Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dimsum and Noodles at Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight

Dimsum and noodles, always a winning combo. And here's one cool place for your dimsum and noodle fix...

Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight in Greenhills offers authentuic dimsum and noodles at affordable prices, plus a host of other dishes as well. And when it comes to authentic Xiao Long Bao, Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight comes top-of-mind.

Any visit to Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight won't be complete without their Steamed Soupy Pork Dumplings (P 188), Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight's signature Xiao Long Bao, delicate dimsum with filled with soup. Served steaming hot, each bamboo steamer contains five pieces of the signature dimsum. Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight also serves a line of flavored Xiao Long Bao, a unique and playful twist, in different colors (see more here at http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2013/11/reinventing-xiao-long-bao-at-crystal.html).

Soft yet firm and chewy, the soup dumplings handle well with chopsticks, though you still need to be extra careful with these delicate dumplings. Once you transfer the dumpling into a spoon, add some black vinegar and go for it. Though it might be a good idea to let it cool a bit...

Pork Dumpling with Hot Chili Sauce (P 168), with a flavorful chili sauce that packs some serious heat.  Soft, chewy dumplings filled with savory pork covered in rich chili sauce, providing that extra layer of flavor. The dish just has so much flavor, making this simple pork dumpling different from the usual dimsum, and a perfect side with Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight's noodles. 

Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce (P 150), perfectly braised and tender with a flavorful black bean sauce. The soft and fall-off-the-bone texture complements the subtle yet delicate flavors, another cool side dish to go with your meal at Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight.  

Noodle Soup with Fresh Shrimp Wonton (P 258 Full Portion), a large bowl of noodles, perfect when paired with Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight's other signature dimsum dishes. Hearty and comforting, the noodles are firm and chewy, complemented by a flavorful broth. The fresh shrimp wontons complete the dish. Dimsum and noodles? Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight's definitely the place for your dimsum and noodle fix.

For more on Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight's signature dishes, check out my previous post here at http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2013/11/reinventing-xiao-long-bao-at-crystal.html. And if you're at The Fort, and in the mood for fine dining, check out their authentic and premium dishes at Crystal Jade Dining IN here at http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2013/04/authentic-cantonese-fine-dining-comes.html.

Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight is located at Unit 117-121, V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City or call 570-6912 for inquiries and reservations.

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