Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe: Not Your Usual Macarons

There are macarons, and then there's macarons from Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe. 

Fancy a Bibingka-flavored macaron, with the comforting and distinct flavors of salted egg? Or Pancake with Maple buttercream in your macaron? Mrs. Graham Macaron Cafe has that, and more...

Inside Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe, the use of wooden furniture in light tones add a homey and rustic charm to the place as the aroma of freshly baked treats and brewed coffee linger, and you just know you'll feel so right at home at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe.
The chiller display features an assortment of sweet treats, including freshly baked cupcakes and cookies. Like a kid in a candy store, your eyes are drawn almost immediately to one part of the chiller, and then the next, and the next...

Elegant and indulgent cupcakes in a variety of flavors are just some of the options to satisfy your sugar cravings. Stay tuned for my next post on Mrs. Graham's other sweet treats...

But its the macarons that truly sets Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe apart. Where else can you find perfectly shaped almond shells with not just the usual ganache or buttercream filling but with inventive, playful and unique flavors like Tequila Rose, Bailey's, S'mores, Pancake with Maple Buttercream, and even Bibingka with salted egg. Only at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe. With the growing popularity of macarons, establishing a clear and significant point of differentiation becomes more important, and in an extremely competitive marketplace, even mandatory. Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe achieves this, in a refreshingly delicious way, with their distinct flavors. Surprising twists yet comfortingly familiar. And that's what makes Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe special.

Choose from Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe's line of classic flavors, which include Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough, White Coffee, Tequila Rose, Bailey's, and Malibu Rum, priced at P 50 each.

Or indulge in Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe's premium flavors, which include S'mores, Pancake with Maple Buttercream, Tiramisu, French Toast with Peanut Butter Cream, PB & J, and the unique and refreshingly different Bibingka, priced at P 60 each. The range of flavors are impressive, and leave it to Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe to come up with even more unique flavors. Maybe a sweet and smoky bacon jam spiked with Jack Daniels...who knows.

Each delicate macaron is soft and chewy, with just the right subtle crunchy texture on the outside that just melts in your mouth. And after trying several flavors, it's pretty challenging to come up with just one favorite. Each one's a winner, and you'll definitely find your own favorite at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe.

For a complete dining experience at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe, go for the High Tea Set featuring a selection of Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe's bestsellers paired with their premium tea, which include Creme Caramel, Sweet France and Choco Mint Truffle from TWG.

Pair your dessert with a White Chocolate Mocha (P 145), or any of Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe's premium brews, using a locally sourced Barako variant and freshly brewed in an Italian moka pot. Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe also offers premium coffee beans infused with Hazelnut, Vanilla, Macademia Nut and Irish Cream. Or go for their signature Butter Beer Latte, a sweet and creamy beverage reminiscent of the holidays.

Different, better, and special. Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe is one of those places. Special thanks to Chris and Anne Graham of Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe for a unique and flavorful macaron experience.

Mrs. Graham's macaron Cafe is located at 51C, Scout Rallos, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City.

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