated chicken, cilantro rice, thick peanut sauce and crisp fried onions brings Asian flavors to the table for another satisfying meal option at Catalogue Manila. Tender slabs of skewered chicken with just a whisper of smoky hints gets a flavorful boost with the sweet peanut sauce pairing well with the soft and fluffy cilantro rice for a complete meal. The fried onions brings another layer of flavor and textures into play for a satisfying dish at Catalogue Manila

Other savory options include the Menchi Katsu Curry (P 395), Fish of the Day (P 550) and Grilled French Pork Chop (P 650). 

Save Room for Dessert

Complete your dining experience at Catalogue Manila with a selection of indulgent desserts like the Passion Fruit Taho (P 195) for an inspired spin on a nostalgic childhood staple. 

The Passion Fruit Taho with black tapioca, passionfruit and silky tofu is an elegantly smooth indulgence with the fruity sweetness and lingering nutty hints from the soft bean curd combining for another delectable play on flavors and textures. 

The Citron Tart (P 250) is both decadent and comforting reflecting the culinary style of Chef Katrina we've known through the years. You can also try her Coffee Cake (P 250) and Strawberry Cashew Mousse Cake (P 250) best paired with their coffee selections. 

Complete your comforting and hearty feast at Catalogue Manila with a scoop of ice cream from Arce Dairy. From Chef Katrina's family, the enduring local ice cream brand continues to delight the palate in today's culinary landscape. 

The Mantecado Ice Cream (P 105) from Arce Dairy is a nostalgic favorite, and you'll find it at Catalogue Manila. The local restaurant scene continues to change and evolve with food trends and the next big thing on a regular cycle. Chef Katrina stays true to her culinary philosophy of good food executed well as reflected in all her dining concepts. You'll find this as well as bites, blends and good spirits from sunrise 'til moonlight at Catalogue Manila

Catalogue Manila is located at 110 Benavidez Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and for updates or call 0917 165 7404 for inquiries and more information.

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