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Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe by Chef Tatung, A Neighborhood Deli You Can Call Home

Is there anything Chef Tatung can't do? Staying put and standing still isn't one of them. With a roster of successful dining concepts tucked under his belt including Pandan Asian Cafe, Lore Manila and Azadore, master chef and culinary virtuoso Chef Tatung is back with yet another innovative and bold reinterpretation of Filipino flavors...

"Laban lang." No obstacle that can't be hurdled, challenge accepted and full speed ahead. Noted author, TV personality, culinary personality and chef, internet sensation and successful restaurateur Myke "Tatung" Sarthou is back with his latest dining concept showcasing his creative and novel take on classic Filipino flavors at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe at the new Gateway 2 Mall in Araneta City. Come on in for a soothing cup of local coffee or better yet, indulge in some tasty nibbles or savor a hearty meal from the kitchen before taking some pasalubong back home. At Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe, feel right at home...

Located at Gateway 2 Mall's innovative Palengque, a one-stop Filipino themed space offering local delicacies and chef-driven dining establishments, Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe by Chef Tatung redefines comfortingly familiar local flavors in a refreshed and elevated contemporary style.  

The playful inventiveness of the novel concept is reflected in its witty and catchy name, a play on words combining "tindahan" and "deli" for a unique expression of homegrown flavors representing the rich diversity of our culinary heritage and traditions. "The food that we serve and sell for Tindeli is custom-made for the store, giving it a very individualized touch. We bake our own bread and pastries. We also make our own sausages, wood-smoked bacon, longganisa, chorizos and other charcuterie. I'd love to have the diners enjoy Filipino flavors, anytime and anywhere," shared the charismatic Chef Tatung

I've known Chef Tatung for over a decade now, and his passion and enthusiasm for his innovative culinary ideas never waned. More than ten years on, Chef Tatung isn't slowing down anytime soon. "Laban lang," Chef Tatung says with a confident smile. And his newest concept reflects a constantly evolving understanding of the ever changing culinary landscape. 

But despite the colorful splashes of vibrant colors at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe, there is a comforting warmth that makes you feel right at home. "Tindeli is not meant to be a fancy place, but a cozy spot where one can relax and chill with good homemade food and good coffee or tea, alone or with friends and family. It is, however, a beautifully designed deli and café crafted with the diner's comfort in mind." 

Chef Tatung is completely committed and hands on with each and every project that bears his name. At Tindeli, Chef Tatung personally hand-picked the colors and design of the elegant space. In an homage to local design traditions, Chef Tatung infused classic Filipino elements such as traditional clay tiles on a wall and the vibrant sunburst patterns of the "solihiya" as the thematic thread binding the look and vibe of Tindeli. Classic and traditional yet modern and contemporary, Chef Tatung boldly takes you on an epic flavorful journey with his creative reinterpretations of local flavors while remaining deeply rooted in a seamless weave from the colorful tapestry of our culinary heritage. 

Through his company, VK Foods Concepts Inc., Chef Tatung envisions Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe as a viable and scalable template that can be rolled out to various locations with its compartmentalized formats through its bakery, café, deli and restaurant concepts depending on the size of the space or the market potential. Like building blocks ready to go, Chef Tatung's wealth of experience in the local restaurant scene steers the latest concept in the right long-term strategic direction. And yes, expect to hear more from Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe by 2024. 

Some tasty bites are in order, like this savory and creamy cheese dip made with homemade longganisa and tomato sauce paired with crisp nachos for a unique local spin...

...or start fresh with the Tindeli Salad (P 320) loaded with sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumber, boiled egg and slabs of their very own smoked ham on garden fresh and crisp lettuce drizzled with a sweet and tart mango dressing. Each bite delivers clean flavors finished with a lingering tart sweetness. Chef Tatung weaves both subtle and overtly pronounced Filipino hints to his many dishes at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe and it's interesting to see how this plays out in his extensive menu offerings. 

One of the unique menu offerings you'll find at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe is the Tindesal, freshly baked oversized versions of the popular neighborhood bakery staple. Chef Tatung adds his own creative touches with variations of savory fillings like the Chicken Salad Melt (P 225), a rich and creamy sandwich with chunks of tender chicken slathered in a creamy salad dressing and topped with a torched cheese crust. The soft Tindesal becomes the perfect vessel for the loaded filling, delivering layers of richness with each satisfying bite.

In between bites, wash it all down with the refreshing Pink Guava Iced Tea (P 145) with its soothing tart sweetness. You can also opt for the classic Sago't Gulaman (P 145) for a nostalgic and equally refreshing libation. 

The all-time Filipino noodle dish, Palabok (P 340) is given a contemporary twist with the addition of Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe's very own crisp smoked bacon bits adding a flavorful depth to the already rich noodle favorite. The mild salty and smoky hints of the homemade bacon cuts through the richness of the thick shrimp based sauce and a fresh squeeze of calamansi completes the flavors. 

Chef Tatung then served his Pinoy style charcuterie with a selection from their deli including the specialty Chicken Galantina, Smoked Bacon, the classic Jamon, traditional sweet Longganisa, Vigan Longganisa, Spanish Chorizo, Hungarian Sausage, Spanish Sausage and Morcilla or blood sausage. Each bite brings distinct savory notes to the palate reflecting the wide variety of deli offerings at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe

Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe also takes pride in their fresh-baked bread as the base for a tempting array of savory options like the Tindeli Corned Beef Melt (P 245) with the briny notes of the cured beef punching through smoothened by the creamy cheese...

...and the lavish Choriquezo (P 280) with their signature deli Spanish Chorizo draped in silky smooth cheese in a soft Tindesal. The sharp and bold notes of the chorizo are perfectly tempered by the luscious cheese and the subtle sweetness of the Tindesal for that balanced finish. 

While at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe, don't forget to try or bring home their signature Sourdough Bread fresh from the oven. 

For heftier appetites, the Tindeli Plates are the perfect option like the Smoky Java Ribs (P 550) with tender and juicy fall-off-the-bone ribs with its sweet and smoky glaze. A complete set meal with rice and a side of vegetables, other tempting selections include the Tindeli Pride Chicken (P 270), Homemade Sausage (P 310), Crispy Kare-Kare (P 430), Chicken Galantina (P 450), Glazed BBQ Belly (P 450) and Roast Beef (P 495). 

Then, a familiar sight and aroma triggers fond memories of the coming holiday season with Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe's signature Smoked Jamon. Slicing through the dark outer crust from long hours in the smoker reveals a juicy, moist and pink center... 

Each slice tempts you even more as Chef Tatung carved the impressive Smoked Ham. Local traditions anchor the latest concept from Chef Tatung, celebrated with each slice and bite. 

Served with a savory jam, the subtle sweetness and just a whisper of smoky hints complements the delicate notes of the Smoked Ham. With everything on the menu tediously made from scratch, there's a whole lot of love served at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe

Thick slices of the Chicken Galantina with its assortment of stuffing completes the play on traditional flavors at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe. There are easier ways to serve up the various delicacies at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe, but Chef Tatung sticks to the old fashioned way for real and nostalgic flavors that never fails to warm the palate.

From starters to sandwiches and savory mains, Chef Tatung completes the experience with his indulgent cake creations at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe... 

...with slices of his moist Carrot Cake (P 190 Slice/P 1,600 Whole Cake)...

...the sweet Peanut Butter Choco (P 210 Slice/P 1700 Whole Cake)...

...and the sinful dark Chocnut Delight (P 190 Slice/P 1,600 Whole Cake). Chef Tatung also offers a sweet Purple Yam (P 180 Slice/P 1,400 Whole Cake) and all-time fave Strawberry Shortcake (P 190 Slice/P 1,600 Whole Cake) for even more tempting options. 

But it's the unique Cassava Cheesecake (P 180 Slice/P 1,400 Whole Cake) that's high on my list of personal picks with its creative blend of local cassava and smooth cream cheese for an inventive spin on the classic cheesecake. 

The traditional Almond Sans Rival (P 190 Slice/P 1,600 Whole Cake) with layers of soft and chewy meringue, butter and almonds is another must-try at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe, best paired with a freshly brewed cup of local coffee. 

The selection of indulgent cakes at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe is just one of many reasons to experience Chef Tatung's latest venture at Gateway 2 Mall in Araneta City

Pair your dessert with the Tindeli Créme Brulee Latte (P 185) for that decadently sweet finish...

...or the bold notes of the Americano (P 99) brewed with award-winning coffee beans from Mount Apo and Sultan KudaratTindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe showcases the very best local produce as part of its advocacy, and you can enjoy some of the finest artisan brews one soothing sip at a time with a cup or two. 

And don't forget to try some of the pasalubong specialties of Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe...

A restaurant, cafe and deli, there's one more layer to the unique Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe experience. And that's bringing home some pasalubong treats. You'll find your childhood favorites like the Lengua de Gato. Change it up with the sweet Lengua de Gato Ube for another unique and refreshing spin that can only come from Chef Tatung's playfully imaginative mind. 

Call it the mother of all ensaimadas, as Chef Tatung goes all out with his massive Ensaimada Grande. Larger and heavier than your usual ensaimada, you'll need a much bigger plate for this creation. 

Loaded with salted eggs and sweet smoky jamon slathered in butter and topped with cheese, the Ensaimada Grande is as grand as you can imagine it. The soft, fluffy and moist brioche holds everything together for that nostalgic sweet and savory bite of the season.

Like everything from Chef Tatung's menu at Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe, it's all about real, honest and unrestrained flavors with nothing held back. And size does matter. From the generous toppings of jamon, salted eggs, cheese and butter to the soft yet dense brioche, the Ensaimada Grande adds a festive vibe to any holiday feast. 

And there's more pasalubong treats to take home from Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe, like local Tablea and artisan coffee beans. Chef Tatung brings together the country's finest produce and culinary creations under one roof with his latest concept. Come inside Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe and rediscover comfortingly familiar flavors in fresh, creative and new expressions from culinary virtuoso Chef Myke "Tatung" Sarthou. "Join us in celebrating the essence of Filipino gastronomy, culture and tradition with every bite and sip." It's all here at a neighborhood deli you can call home...

Tindeli Filipino Deli & Cafe by Chef Tatung is located at Palengque, Upper Ground B in Gateway 2 Mall, Araneta City or call 0956 660 5913 for inquiries. You can also visit and for more information. 

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