Friday, January 31, 2014

B&B Burgers & Brewskies: The One Place for Burgers and Beer

Where do you go for burgers and beer? There are a number of options that come top-of-mind, but there's one place for great burgers and premium craft beers. 

Premium, handcrafted burgers paired with an extensive selection of imported craft beers, all in one place. That's B&B Burgers & kind of place.

One look at the ceiling and you just know B&B Burgers & Brewskies is your kind of place. And you can indulge in B&B Burgers & brewskies' line of signature burgers and pair it with a number of the world's best beers.

Burgers & Brewskies stocks an impressive inventory of imported premium and craft beers, and you'll surely find your favorite brew at B&B. B&B has Holgate craft beers on tap, and I go for a mug. Make that two. I start with a round of Holgate Road Trip IPA, or India Pale Ale, a west coast IPA with 5.8% Alcohol by Volume or ABV (P 220/Mug) and the Holgate Mt. Macedon Pale Ale, an American Pale Ale with 4.5% ABV (P 200/mug). B&B offers other premium and craft beer brands like Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Blue Moon, Fuller's, Kronenbourg, Paulaner, Royal Dutch, Samuel Adams, Hitachino, and Sapporo. I can stay here all day...

Start with B&B's S.P.F. (P 65), sweet potato fries with B&B's secret spice mix (L), and the Chili Cheese Fries (P 160), crisp, thick-cut steak fries drizzled with B&B's cheese sauce, chili, onions, sour cream (R). Great sides to any of B&B's burgers and a cold beer.

Then, there's B&B's signature Cuban Missile (P 120), grilled sweet corn covered in mayo and spiced shredded cheese, served with a lemon wedge. The sweetness of the corn combines well with the rich mayo and cheese, while the cooling heat from the spice sneaks up on you. The lemon adds a fresh and clean sharpness to the mix, making this dish another winner from B&B.

And don't forget to wing it at B&B with their line of Buffalo Wings, including the Honey Garlic (P 195) with a wild honey garlic glaze and just a hint of soy sauce (L) and the Sesame Sriracha (P 195), covered in a Sriracha-based hot sauce glaze with honey and drizzled with sesame seeds. 
Or go for the signature and flavorful Buffalo (P 195), dry-rubbed with salt and pepper and served with blue cheese sauce. And just the right time  for another round of Holgate's Road Trip IPA, with its mild sweet note perfectly balancing the chicken dishes. 

Craving for a salad? No problem, B&B's got you covered. The B&B Wedge Salad (P 180), a refreshing mix of iceberg lettuce wedges, roasted tomato strips, candied bacon bits, and crushed cashews drizzled with a rich bleu cheese dressing. Fresh ingredients provide full flavors, and the roasted tomatoes, candied bacon and walnuts add to a refreshing medley of flavors rounded by the creamy blue cheese dressing.

The Heisenberg (P 250), topped with Bleu Cheese sauce, a refreshng jicama celery slaw, red onions and bacon vinaigrette on a whole wheat bun. I've always loved the combination of blue cheese with a premium beef patty, and the Heisenberg does not disappoint. A full 1/3 lb of 100% imported beef made fresh everyday and grilled to medium perfection forms the foundation of each and every juicy burger at B&B Burgers & Brewskies.

The thick, juicy burger plays well with B&B's toppings, combining for complex flavors in every bite. The unique jicama celery slaw pairs well with the creamy and sharp flavors of the blue cheese, and the thin-cut and crisp fries add a delicious layer of texture to complete the burger.

The Hector Salamanca (P 240), a hot and spicy number topped with red shili oil, B&B cheese sauce, jalapeno crema, tomato salsa, and a layer of crisp nacho strips for the finishing touch. And the heat from the jalapenos just add to the slightly naughty nature of the Hector Salamanca, and this one bites back. True to its name, this is one awesome breaking bad burger.

B&B's Call The Nurse (P 280), topped with seared Mac & Cheese, honey Sriracha bacon, spiced mustard aioli and B&B cheese sauce on a whole wheat bun, now how cool is that? The creamy mac & cheese and spicy Sriracha bacon combine for an incredibly rich and unique burger. You'll definitely call the nurse after this one...for another burger and beer. And another.

B&B also offers seasonal burgers, and we got to sample B&B's Mr. Chow, made specially for the Chinese New Year, topped with hoisin garlic mushrooms, leeks, cilantro, hoisin sauce, and crisp wonton strips. The sweet and crisp combo is refreshingly different, with an uncanny yet familiar flavor that hinted of roast duck. One more bite, and you still have that lingering feeling that there is roast duck somewhere in the burger. But its B&B's specially prepared slices of mushrooms that deliver the flavor. Different, and a playful twist on your usual burger. Leave it to B&B to come up with even more surprises as they come up with more innovative thematic burgers for all the holidays.

And here's another sneak peek at one of B&B's new and still unnamed burgers, featuring a cool breakfast twist with a sunny-side up topped with thin, crisp and flaky hash browns. For added crispness, the buns are coated in egg and seared, with crisp bacon strips competing the burger. Slice the burger in half as the sunny-side up oozes on the side. Hearty and comforting flavors, all in a bun. And B&B promises even more unique burger creations to come.

Cap your meal with B&B's Chocolate Pudding (P 85), a rich and dark chocolate custard topped with cinnamon oatmeal streusel for that extra crunch.

Or go for some ice cream. Premium burgers with a comforting familiarity made even more interesting and flavorful with elements of surprise and inventive playfuluness. Paired with any of B&B's imported premium and craft beers, having a burger and a cold beer at B&B just seems so right. Burgers and beer? There's just one place...

Burgers & Brewskies is located at Unit E, Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Gobal City, Taguig or call 403-4038 for inquiries.

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  1. My hubby would love to eat at this place... burgers and beer. He could not ask for more. :)

    1. Hi Ramona, burgers and beer, can't get any better than that, great to hear from you!


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