Monday, January 27, 2014

A Taste of the Metro's Number One Xiao Long Bao at Modern Shanghai

Authentic Shanghainese cuisine and the metro's best Xiao Long Bao...

The Bistro Group's newest restaurant concept, Modern Shanghai, opens its second branch at the 3rd floor of the Glorietta 2 complex, bringing the best of Shanghainese cuisine to the metro, including its signature Xiao Long Bao, rated as the top Xiao Long Bao by

Paul Kwok, Modern Shanghai's President, recently flew in from Hongkong to welcome diners to his second branch. Drawing inspiration from Shanghai's rich culinary heritage, Modern Shanghai offers traditional, rustic and authentic dishes in a contemporary and modern setting designed by award-winning interior designer Steve Leung, adding to Modern Shanghai's cool and sophisticated vibe. And just the place to enjoy the metro's best Xiao Long Bao.

The preparation process for each Xiao Long Bao is meticulous and tedious, each made by hand by Modern Shanghai's expert chefs. "Delicate craftsmanship goes into each piece to ensure that customers always get the pleasant surprise of a hot soup infused inside the flour dough pouch with every bite," says Paul Kwok. 

The filling is made with three cuts of pork-pork leg meat, pork collar and pork fat-giving each dumpling a rich and distinct flavor. The filling is then wrapped with paper-thin dough, leaving a tiny hole on the top, and weighed before steaming.

Freshly wrapped and prepared Xiao Long Bao, ready for steaming. And in just a few minutes, the freshly steamed bamboo steamer is served on your table...

Perfectly steamed Xiao Long Bao (P 208), ready to go. The tiny hole at the top of the dumpling allows diners to sip the flavorful broth without biting through the dumpling, and risking a hot, scalding burn. The broth is rich with flavor, enriched by the three cuts of pork meat. Dip the dumpling in black Zhenjiang vinegar with slivers of ginger, and enjoy.

Paul Kwok shares one of the simple tests in determining the quality of Xiao Long Bao. Delicately pick-up the dumpling with chopsticks and gently sway the dumpling from side to side, and if the dumpling retains its shape without breaking apart, you've got a winner. Then, place it on a spoon and go for it. Aside from the signature Xiao Long Bao, Modern Shanghai also serves an extensive range of Shanghainese dishes, check out some of their other signature dishes here at

Get a taste of the metro's best Xiao Long Bao, only at Modern Shanghai...

Modern Shanghai is located at Third Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City or call 556-4167 for inquiries and reservations.

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