Thursday, October 24, 2013

Valor Chocolates: Spain's Best, Now in Manila

Ever since the discovery of cacao more than five hundred years ago, the world has had a love affair with chocolate. And now, there's another reason to fall in love with chocolate all over again. Valor Chocolates, Spain's leading chocolate brand, is now in Manila with its exclusive line of "bean-to-bar" chocolate products. I remember the very first time I tried one of Valor Chocolates' premium products, a rich and thick cup of hot Spanish chocolate, and I knew then that Valor Chocolates would always be on my wish list (see my previous post on here at 

Valor's story begins way back in 1881 in the coastal town of Villajoyosa, when Don Valeriano Lopez Lloret set up a "Xocolater" office. From its humble beginnings, the family-run business has grown driven by a love and passion for premium chocolates with a strong global presence in over fifty countries. And finally, Valor Chocolates spreads its unique brand of chocolate love to Manila.

Valor Chocolates follows an all-natural philosophy with its "bean-to-bar" approach in all its products, sourcing the best cacao beans from Ghana, Ecuador, and Panama without any artificial additives throughout its production. The very best raw ingredients then go through a complex process of mixing and cleaning, roasting and grinding, blending and mixing, refining, conching, and finally molding for some of the best chocolates products.

The extensive product line of Valor Chocolates include premium chocolate bars as well as sugar-free chocolate using only natural sweeteners. Now you can enjoy sugar-free, full-flavored chocolate pleasure without the guilt.

The intensely flavored Sugar-Free 70% Dark Chocolate premium bar has a distinct rich dark color and an equally rich aroma that can only come from the finest ingredients. Despite having no sugar added, Valor's 70% Dark Chocolate releases bold and full flavors. Sharp and intense, yet smooth and refined. And with the known health benefits of dark chocolate, with no sugar added, this one's a real winner.

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate with Almonds, made with whole Spanish Marcona almonds, in a creamy, mild-flavored milk chocolate blend. Subtle and delicate, punctuated with the buttery notes of almonds, pure chocolate bliss.

Milk Chocolate with Wafer offers a creamy chocolate flavor with the added texture of crispy wafer. Rich and sweet, another indulgent treat from Valor Chocolates.

The Sugar-Free 70% Dark Chocolate, as well as Valor's other variants are also available in bite-sized pieces.

The bite-sized pieces are handy and convenient, just perfect to satisfy any chocolate fix.

Other variants include smaller, single serve 1.4 oz bars of Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Almonds. Sugar free with all the richness of chocolate.

Master chocolatiers since 1881, Valor Chocolates continues its mission of providing pure chocolate pleasure with its premium products. Discover and experience the range of Valor Chocolates, and fall in love with chocolate all over again.

Now available in major supermarkets and drugstores. For more on information on Valor Chocolates, you can visit their Facebook Page at

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  1. Looks wonderful! I could try each of them. :0)

    1. Hi Ramona, its sugar-free, so no worries! Great to hear from you!

  2. Wow! Sooooo tempting especially the dark chocolates. I love it!

    1. Hi Fred, the dark chocolates are awesome, thanks for stopping by!


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