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Sebastian's Ice Cream Highlights Classic and Traditional Filipino Flavors with its New Christmas Collection

Four decadent ice cream flavors, four lavish ice cream cakes and four exciting variants of the new Crispwiches line. Sebastian's Ice Cream goes all-out this Christmas with its indulgent and unique holiday offerings inspired by local and nostalgic flavors. Meet the new Christmas Collection by Sebastian's Ice Cream...

Sebastian's Ice Cream shares its own imaginative interpretation of festive local holiday flavors with its sinfully indulgent Christmas Collection consisting of new ice cream flavors, luscious ice cream cakes and an all-new line of inventive ice cream goodness in the unique and novel form of Crispwiches with silky smooth ice cream in between Queso de Bola crisps. Read on for the full scoop on the latest temptations from Sebastian's Ice Cream's to add to your holiday list...

Drawing inspiration from local culinary traditions and flavors, Sebastian's Ice Cream brings back all the familiar and nostalgic notes we love expressed in ice cream in all its forms with that signature twist the innovative and proudly homegrown brand is known for with its repertoire of new ice cream flavors, ice cream cakes and the innovative Crispwiches. Packed in a box, all twelve new products arrived for an early Christmas at home. 

For countless loyal fans of Sebastian's Ice Cream, we've all been spoiled with his unusual and unconventional approach to flavors making each visit to the store always an exciting one with his unexpected flavor combinations and creations. The regular release of seasonal variants is a much anticipated event and this holiday season, Sebastian's Ice Cream pulls all the stops with its Christmas Collection. The flavors of the season like Queso de Bola, Puto Bumbong and Bibingka are reimagined in ice cream from new flavors to cakes and Crispwiches

The new Christmas Collection by Sebastian's Ice Cream is bannered by four indulgent ice cream flavors with a distinctive all-Filipino theme like Crema de Fruta, Palitaw, Itlog na Maalat and the return of its popular Puto Bumbong. The brand earned its playfully inventive reputation with its novel flavors transforming local staples like sapin-sapin, green mango and bagoong, champorado and dilis and even bitter gourd or ampalaya into luscious frozen delights. And this holiday season, Sebastian's Ice Cream takes a much deeper dive into local flavors with the Christmas Collection

Puto Bumbong, Crema de Fruta, Palitaw and Bibingka transformed into ice cream? And it's really no surprise that these uniquely Filipino flavors come from the brand that can pull it off with its typical unrestrained creativity and flair. That's the Sebastian's Ice Cream signature. 

The Crema de Fruta (P 150 per scoop/P 450 per pint) is a blend of soft and moist pound cake ice cream with spheres of peaches, pineapple and Maraschino cherry sorbet churned into a fruity ice cream creation with fresh and vibrant notes...

...while the Itlog na Maalat (P 165 per scoop/P 395 per pint) is a smooth salted egg white ice cream with bits of salted egg yolk for that sweet and salty combo with an elegantly smooth finish. The use of fresh and premium ingredients makes all the difference, delivering bold and clean flavors with every spoonful. 

The Palitaw (P 150 per scoop/P 450 per pint) is one more local delicacy turned into ice cream in Sebastian's Ice Cream's long list of unique flavors. Sebastian's Ice Cream creates a kakanin ice cream with malagkit rice and strings of sweet macapuno topped with grated coconut and toasted sesame seeds. Childhood memories of my mom making palitaw in the kitchen suddenly pop-up and one bite of Sebastian's Ice Cream's latest creation just brings all those fond moments back. The Palitaw Ice Cream perfectly recreates the same sticky and nutty notes of the local kakanin down to the toasted sesame seeds and grated coconut. 

Sebastian's Ice Cream also brings back another popular seasonal flavor to its freezers with the Puto Bumbong (P 150 per scoop/P 450 per pint), a kakanin ice cream made with malagkit rice, sweet Muscovado and margarine topped with grated coconut and chunks of Muscovado sugar. 

Part of the Filipino Christmas tradition, Sebastian's Ice Cream own version is pure puto bumbong masterfully and elegantly reinterpreted in ice cream form. The kakanin ice cream hits all the right notes from the mouthfeel down to its nutty richness releasing even more instense flavors as it slowly melts on the palate. The deep hints of Muscovado and margarine complete the medley of flavors. This Christmas, you can indulge in a nostalgic slice of puto bumbong or better yet, a few scoops from Sebastian's Ice Cream

The new All-Filipino ice cream flavors from the Christmas Collection are available at The Podium Mall by the scoop and in pints and gift boxes via the online store at for pick-ups and delivery starting December 1. The Gift Box of all four flavors in pints available at the online store is priced at P 1,845. Four unique ice cream flavors recreating traditional local favorites for the holidays are just the beginning for Sebastian's Ice Cream's version of Christmas indulgence...  

...with more treats like the new Crispwiches. After a string of unique innovations like Chilly Burgers and Poppits, Sebastian's Ice Cream introduces yet another with its line of ice cream between Queso de Bola crisps. An intricate and tedious process goes behind the creation of the new line of Crispwiches from baking freshly grated Queso de Bola in an oven, forming wafer-thin rounds of pure cheese with a delicate crisp texture and deep toasted flavor. The result is a delectable play on contrasting textures and flavors combining seamlessly for a new ice cream experience. 

The Crispwiches are available in four ice cream variants like Gatas, Ube, Mantecado and Peach Mango Pie and all pair well with the Queso de Bola for another inspired take by Sebastian's Ice Cream's version of Christmas flavors.  

Each bite is a delectable play on textural contrasts and flavors, with the Queso de Bola cheese crisps delivering distinct sharp notes tempered by the ice cream. Sebastian's Ice Cream didn't stop with the Chilly Burgers and Poppits, creating yet another way of enjoying ice cream with the new Crispwiches. With the Queso de Bola crisps as the base, Sebastian's Ice Cream explores flavorful combinations with his luscious ice cream for a new ice cream experience.

The Ube variant brings the deep nutty notes of local purple yam for pure decadent bites with its contrasting notes coming together perfectly for that sweet and mildly salty finish that just works...

...while the Gatas flavor drapes the palate with a milky richness. The fresh and bright notes of the Peach Mango Pie adds a fruity sweetness to balance the bold cheesy notes of the Queso de Bola crisps and the Mantecado delivers layer upon layer of pure indulgence. Each variant pairs differently with the Queso de Bola crisps, weaving distinct yet balanced flavors. 

Cheese and ice cream expressed in an entirely new and innovative form with the Crispwiches has to be one of the most novel and unique renditions yet reflecting the signature style of Sebastian's Ice Cream's unorthodox and creative style. 

The Crispwiches are priced at P 165 per piece and P 660 for a box of four. The new line is available at The Podium Mall flagship store and online store for both pick-up and delivery starting November 24

Did you say cake? Sebastian's Ice Cream brings back its popular seasonal ice cream cake variants like the Bibingka Espesyal and Puto Bumbong Deluxe this Christmas along with two new creations with the Siete Leche and Queso de Bola King for a slice of the holiday's festive flavors. The inspired and imaginative quartet of cake creations presents an unrestrained expression of the holidays' decadent flavors with stacked layers of cake and ice cream only Sebastian's Ice Cream can pull off with both style and flair. 

The Puto Bumbong Deluxe with layers of rice cake made with rice flour, margarine and Muscovado sugar and smooth Puto Bumbong Ice Cream churned with sticky malagkit rice, margarine and Muscovado topped with grated coconut and Muscovado toffee crisps has to be one of the most elegant expressions of the local delicacy yet. A slice brings all the comforting and nostalgic flavors in one sinful bite. It's a Filipino Christmas in a slice. 

The Queso de Bola King by Sebastian's Ice Cream celebrates one of the traditional flavors of Christmas with its rendition of cheese in an ice cream cake. Imagine layers of Queso de Bola cake with yellow cake batter folded with freshly grated Queso de Bola and baked and silky smooth Queso de Bola Ice Cream mixed with grated Queso de Bola for a double dose of pure cheesy goodness. But that's not all. Sebastian's Ice Cream tops the layered creation with Queso de Bola cheese crisps. The king of cheeses in a Filipino Christmas is honored with a proper cake by Sebastian's Ice Cream

The Siete Leche by Sebastian's Ice Cream breaks the record for the most number of milk preparations in one tres leches cake with not not just three but seven. That's right, seven silky smooth layers of ice cream and cake consisting of tres leches cake, Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, Pastillas de Leche Ice Cream and Leche Flan garnished with Condensed Milk Crumble for a tres leches creation unlike any other. Each layer just melts with the other releasing full on flavors with nothing held back to get you in the holiday groove. 

The Bibingka Espesyal recreates the flavors and textures of another Filipino holiday staple with layers of sticky rice cake, Queso de Bola Ice Cream and the new Itlog na Maalat Ice Cream made with salted egg white ice cream and blended with salted egg yolk bits topped with more salted egg and grated cheese. 

That first bite brings comfortingly familiar notes and as it slowly melts on your palate releasing even more pronounced and indulgent flavors, this is bibingka reimagined in its most lavish and elegant form. 

The new line of Ice Cream Cakes from the Christmas Collection are priced at P 1,850 for the Whole Cake and P 175 per slice. Available at The Podium flagship store by the slice and whole cake and slices at the online store ( starting November 24.

Four decadent ice cream flavors, four lavish ice cream cakes and four exciting variants from the new and innovative line of Crispwiches. Sebastian's Ice Cream brings its own indulgent weave of Filipino flavors and ice cream creations to the much awaited season of the year. Bibingka, Queso de Bola and Puto Bumbong? Let Sebastian's Ice Cream show you a different way of enjoying the season's traditional flavors in a pint, scoop, slice and bite with the new Christmas Collection...

For more information on Sebastian's Ice Cream, visit their website and online store at for orders, pick-up and delivery. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates and view the entire range of frozen offerings.

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