Thursday, October 31, 2013

Burger Company: More Than Just Burgers

After trying out the extensive line of burgers at Burger Company (see my previous post here at, it was time to sample Burger Company's other signature dishes. There's definitely more to Burger Company than just burgers.

Burger Company's menu include wings, a variety of sides, and a steak. Start with Burger Company's Nachos Overload (P 210), crisp corn nachos topped with creamy cheese sauce, ground beef and sour cream served with fresh salsa. You simply can't stop after one piece...

Looking for something with a spicy kick? Go for the Bacon Jalapeno Fritters (P 215 8 oz/P 320 12 oz), bacon-wrapped jalapeno fritters served with tomato salsa. Like they say, anything with bacon, get the picture. The sweet-spicy notes of the jalapeno provide a refreshing and cooling heat, gradually building up without overpowering the flavors. Not overwhelmingly spicy, but some peppers pack a punch, so have your milkshake on stand-by, just in case.

New York Buffalo Wings with Louisiana Barbecue Sauce (P 135 Bantam Weight/6 pcs), covered in a sticky, sweet, smoky glaze. Burger Company's wings are perfectly cooked, with the outer layer retaining its crispness under the barbecue glaze.

Turn up the heat with New York Buffalo Wings Smoked Chili, mild with a subtle kick from the chili. If you want even more heat, go for Burger Company's extremely hot Global Warming, Firefighter's Pride, El Nino or Caribbean Surf.

New York Buffalo Wings Chili and Lime, blending the cooling heat from the chili and the sharpness of the lime in every bite.

New York Buffalo Wings Asian Samurai, an Asian-inspired flavor with a familiar sweetness and mild spice. Burger Company offers thirteen flavors for its NY style wings, ranging from sweet to extremely hot, so take your pick.

Then, there's Burger Company's Ribeye...

Burger Company's Ribeye Steak (P 350), 8 oz. USDA Choice Ribeye Steak with demiglace, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables. Thick, tender, char-grilled to medium rare for a juicy pink center. Burger Company's ribeye comes with a flavorful demiglace, a rich brown sauce, but it's great even without the sauce, just the way I like it. And for the price, this one's definitely another winner from Burger Company, and another personal favorite.

Chocolate ChocNut Mousse (P 100), light yet moist layers of chocolate and ChocNut, and another cool ending to any meal at Burger Company. Definitely more than just burgers.

Burger Company is located at 72B Scout Reyes corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Barangay Paligsahan, 1103 Quezon City or call 949-2269 for inquiries. You can visit their Facbook Page at

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