Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Health and Wellness: Karada Opens Third Branch In Serendra

Time to get ready for the holiday rush. And after, get yourself straightened out to relieve all the stress and body aches. And if you happen to be at Serendra, then you're in luck. Karada opens its third branch at Serendra providing tired shoppers a new sanctuary to relieve those sore muscles.

Following the template of Karada in Japan, the new branch features an open configuration in a spacious layout. Bright, airy, clean and comfortable, the newest Karada is radically different from the first two branches. Dark interiors are replaced with wide open spaces similar to Karada Seitai Salons in Japan.

Now with three branches in the metro, Karada offers its unique brand of therapy with its signature AP Balance Treatment, a clinical technique in bone alignment and muscle treatment. To get you started, clients must go through a series of steps, starting with the Consultation phase where the staff identifies your general body condition, problematic areas, as well as lifestyle habits. Next, a thorough assessment is made on your mobility, leg-length discrepancies and other symptoms. You may not know it, but most body and muscle pains can be traced back to leg-length discrepancies, with one leg slightly longer than the other causing imbalance, and body pain. Then, Karada's Muscle treatment is applied to loosen up your stiff muscles. The Alignment phase is then applied with Karada's AP Balance, where the spine and pelvis are adjusted for balance. And finally, the friendly staff then runs through the treatment with you to explain the causes of your body aches. All this, only at Karada.

Karada offers three unique treatments, made famous by Karada Japan. The first of these proprietary techniques is the AP Balance Treatment for the alignment of the cervical bone, the Atlas and the pelvis. The benefits of Karada's AP Balance include relief from body pain, the removal of stress (also a major cause of body aches) as well as hormonal balance. I remember feeling at least foot taller, with straight yet comfortabe posture, and no pain at all after my first AP Balance treatment.(more on that from my previous post here at

Karada also offers a unique Body Treatment, a dry treatment without using any oil, designed to loosen up stiff muscles. Almost similar to Shiatsu, but without the overbearing force. The treatment is often described in Japanese as "itakimochi" or a "relaxing pain" that slowly eases out all muscle aches.

And finally, Karada's Foot Treatment, and I think one of the best clinical treatments for tired and aching feet in the metro. The treatment includes the use of pressure needed for the detoxification due to the accumulation of toxins and waste products in the lower portion of the body. If you've experienced swelling in the lower extremities, this one's for you. Karada's menu range from 20 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour treatments, with prices starting at P 295.

If you happen to be in Serendra, and feel like having a real body treatment, check in at Karada. Just leave it to Irma and Maggie to straighten you up in no time. For more on Karada's unique services, check out my previous post here at

Karada's newest branch is located at Phase Number C214, Second Floor, Serendra, 11th Avenue, Taguig City. Just look for Irma Marcelo, Karada's Serendra Branch Manager, or call +63927-267-1826 for inquiries or reservations. 

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