Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hot Pot? Make That Huat Pot!

Hot Pot all-you-want with the widest selection of fresh and premium ingredients...only at Huat Pot.

Huat Pot takes shabu-shabu to a whole new level with the widest selection of ingredients to make your very own signature hot pot. With just one price inclusive of unlimited beverages and a dessert buffet, it just can't get better than that...

Located at the second floor of the new Metropoint Building along P. Guevarra, Huat Pot offers a Taiwanese-style shabu-shabu which includes a wider assortment of ingredients, from fresh greens to seafood, premium meats to the most extensive selection of bola-bola, or assorted fish balls.

With the impressive selection of hot pot ingredients, Executive Chef Jonas Ng believes that dining at Huat Pot becomes "more personal and engaging," and in turn, diners "will enjoy and appreciate their food even more." In addition, Huat Pot is meticulously clean, with a wide and spacious dining area, including booths and private rooms. Shabu-Shabu was never this good. Seriously.

Each table displays an easy-to-follow and step-by-step guide to enjoy your Huat Pot dining experience. And once you go through the steps, head on down the buffet stations and start your selection.

The extensive selection of fresh and premium ingredients, many imported from Taiwan, include vegetables, fresh seafood and a variety of bola-bola, or fish balls. The options includes squid balls, shrimp balls, lobster balls, dumplings, crab sticks and more.

A chiller containing thinly sliced beef, lamb, and pork conveniently packed in individual trays adds to your experience. But before you dive in, head to the sauce buffet to make your very own sauce. The condiments, chopped vegetables, and pastes are equally impressive.

Taking the cue from Chef Jonas Ng, I prepare my own concoction, starting with freshly chopped garlic, ginger, spring onions, and coriander, followed by sate sauce, black vinegar, a little fish sauce, and some fresh chili. At your table, a small jar containing an egg yolk is available to top your sauce, and mix it up.

As you wait for your broth to simmer, have a beer, it's unlimited too. Dispensers for soda, iced tea and fruit juices are also available, including a cool coffee vending machine offering hot lattes to creamy
cappuccinos, simply push a button for a cup.

My first trip down Huat Pot's buffet section. I load up on fresh vegetables, all covered by Huat Pot's impressive selection of fish balls and dumplings. The secret in making a flavorful hot pot is the combination of vegetables, seafood, and meats for layers of flavors. Fresh leeks and mushrooms coupled with fresh greens and various toppings should provide a flavorful base. The secret to any hot pot is the combination of various layers of flavors, and Huat Pot's wide range of ingredients offer countless and infinite possibilities.

I go for the Mala, Huat Pot's spicy broth, on the left side of the hot pot. The right side uses Huat Pot's original and signature broth. And here's the cool part. No MSG is used in all of Huat Pot's broths. As the broth simmers and reaches a full boil, the aroma lingers. A few more minutes...

To complete the flavors, add a few strips of premium US Beef to your hot pot...

...and some lamb too for rich flavors. It just takes a few seconds for the meat to transform from bright red to a light brown color, fully cooked in seconds. Pork and chicken are also available. Then, let it boil for a few more seconds to blend all the flavors. Have another beer. Or two.

Once the colors change, scoop up the rich steaming broth ad a few fish balls and dumplings. Take a sip of the broth, then pick-up a dumpling and dip it on your freshly concocted dipping sauce. And repeat the process...

Go for your second bowl, scooping up even more ingredients. This time, include some vegetables...

Go for a third bowl...

...and a fourth bowl.

...and finally, scoop up the remaining ingredients from the now fully flavored broth. In addition, Huat Pot also offers Taiwanese-style Loba, richly seasoned minced pork slow-cooked for hours, great for topping on steamed white rice.

For dessert, Huat Pot offers unlimited fresh fruits as well as Taho, soft and silken bean curd with a variety of toppings and flavored syrups...

...and a freezer loaded with Magnum, now how cool is that? From the extensive hot pot selection, to beverages and all the way to desserts, Huat Pot takes the usual shabu-shabu to an entirely new level. For only P 688++, you too can have an all-you-can-eat Huat Pot experience. And yes, all drinks and desserts are inclusive. Hot Pot? Make that Huat Pot!

And I did come back for a second visit. See more here at http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2014/04/huat-pot-redux-few-tips-to-enjoy-your.html.

Huat Pot Hot Pot Restaurant is located at Unit 2F, Metropoint Center, P. Guevarra corner Averilla Streets, San Juan City or call 650-3091 for inquiries and reservations.

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