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Saturday Night Fever Dinner Buffet at Oakwood's Oakroom Restaurant & Bar

Saturday nights just got better...

Starting January 11, 2014, the Oakroom Restaurant & Bar features its Saturday Night Fever Dinner Buffet featuring an impressive selection of mouth-watering international fare highlighted by Chef Jerome Cartailler's scrumptious Cronut Station serving a variety of sweet and savory cronuts. Nothing like starting the new year with something different and special, only at the Oakroom Restaurant & Bar.

The Oakroom Restaurant & Bar is Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila's signature restaurant. Located at the 6th Floor, the Oakroom Restaurant & Bar is elegant and spacious yet one feels comfortingly at home with its relaxed and casual vibe.

Oakroom's Chef Jerome Cartailler takes the familiar cronut to an all new level with an impressive selection of cronuts, a unique feature of Oakroom's Saturday Night Fever Dinner Buffet. Savory or sweet, baked or fried, your choice. And the choices alone make this buffet different, and special.

Inspired by global flavors, the savory cronuts include a flavorful Cronut Philly with shredded , tender beef, cheese sauce and onions, to the rich Cronut de France with duck liver and balsamic glaze. And for dessert, check out Chef Jerome's equally extensive line of sweet cronuts with a variety of fillings from chocolate to fresh fruits. For more on Oakroom's cool cronuts, check out my other post here at

A variety of flavors, all in one place. Start your meal with Oakroom's Chicken Tortillas, delicately grilled tender chicken with mixed vegetables and cream sauce...

...along with Shrimp Cocktails, with fresh, clean flavors and a hint of lemon. The Oakroom features a variety of appetizing starters including Norwegian smoked salmon and cream cheese, the classic Reuben Sandwich in bite-sized servings and a host of other treats.

Premium, fresh ingredients deliver full flavors in each delicate treat at Oakroom's Sandwich Station. And we're just at the Sandwich Station.

Why not have some Pastrami...

...and some Smoked Turkey as well?

Oakroom's Salad Station features a selection of fresh salads including the rich and creamy Waldorf Salad...

...a refreshing Cobb Salad...

...and the unique and playful NY Style Cheesedog Salad with sauerkraut and cherry tomatoes...

...or, you can make your own. Rounding out Oakroom's Salad Station, fresh and crisp greens are also available with a choice of flavorful dressings, including Roasted Garlic & Shallots in Olive Oil, Italian Vinaigrette, Basil Olive Oil, Walnut Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard Dressing, Roasted Sesame Seed and Peanut Dressing, Tomato Vinaigrette, and Roasted Pumpkin Dressing.

At the center station, Oakroom's signature selections include the savory Pork Ribs Barbecue (L) and homey Fried Chicken (R)...

...and Buffalo Wings (L) with a sweet glaze and Grilled Steak (R). But there's more...

This. Angus premium grade US ribeye, carved to your desired thickness.

Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, and perfectly grilled to perfection with a juicy pink center. A little drizzle of gravy, a side of mashed potatoes and grilled sweet corn on the cob...perfect.

Like all buffets, just take your time and go with flow, indulge with Oakroom's tasty appetizers...

...and salads...

...and go into full gear with Oakroom's signature mains. For only P 1,290+++ per person, you get a feast with a wide selection of choices. And Chef Jerome Cartailler's impressive Cronut Station is a value-added bonus. Celebrate the weekend with family and friends at Oakroom's Saturday Night Fever Buffet available for dinner, from 6pm to 11pm starting January 11. And start the year right...Saturday nights are definitely better this year.

Special thanks to Aleah Alam, Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila's PR and Marketing Communications Executive for an awesome buffet experience. And for dessert? Check out my post here at

Saturday Night Fever
Dinner Buffet
P 1,290+++/6pm-11pm

Spectacular Sunday Selections
Brunch Buffet
P 1,190+++/12nn-3pm

Weekday Mid-Day Delight
Daily Lunch Buffet
P 1,099+++/12nn-3pm

Friday's Tapas & Sangria Buffet
Dinner Buffet
P 990+++/6pm-10pm

The Oakroom Restaurant and Bar is located at the 6th Floor of Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila, 17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig. For reservations, please call (632)719-1160 (direct line) or (632)637-7888/910-8888 or email

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