Monday, October 28, 2013

Quick Bites: A Sunday Afternoon with Charlie's Pritchon

Since 2002, Charlie's Pritchon, the creators of fried lechon wrapped in pita wedges, has remained a favorite. Deep-fried in oil, Charlie's Pritchon serves up the traditional lechon in a new and refreshing way, and more than ten years later, still tastes as new and refreshing as the first time I tried it. 

Fried lechon wrapped in pita wedges with a variety of sauces, including hoisin, honey mustard, white garlic, chili tagalog, sate, honey lemon, wasabi and the traditional liver sauce. Prepared much like the Peking Duck with pancakes, the deep-fried lechon combines the texture of crisp crackling and juicy pork in one bite.

Sundays at my aunt's is always special, made even more special by my cousin's birthday. And Charlie's Pritchon kicked off the feast. The service crew prepares the table, unwrapping the hand-woven pandan leaf mat, and immediately starts carving the lechon. Expertly carved to ensure that each wrap contains crisp crackling and pork, it just takes a few minutes before the first batch is served.

A bit of crisp crackling, juicy pork, cucumbers and spring onions wrapped in pita wedges, with your choice of sauce, for an entirely new dining experience. The hoisin sauce gives the pritchon a familiar flavor, reminding you of Peking Duck. And here's the fun part, you can choose your own sauce and combine the different sauces. Combining hoisin and white garlic was a real winner while the wasabi and honey mustard were great as is.

My aunt's grilled prawns with butter complemented the feast.

Tender roast beef, succulent prawns and Charlie's Pritchon...can't get better than that. 

For more information on Charlie's Pritchon, call 921-0405, 921-0415 and 426-5501 for inquiries and orders. You can also check out their website at

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