Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watami's New Lunch Sets

It was supposed to be a stormy day. The usual traffic in EDSA was eerily non-existent, as the metro buckled down for the coming rains. But it was a special Saturday afternoon, with Game Three of the MBT UAAP 76 championship on the line, plus a new lunch menu at Watami. 

Watami's new Lunch Sets come with salad, miso soup and Japanese cold tea for a pretty good deal. Lunch at Watami is always special, and this day was no different (for more on Watami's regular menu items, you can check out my previous post here at

Lunch begins with Watami's starters, California Maki (P 245 Big Size), large sushi rolls filled with crabstick, sweet mango, lettuce and covered in fish roe. Fresh, flavorful and a great starter to any meal at Watami.

Salmon Skewers (P 275), tender, juicy salmon cubes glazed with a sweet teriyaki glaze.  Delicately grilled, the salmon remains juicy and moist, retaining the fresh flavors.

Gyoza on Hot Pot (P 195), Watami's unique take on the popular dumpling, with its unique folded shape, lightly pan-seared for that delicious crispness and chewy texture.

Then, the first of Watami's new lunch sets arrived, starting with the Genghis Khan Beef Barbecue Lunch Set (P 345), thin and tender strips of beef and vegetables on a hot plate, served with rice, salad and miso. A meal in itself, the tender beef just packs so much flavor, perfect with rice.

Hamburger Steak with Bacon and Egg (P 325), a flavorful blend of beef and pork topped with egg with a side of vegetables on a hot plate. Tasty and comforting, the addition of bacon and egg completes this dish.

Chicken Steak Set(P 355), tender chicken fillet with a smoky and sweet glaze, served with fresh vegetables. Moist and juicy, the subtle flavors of the chicken are kicked up a notch by the sweet glaze, with the crisp edges adding even more flavor.

Pork Fillet Cutlet with Egg Sauce Rice Set (P 365), tender pork covered in a rich egg sauce topped with green onions. The creamy egg sauce rounds out the flavors of this pork dish, and you may want to go for extra rice...

Salmon Steak Rice Set (P 365), a cool alternative for something light and healthy, with a juicy fillet of salmon and a side of vegetables. Subtle yet full flavors without the guilt.

Short Ribs Stone Pot Rice Set (P 425), beefy goodness in a stone pot. And the real fun begins when you start mixing the ribs and rice allowing the dish to cook and combine flavors in an extremely hot stone pot. Full flavors,premium ingredients and a wide selection to choose from, plus great value. Watami's new Lunch Sets are real winners.

For dessert, don't forget to try some of Watami's signature sweets... the rich and refreshing Maccha Parfait (P 155), green tea ice cream with crunchy cereal topped with whipped cream...

...or the Maccha Ice Cream & Anmitsu Dumpling, with a side of fresh fruits.

Craving for Chocolate? No worries, Watani's got you covered too with its rich and moist chocolate cake. The expected rains wasn't as bad as many thought it would be, and the lunch at Watami was great, as usual. A cool lunch before another epic round of basketball in game three of the UAAP finals.

Great food, great value. And with the variety of options to choose from, Watami has more winners in  its line-up with the new Lunch Sets. Special thanks to Lia Cabral, Marketing Manager, The Bistro Group, for an awesome lunch at Watami.

Watami is located at the Ground Floor of the New Glorietta Mall, Makati. For more information, visit Watami's FB Page at

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