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#PaskongGuevarras: Guevarra's Celebrates the Holiday Season with Festive and Nostalgic New Dishes

The coming holiday season signals the beginning of never-ending feasts with family and friends, and Guevarra's shares its own indulgent spin on comforting Filipino flavors inspired by local culinary traditions. 

This Christmas season, savor the nostalgic flavors of Pinoy-forward cuisine expressed in a wide repertoire of comfortingly familiar and sumptuous dishes curated by Guevarra's. Reimagined with a modern and contemporary take, Guevarra's stays true to cherished traditions with its all-new selections of Filipino dishes for the holidays also available for online orders via their website at Read on for a flavorful peek at Christmas reinterpreted by the hearty cuisine of Guevarra's...

The spirit of the season is about reconnecting with loved ones and the joys of giving, and Guevarra's makes your celebration even more memorable with a festive feast of local flavors. For over ten years, Chefs Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico's culinary style and philosophy revolved around real and honest flavors with the very best ingredients at Guevarra's. This uncompromising commitment is showcased in a sumptuous selection of hearty dishes for the holidays. And the best part? All the dishes are prepared in the traditional manner with natural flavor enhancers and absolutely no MSG. It's what countless diners have grown to love and expect at Guevarra's (for more on Guevarra's, see my post The Perfect Ten: Guevarra's Celebrates Ten Years of Sumptuous Cuisine and Excellent Value with Enduring Filipino Classics from March this year).

"Our inspiration comes from well-loved Christmas and festive dishes, and we give them our own Pinoy flavor twist using the best ingredients we can find," shared celebrity chef Rolando "Lau" Laudico. Following long cherished culinary traditions, Chef Lau draws inspiration from memorable family holiday feasts where only the best and finest ingredients are used for the festive season. Packed, sealed and delivered, you can order (and pre-order too) for take-out and delivery straight from Guevarra's for a memorable Christmas dinner at home. 

From appetizers like bite-sized Beef Empanaditas to Christmas Deviled Eggs to Caramelized Ham & Cheese Pandesal and Adobo Liver Pate & Cold Cuts Sandwiches, Guevarra's extensive menu covers all the bases for the perfect family dinner at home this Christmas season. Soups and salads? Guevarra's has that covered too. From Creamy Seafood Bisque to Chicken & Ham Broth with Basil Purée and Apple & Romaine Salad with Honey Peanut Dressing to Bacon and Potato Salad in Garlic Mayo and Roast Chicken Macaroni Salad, Guevarra's completes your holiday list. And for the mains? Feast your eyes on the new savory holiday menu of Guevarra's...

One of my many memories of the flavors of the holidays include the usual suspects but there's one dish that always warms the palate. Tediously prepared before the big holiday feast, the traditional embutido has a special place in my perfect Christmas feast. And Guevarra's own take on the classic is a lavish and indulgent upgrade combining both modern and inventive twists to an all-time Filipino staple. 

The Bacon & Spinach Embutido (P 850 good for 6) by Guevarra's is inspired by the traditional roulade or meat loaf made with ground pork and stuffed with vegetables tracing its roots to Spanish origins. It's a dish that brings back so many fond memories on the anticipated countdown to Christmas in the home kitchen lovingly recreated by Guevarra's with the Bacon & Spinach Embutido

The flavors are just as you remember it, with a flavorful twist from the addition of bacon and spinach. The bacon brings bold and sharp hints cutting through the savory richness of the embutido while the spinach smoothens the medley of comforting notes with its fresh and subtle sweetness. One bite and you know Christmas is here bringing back volumes of memories through the years.  

Another dish I always look forward to during the holidays is lengua, the rich and creamy dish with its luscious buttery notes. Guevarra's elevates the same textural and flavorful richness with the Lengua in Shiitake Cream Sauce (P 650 Sakto good for 2-3/P  1,250 Katamtaman good for 6-8/P 2,400 Malaki good for 12-15) in a lavish version with the pronounced nutty hints of shiitake slathered in a thick and creamy sauce. 

The fork-tender beef tongue just melts in your mouth releasing its beefy richness followed by the buttery cream sauce with its distinct earthy notes from the shiitake mushrooms. Guevarra's version replicates that same creamy finish and mouthfeel in an unrestrained yet balanced play on textural contrasts and flavors warming the palate with its nostalgic notes. 

The Beef Kaldereta (P 449 Sakto good for 2-3/P 849 Katamtaman good for 6-8/P 1,599 Malaki good for 12-15) with tender slabs of beef, potatoes and peppers in a thick tomato-based sauce is pure savory goodness in a bowl with its comfortingly familiar flavors. 

Like all the dishes at Guevarra's, the flavors are deep, rounded and honest lingering long after the last bite. And the topping of cheese adds even more layers of richness to the classic Beef Kaldereta by Guevarra's. Simmered and stewed for hours, the beef is perfectly tender and an extra serving of rice slathered in the thick sauce becomes a natural reaction after just a few bites. 

And there's more. Guevarra's new Holiday Menu also includes Christmas Bringhe Jamabalaya, Camaron Robosado with Sweet Chili Dip, Braised Pork Asado, Crispy Pato in Orange Sauce and Spaghetti with Longganisa Meatballs

A Filipino Christmas just isn't complete without bibingka, and Guevarra's weaves their own playfully inventive spin with a bite-sized version that's big on all the flavors you love...

...with their Mini Bibingka (P 280-8pcs). Generously topped with cheese, the soft, dense and moist rice cakes served in banana leaves is both nostalgic and indulgent for that perfect Christmas feast at home. Packed in a bright red box containing eight mini rice cakes, it's also the perfect gift for friends and family. 

But you'll want your own box. Paired with a soothing cup of hot chocolate, these are the flavors of Christmas recreated and prepared by Guevarra's

Other dessert selections from the Holiday Menu of Guevarra's include the Ube Leche Flan, Puto Bumbong, Red Velvet Crinkles, Crema de Fruta, Turon Triangles, Buko Salad, Cheese Cupcake, Pandan de Coco Bread and Pan de Regla

This Christmas, just leave it to Guevarra's and let Chef Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico serve you the comforting and festive holiday flavors you love in your own home. All it takes are a few quick clicks and taps on your mobile device. 

As we celebrate and reconnect this holiday season, let the flavors of the Filipino Christmas warm both the hearts and palates with each dish and bite. Guevarra's bring all these to your home, from tasty starters to soups and salads and savory mains to sweet endings with their new holiday menu. That's #PaskongGuevarras packed, sealed and delivered to your doorstep...

Guevarra's is located at 387 P. Guevarra Street corner Argonne Street, San Juan City. The Buffet is open from Monday to Sunday. For inquiries, contact 0998 881 3200. For reservations and online orders, visit Guevarra's is also available for delivery in select areas via GrabFood, foodpanda and Pick-a-roo. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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