Saturday, October 26, 2013

Food News: Christmas Starts Early At Seattle's Best Coffee

Gingerbread men and toy trains, classic images from childhood memories of Christmas, brought back to life at one of your favorite coffee chains. Seattle's Best Coffee celebrates the coming holiday season with its "Christmas inside a toy shop" theme infusing familiar holiday icons and traditional flavors in its new line of hot Christmas Mochas and frosty Javakulas

The integration of iconic Christmas images in all its stores plus four new seasonal blends provide a unique holiday experience with sights and flavors only at Seattle's Best Coffee. The new holiday flavors are available in both hot and cold variants to suit your mood.

SBC's new Eggnog Frost, a sweet white chocolate mocha combined with the traditional flavor of eggnog and cinnamon vanilla topped with whipped cream, pimped up with silver candy beads for that cool holiday vibe. Hot or cold, the white chocolate mocha and eggnog blend should bring out the Christmas spirit in no time.

Roasted Hazelnut, SBC's classic mocha infused with roasted hazelnuts and coffee syrups topped with rich whipped cream, sprinkled with crushed roasted hazelnuts and finished with bright and colorful snowflakes cookies.

Colorful, festive and full of flavor, SBC's Roasted Hazelnut combines layers of bold mocha with the subtle notes of delicately roasted hazelnuts. The crisp snowflakes cookies add texture and sweet notes for another cool blend from Seattle's Best Coffee.

Like all of SBC's new seasonal flavors, you can also have a sip of SBC's holiday flavors in a comforting hot mocha beverage with the same festive toppings, perfect for cooler evenings.

SBC's Cookies & Mint, another fun and playful blend combining SBC's classic mocha with bits of Oreo Cookies and mint syrup covered with a decadent heap of whipped cream and more Oreo cookies.

Have it hot or in a cold, frosty ice-blended Javakula, SBC's cool and refreshing Cookies and Mint delivers on both flavor and texture, and one sweet way to feel the Christmas spirit in a few sips.

And finally, SBC's Gingerbest, a rich blend of white chocolate mocha mixed with gingerbread syrup, garnished with whipped cream, red and green Christmas tree sprinkles and topped with a gingerbread candy man.

The gingerbread syrup adds a cooling and festive spice, combining well with the rich white chocolate mocha base.

For cooler evenings, go for the hot variant, and see the whipped cream slowly melt and blend with the white chocolate mocha. That's your cue to save the gingerbread candy man...

And to complete your Christmas experience, Seattle's Best Coffee offers its new 2014 Dream Journal, available in peach, charcoal grey, orange and brown colors. This year's edition contains a monthly calendar spruced up with monthly freebies worth P 3,000, a cool music CD,  a handy coaster, a nifty metal bookmark  and even some fun stickers. And in this season of giving, proceeds from Seattle's Best Coffee's 2014 Dream Journal will benefit the children of World Vision. Seattle's Best Coffee continues to support World Vision and sponsors 16 children, and that, in a full circle, completes your Christmas experience at SBC.

Have an early taste of Christmas at Seattle's Best Coffee, and feel the spirit of the season.

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  1. This drink is really delicious to look at!

    1. Hi Cutella, tastes good too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Okay... your post officially made me excited about Christmas.... Yay!! Love these coffees.

    1. Hi Ramona, amazing how time flies, Christmas is just around the corner...great to hear from you!


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