Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quick Bites: The Kimukatsu Tonkatsu Sandwich

The Ramen wars take a backseat, at least for now, with the looming Katsu wars...

...and here's a cool preview of the newest contender in the heated Katsu battleground...

How else can one improve on the tried and tested, breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet? By doing twenty-five. That's twenty-five thinly sliced layers of premium and select pork cutlet, stacked and delicately covered in fresh breadcrumbs and then fried slowly in low heat for no more than eight minutes. The flavorful juices are retained between the thin layers of pork and the crispy batter, resulting in a light yet intensely flavored tonkatsu. Inside this cool box is a light treat, and a flavorful sampling of Kimukatsu's signature 25-layer pork cutlet.

The unique Kimukatsu Tonkatsu Sandwich features their layered pork katsu drizzled with tonkatsu sauce between soft and fresh white bread. A closer look reveals the signature 25-layered pork cutlet. One bite, and the flavorful juices come to play with the sharp tonkatsu sauce. The katsu is unbelievably tender, with the outer layer of crisp breading providing contrasting textures.

And all it took was one bite to experience the distinct "25-layer" difference. Tonkatsu 2.0? an increasingly competitive market, achieving real and relevant differentiation is what sets one apart from the others. For more on Kimukatsu's signature 25 layer pork cutlets, see my post here at

Kimukatsu is located at Level 5, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, Shaw Boulevard corner Edsa, Mandaluyong City or call 727-0333 for inquiries.

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  1. This looks appetizing. Nice clicks !

  2. I would need lots of one bites.... these look really tasty. :)


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