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Take it to the Lawn: Al Fresco Dining at the Garden Lawn by Apartment 1B at The Henry Hotel Manila

Dining al fresco? Take it out to the garden lawn. Let Apartment 1B show you how at The Henry Hotel Manila...

As the cool weather sets in with the coming of the holidays, al fresco dining becomes a welcome option for the season of feasting. Apartment 1B recently hosted a lavish grand food tasting event at the lush and verdant garden lawn of The Henry Hotel Manila showcasing a luxurious and sumptuous spread in an elegant outdoor setting. Al fresco dining? Take it to the lawn...

Located at the heart of Pasay City, it's hard to imagine that one can still find a hidden sanctuary with its scenic gardens for a refreshing change of pace in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Sumptuous and classic cuisine in a serene setting, one can enjoy tailored experiences in the most surprising secret spots in the metro. At The Henry Hotel Manila, you'll find the perfect venue for your milestone event. From its elegant main dining area and its courtyard plus foyer to its wide open garden lawn, The Henry Hotel Manila has just the right spot for your special occasion. Completing the experience in a seamless weave is the exceptional cuisine of Apartment 1B with its enduring take on gourmet comfort food. 

As you enter the property, a long driveway leads you deep inside Pasay City's best kept hidden secret. The grey concrete hues of the city are suddenly transformed and replaced by lush greens of The Henry Hotel Manila's gardens, opening up infinite possibilities for your own private event. Like an oasis in the middle of a busy city, The Henry Hotel Manila offers a refreshing respite from the hustle and bustle of the frenetic urban pace. And here you'll find a culinary gem with the sumptuous offerings of Apartment 1B

The Henry Hotel Manila's visionary founder Hanky Lee (L) and Apartment 1B's Executive Chef Nikko Roa (R) team up for another creative collaboration showcasing the property's amenities and facilities along with a mouthwatering array of gourmet comfort food from the kitchens of Apartment 1B in a lavish and exclusive grand tasting event. 

"We're thrilled to have collaborated with The Henry Hotel Manila and our esteemed sponsors on this exceptional event," shared Chef Nikko. "We hope our guests enjoyed the Grand Food Tasting, which showcased our commitment to extraordinary dining experiences. We are grateful to everyone involved in making this event a success. We look forward to future collaborations furthering our culinary endeavors and bringing enjoyable dining experiences to our guests here at Apartment 1B, The Henry Hotel Manila, a hidden gem in the heart of Manila." 

The moment one enters the property, a feeling of tranquil calm takes over for a drastic change just mere minutes ago. As the shifting afternoon light drapes the gardens with its warm glow, another facet of the property is gently revealed...

...through its lush foliage. The serene garden lawn entices you to come in and experience a world seemingly far away from it all yet right smack in the center of the city. If you think you've seen it all, look again. Pasay City still has some hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. 

Set up for the evening's buffet feast, Apartment 1B transforms the garden lawn of The Henry Hotel Manila with tables draped in pristine white linens topped with elegant cutlery and glassware. Imagine the possibilities, and if you're dreaming up something special just leave it to Apartment 1B to create a memorable and tailored experience at The Henry Hotel Manila

The Garden Lawn at The Henry Hotel Manila can accommodate from 100 to 120 diners in an elegant outdoor setting, with live musical performances to complete your private event. The setting and the impeccable cuisine by Apartment 1B at The Henry Hotel Manila combine for memorable private events unlike any other. Birthdays, weddings, debuts, reunions, workshops and corporate events, the garden lawn at The Henry Hotel may just be the venue you've been looking for. Paired with the extensive repertoire of flavorful offerings by Apartment 1B, this is your own secret garden in the city.

That evening, a selection of gourmet cheeses kicked off an elegant dining experience at the garden lawn of The Henry Hotel Manila along with Herb Infused Popcorn, Mushrooms & Arugula Pizzeta and Mini Baked Samosas from the kitchen of Apartment 1B. The evening's feast also showcased a variety of premium offerings...

...from the premium wine collection of Happy Living and Concha y Toro... the award-winning artisan brews of Elias Wicked Ales and Spirits. With proudly homegrown brands sharing the spotlight, guests at the grand tasting event by Apartment 1B at The Henry Hotel Manila experienced a world of flavors in one memorable evening. 

The Elias Swabe Raspberry Hard Cider opens up the palate with its sweet, fruity and mildly sour hints followed by an intense finish. The 7% ABV gets you in the groove in no time. 

Also sharing the stage at the lavish buffet feast by Apartment 1B at The Henry Hotel Manila is another homegrown brand making waves with its premium selection of globally-sourced and locally crafted gourmet sausages, bacon and Signature Smoked Ham. Krieger's Philippines shared its extensive line of European-style deli products such as cured meats, cold cuts, smoked hams and sausages using authentic German recipes for world-class offerings that evening. 

The quality and flavors from the various products of Krieger's Philippines is another gem of find that evening at The Henry Hotel Manila. Apartment 1B's Executive Chef Nikko Roa served platters of the gourmet delicacies from Krieger's Philippines at the buffet spread...

...from a selection of charcuterie like Salami, Green Peppercorn and Paprika Lyoner, Pimiento and Pistachio cold cuts....

...and savory sausages including Bratwurst, N├╝rnberger, Bockwurst, Weisswurst and Cheesy Frankfurters... spicy Hungarian Sausages to supplement an already impressive and sumptuous array of tasty offerings. That evening, Executive Chef Nikko Roa and his culinary team from Apartment 1B featured a Caesar Salad Station and Pasta Station with his Truffle & Shrooms Pasta with oyster mushroom chicharon on fusilli slathered with creamy truffle sauce and cheese. 

Chef Nikko and Apartment 1B pulled all the stops for a mouthwatering buffet spread highlighted by Apartment 1B's signature Braised Beef Shortribs along with Grilled Mango Chicken and Herb Crusted Snapper with sides of Buttered French Beans, Cherry Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

But it's the Carving Station by Apartment 1B that catches your eye with its tempting offerings... the Roasted Turkey served with Pan Gravy, Cranberry and Caramelized Sweet Potatoes. Perfectly roasted with a tender and moist finish, the Roast Turkey by Apartment 1B is just one of many tasty highlights that evening. 

The Krieger's Leg of Ham paired with Pan de Sal, fresh and tart tomatoes, sweet onions, cucumber, Herbed Mayonnaise and Pineapple Glaze brings a nostalgic twist to the evening's feast triggering fond memories of holiday feasts. The delicate and subtle sweetness of the ham with just a whisper of smoky hints drapes the palate with a lingering richness followed by the tart pineapple glaze for the perfect finish. Clearly, Krieger's Philippines sets the bar with its premium selection of gourmet deli products like this masterfully executed Leg of Ham

The Slow-Roasted Beef Belly by Apartment 1B completes the savory trifecta at the Carving Station in The Henry Hotel Manila with its beefy richness enticing your palate for one more slice and bite. A side of red wine or white wine sauce brings even more flavors. Without a doubt, the Carving Station by Apartment 1B was the undeniable star of the evening at the lush garden lawn of The Henry Hotel Manila

But Chef Nikko had even more flavorful tricks up his sleeves that evening, like his playfully inventive Mushroom Paella with soft and moist fluffy rice topped with crisp mushroom chicharon for yet another delectable play on textural contrasts and rich flavors. 

One more full plate of Roasted Turkey, Krieger's Leg of Ham, Slow-Roasted Beef Belly and Braised Beef Shortribs caps a perfect evening at the lawn of The Henry Hotel Manila. And another round of Elias Swabe Raspberry Hard Cider or wine and dining under the stars just doesn't get better than this. 

For dessert, Chef Nikko shared Apartment 1B's decadent Matcha & White Chocolate Mousse, Red Velvet and the Apartment 1B Chocolate Cake along with seasonal fruits. 

The festivities of the evening continued long after the last bite and sip, with the elegant white exteriors of Apartment 1B illuminating the space of this hidden gem called The Henry Hotel Manila

It's rare to find something truly unique in a city like Manila, but it's there if only you take a second and much closer look. The serene lawn garden of The Henry Hotel Manila is one of those places. Pair that with the exquisite gourmet comfort food cuisine of Apartment 1B and you have the perfect setting and flavors for a memorable private event in the heart of Manila. Al fresco dining? Take it to the lawn. And let Apartment 1B show you how at The Henry Hotel Manila...

Apartment 1B is located at The Henry Hotel Manila, 2680 F. B Harrison Street, Pasay City, Metro Manila. You may also visit their respective FB Pages at and for more information and updates or call 8831 4610, 8831 4452 and +63 917 574 0398 for inquiries. 

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