Monday, January 27, 2014

A Peek at The Glass Door

There's a new restaurant at The Fort...

Young chef and owner Jessamine "Maj" Lazatin brings her own take on classic Italian cuisine with The Glass Door, the newest restaurant at The Fort. Maj Lazatin's culinary journey began in Florence, where she successfully completed a course on Italian Cuisine at Apicius Cooking School. Maj then apprenticed at Julian Serrano's Picasso at the Bellagio in Las Vegas as well as the acclaimed chef's famous tapas bar at Aria Hotel. And Chef Maj's culinary journey continues with her very own restaurant...

Drawing inspiration from the opulence and glamour of a bygone era, The Glass Door exudes a classic elegance reminiscent of the twenties. Bold blacks play with clean whites in a formal play of monochromes providing a dramatic backdrop to Chef Maj Lazatin's dishes. 

The Glass Door's menu is a selection of Chef Maj's favorite dishes, and a sampling of what she does best. Here's a sneak peek at The Glass Door's dishes...start your meal with a comforting Minestrone (P 185), a medley of fresh vegetables with pesto in a rich a hearty tomato-based broth.

Thick and comforting, The Glass Door's Minestrone combines layers of rich flavors and the crispness of fresh vegetables. Tart, complex and refreshing, it's the perfect start to any meal at The Glass Door.

Salmon Tartare (P 280), crisp cups filled with smoked salmon, lemon, and capers drizzled with fresh dill. A crispy and thin pastry cup contrasts with the creamy salmon, punctuated by the fresh sharpness of lemon and capers. Light, yet creamy, with the fresh dill just adding that subtle finishing touch.

Asian Vermicelli Salad (P 220), cold glass noodles with vegetables and herbs and a Vietnamese-inspired vinaigrette. A surprising choice in The Glass Door's menu, but refreshing just the same with its clean flavors. Sweet, salty and sour, not something you'd find in a traditional Italian kitchen. But that's what makes The Glass Door special.

Tartufo (P 375), a fresh and rustic pasta dish with wild mushrooms and fragrant white truffle oil. The dish delivers mildly delicate flavors, combining the earthy mushrooms with the nutty and aromatic white truffle oil with homemade pasta. Buttery and creamy, and a meal in itself. The use of fresh and premium ingredients make even the simplest dishes at The Glass Door stand out with pure, uncomplicated flavors.

The Angus Ribeye Ladies Cut (P 700/150g), a premium grade steak, perfectly grilled and just the right size for modest appetites (The Glass Door also serves a heftier 250g steak, just in case). Tender, juicy with a rich beefy flavor you'd expect from a premium steak. The steak is topped with herbs and crispy fat trimmings for added flavor, with a side of potatoes and vegetables.

Fish Almondine (P 360), creamy fish fillet topped with almonds in a richly flavored almond butter sauce. Served with rice and vegetables, the rich butter and almonds bind this dish with its rich flavors.

For dessert, go for The Glass Door's homemade Tiramisu on chocolate syrup, topped with sweet chocolate shavings. Great with a cup of coffee.

Or the Apple Crumble with ice cream, always a winning combination.

The Glass Door has a full bar, and a round of cocktails before or after a meal at The Glass Door is always a good idea. The Frozen Margarita, a refreshing cocktail that's sweet yet potent. The bar at The Glass Door doesn't scrimp on the good stuff... The Glass Door's Old-Fashioned, loaded with Jack Daniel's for that refreshing kick in every sip.

Elegant yet comforting, classic yet modern, The Glass Door is one of those new places one shouldn't miss. The Glass Door formally opens on January 28, check it out and experience young Chef Maj Lazatin's own take on Italian flavors.   

The Glass Door is located at Net Square Building, 28th Street and 3rd Avenue, Taguig City or call 831-1256 for inquiries and reservations. 

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  1. Will be swinging by The Glass Door tonight for some cocktails and Tartufo. Hope it'll be a glorious experience! Can't wait!

    1. Hi Dana, hope you have a great time at The Glass Door!


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