Sunday, November 5, 2023

Five Cakes, Five Years: Hilton Manila Celebrates Milestone 5th Anniversary with the Launch of EatDrinkHilton E-Store

Hilton Manila celebrates five remarkable years with a nostalgic and decadent trip down memory lane with its lavish and indulgent cake creations. Have a slice at Hilton Manila's Madison Lounge and Bar or better yet order up the whole cake from their new EatDrinkHilton E-Store...

In celebration of its fifth year anniversary, Hilton Manila launches its new EatDrinkHilton E-Store with its wide array of tempting offers. To mark the milestone anniversary with an even sweeter note, Hilton Manila brings back four of its most decadent cake creations along with its newest edition from Madison Lounge and Bar for a slice of pure indulgence in that signature Hilton style. 

Delicately packed and delivered in an ornate box, Hilton Manila pulls all the stops for its fifth anniversary celebration with its most lavish cake selection yet. And with its new EatDrinkHilton E-Store, guests can explore a world of culinary delights and exclusive vouchers in just a few quick and easy clicks to enhance your overall experience (see link below to access the E-Store). 

The flavorful stories of the past five years from Madison Lounge and Bar are recreated by Hilton Manila with five elegant desserts...

...each one capturing the festive and joyous celebration from five memorable milestone moments. The elegant boxed set features many of their popular bestsellers, and it's all yours to enjoy from the luscious and creamy Mocha Cheesecake with its deep and distinctive hints of mocha adding a flavorful depth with each indulgent bite on the lower left... the Mango Butterball Caramel Cake at the center of the lower tier. This elegant creation with fresh mangoes, crushed Graham crackers and condensed cream draped in a sweet butterball glaze delivers silky smooth textures that melt in your mouth releasing even more decadent notes. 

The Dark Chocolate Cake is a chocoholic's dream with it's unrestrained chocolate richness. The  deep nutty notes of chocolate drapes the palate with a sinful finish and you just want more of it. 

The intricate and classic Concorde Cake with soft and moist almond sponge, crushed cashews, smooth dark chocolate cream, cocoa Lady Fingers and snow powder brings contrasting and delectable textures and notes to the palate. The soft and delicately crisp fingers completes the play on textural contrasts and flavors. 

The colorful Rainbow Cake with soft sponge cake, cream cheese filling, vanilla chantilly cream, gold leaves and chocolate garnish first tempts the eyes before the palate with its different layers. A slice and a bite brings everything together finished by the vanilla chantilly cream and cream cheese filling. 

Five elegant and decadent creations for five years of unsurpassed culinary delights. Every passing year is a significant milestone in any venture. Hilton Manila shares their own journey in lavish slices of cake creations. And if you ask me, I'd like my slice of cake and eat it too. At Hilton Manila...

For inquiries and reservations, please call 632 7239 7788 or visit for awesome offers.

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