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Timely Catch: At the Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood Launch in Lore Manila by Chef Tatung

It's a long-known fact that the very best catch of the country's abundant marine resources is allocated for the lucrative export market leaving only second-tier grade products for local consumption. Not anymore. Cold Storage changes the game by providing Filipino consumers easier access to its extensive and fresh selection of locally grown and responsibly caught seafood. And it's about time too...

In yet another bold and innovative move, Cold Storage Seafood transforms the local seafood retail scene with its new premium line of seafood products grown, harvested and sustainably caught locally with Lokal by Cold Storage. That means you can now enjoy top grade export quality seafood straight from the chillers of Cold Storage Seafood at their San Juan and Banawe branches, selected supermarkets nationwide as well as online options via Lazada and Shopee. And no, you no longer have to settle for second best when it comes to quality seafood. It's about time, don't you think?

Located at Bonifacio Global City, Lore Manila by Chef Tatung was the elegant stage for the launch of Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood. In one special evening, Chef Tatung orchestrated a lavish feast using the freshest seafood from Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood demonstrating how you can transform any dining experience with the finest and freshest local catch of the day. 

Renowned author, TV personality, restaurateur and culinary rock star, Chef Tatung's personal style of keeping it simple is translated in a series of flavorful courses using our world-class quality local catch from Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood

Back in the kitchen, Chef Tatung's team prepped the different ingredients for the elegant four-course dinner at Lore Manila by Chef Tatung with the premium seafood from Lokal by Cold Storage. The back stories leading up to the dinner began with the single-minded vision by the dynamic duo driving the renewed strategic direction of Cold Storage Seafood... address a simple question. Why can't we enjoy the very best of our own freshest catch? With the international market accounting for majority of the finest local seafood harvest, what's left for domestic consumption isn't usually up to par compared to export-quality seafood. It's a sad reality that's never been fully tackled head on, but it's about to change. Brothers Marco and Morris Qua have made it their mission to provide and champion locally grown and responsibly caught premium quality seafood for the domestic market. 

The goal of Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood is to provide a consistent high quality catch all year round at a stable price. This is achieved through their comprehensive cold chain system where the freshest catch is properly frozen and preserved to ensure a sustainable supply throughout the year and thus avoid erratic and fluctuating prices. With a tried and true system carefully built since it was established back in 1988, Cold Storage Seafood is an enduring legacy of one family's dream and determination to provide the very best seafood to local consumers (for more on Cold Storage Seafood, see my post Step Inside for the Day's Freshest Catch at Cold Storage Seafood from November last year).

Inside the chillers, the day's fresh local catch is displayed representing the wide selection available from Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood. The long list will include many more expected to roll out before the end of the year. 

And it's an impressive haul of bountiful seafood, from Boneless Bangus, Tilapia Fillets, Blue Marlin, Tanigue, Galunggong, Dalagang Bukid, Hasa-Hasa, Takakitok, Bisugo, Pompano, Vannamei White Shrimp, Local Scallops, Crablets, Lapu-Lapu, Tuna Belly and Tuna Panga or collar/jowl. 

Tilapia from Cagayan, shrimps from Bacolod and yellowfin tuna from Mindanao. You'll find these and many more starting November 11 at Cold Storage Seafood in San Juan and Banawe

With obvious pride, Marco Qua shows his catch from Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood. And this is just the beginning for the very best local, sustainable and responsibly caught and easily accessible seafood.  

Meanwhile, culinary maestro Chef Tatung engaged guests at the launch with a simple cooking demo...

...using Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood. In his charismatic and entertaining manner, Chef Tatung effortlessly breezes through a seemingly complicated dish making it look simple and easy. 

As Chef Tatung added the finishing touches to his dish, tasty bites from the kitchen were served to guests. 

Then, Chef Tatung presented his dish. The Guinataang Pampano was a preview of even more lavish dishes that evening with the elegant four course dinner using a selection from Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood yet to be served at Lore Manila by Chef Tatung

Guests at the Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood launch in Lore Manila by Chef Tatung didn't have to wait long, as the elegant space was opened up for the formal dinner. Leave it to Chef Tatung to impress you with his flamboyant style, weaving a seamless experience at Lore Manila...

Chef Tatung kicks off your dining experience with the fresh and clean flavors of the ocean's bounty with his intricate Tuna Ceviche. Each delicate nibble releases a vibrant burst of fresh flavors you can only find in the finest seafood. The fresh medley of flavors from the tasty chunks of fine tuna, red radish, sweet pineapple and spiced sukang tuba combine for an exquisite and luscious richness of contrasting notes. 

Fresh and responsibly caught off the waters of Mindanao, the Tuna Ceviche is just one of many tasty possibilities with the fresh catch of Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood

Next, Chef Tatung served his Shrimps with Latik for another creative expression of fresh and succulent flavors. The dish with plump local shrimps fermented in dry mustard leaves topped with shrimp-infused toasted coconut curds is a masterclass in both flavors and textures with the the quality and freshness of the seafood punching through with each snappy bite. 

The bold, briny sweetness of the shrimps are complemented by the creamy hints of the toasted coconut curds for a lavish play on freshness and richness in one dish. 

For the third course, a bowl of Kalkag Rice teases the palate for the evening's main seafood course at Lore Manila by Chef Tatung...

...paired with the Tilapia with Tinapa and Bearnaise Sauce. The delicately pan-seared tilapia draped in a silky smooth and rich, creamy Bearnaise infused with the pronounced smoky hints of tinapa brings familiar local notes to the palate elevated in the creative style of Chef Tatung. The soft and buttery fillets of tilapia almost melts in your mouth leaving a lingering sweetness on the palate. The luscious Bearnaise sauce completes the dish, along with seasonal buttered vegetables and the bowl of Kalkag Rice for a hearty seafood meal. 

For dessert, Chef Tatung served his Inutak. An elegant take on a local delicacy, the classic sticky white rice and ube dessert topped with brulĂ©ed salted egg cream is simply decadence in its purest and unrestrained form. From starters to the sumptuous main and dessert, Chef Tatung paints a colorful palette of fresh and vibrant notes highlighting the clean flavors of the day's finest local catch from Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood

There's nothing quite like the freshest seafood served at its flavorful peak, and Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood is your guarantee of the very best local catch. And it's about time too that we get to experience and savor the freshest catch from our waters. Now you can, with Lokal by Cold Storage Seafood...

Lore Manila by Chef Tatung is located at the 3rd Floor, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. You may call 0977 804 9888 for inquiries and reservations.

Cold Storage Seafood is located at 216 Wilson Street, San Juan City or call 8571 7711 or 8706 6326. You can also visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at for more information and updates

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