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A Complete Dining Experience at Dulcelin Gourmet

Lengua, Callos...and desserts, signature all-time favorites that have defined Dulcelin Gourmet for so many years. But there's really more to Dulcelin Gourmet than Lengua, Callos and desserts. A whole lot more...

With the opening of Dulcelin's first ever restaurant, Dulcelin Gourmet pulls all the stops with an equally impressive line of signature mains and dishes created with the same passion and love as their famous desserts. And what a feast...

Now, loyal fans of Dulcelin can have more than just dessert at Dulcelin Gourmet. Located at the 2nd level of the new UP Town Center along Katipunan, Dulcelin Gourmet now offers a full dining experience, from starters to mains to dessert, all in one place.

Our feast begins with a classic, Old-Style Fries (P 100), crisp, thick-cut potatoes deep fried in beef tallow, served with a side of Sriracha mayo.Perfectly crisp and rich with flavor from the beef fat, Dulcelin Gourmet's Old-Fashioned Fries brings back memories when fries were fries. Simply, this is the way fries should be, and Dulcelin Gourmet brings it all back with their Old-Fashioned Fries. Great as is, or if you want an extra layer of creamy flavor, simply dip it in the Sriracha mayo for an extra kick.

Beer-Battered Miso Glazed Cauliflower (P 190), crisp fried cauliflower in beer batter glazed with sweet miso sauce topped with bits of crispy bacon. If I had vegetables this was when I was a kid, I would have enjoyed more vegetables much earlier. The crisp outer layer is packed with flavor with the sweet miso glaze, complementing the clean and subtle flavors of the fresh cauliflowers. And the crisp bacon bits add the final exclamation point.

Miso Glazed Brussel Sprouts (P 250, limited availability), fresh brussel sproutes sauteed with bacon and glazed with miso and mirin. Dulcelin Gourmet goes even further with their Miso Glazed Brussel Sprouts, with the subtle sweetness of the fresh vegetables playing well with the miso glaze and smoky bacon. Both these dishes made me enjoy my vegetables. Seriously good.

Red Rice Shiso Duo (P 240), Japanese red rice topped with seared tuna with shrimp and Anfus short ribs with pickled radishj and aji tamago quail egg, with Korean spices on fresh and minty shiso leaves. The creativity of Dulcelin Gourmet comes through with this unique dish, offering a medley of fresh and balanced flavors. And ditch the knife and fork, simply use your hands to roll up and gently fold the shiso leaf and enjoy. And these are just some of the starters...

For the mains, Dulcelin Gourtmet offers a wide range of dishes, from pork, beef, chicken and seafood. The elegantly plated Pork Inasal with Lechon Skin (P 275) is then served, lemongrass and ginger-infused pork with thin and crispy lechon skin with a side of lemon-patis sauce and pickled corn. The delicately crisp lechon skin crowns the dish for a visual treat. Simply pinch off a piece of the thin lechon skin, and add one more dish to your all-time favorites at Dulcelin. The flavorful pork is moist and tender, with a thin layer of crispy crackling, dip it into the tart sauce and grab a spoonful of corn. Extra rice? Definitely.

Angus Corned Beef (P 295), homemade corned beef with boiled potatoes and cabbage. The tender slabs of flavorful corned beef deliver fresh flavors, another comforting dish from Dulcelin's kitchen. The boiled potatoes and cabbage, infused with the richly flavored broth, completes the dish.

One of the best Scotch Eggs available in the metro, Dulcelin Gourmet gives a refreshing new twist to a classic favorite, with double yolk farm fresh eggs inspired by the soft and runny aji tamago style eggs served with ramen. The result, rich and smooth eggs that balance the contrasting bold flavors of Italian Garlic sausage and crisp breading. A meal in itself, Dulcelin Gourtmet's Scotch Eggs is another must-try (P 395 to share, good for 2-3).

Dulcelin Gourmet also offers a single serve portion of their Scotch Egg (P 200 Single Serve), with its farm-fresh eggs prepared aji tamago style with its distinct runny yolk and flavorful Italian garlic sausage, breaded and deep-fried topped with seaweed salad and served with miso corn rice.

Dulcelin Gourmet's classic Lengua (P 330 single serve), fork-tender ox-tongue, in rich brown sauce with Spanish chorizo El Rey and mushrooms, served with steamed white rice. An all-time favorite at Dulcelin, and still a bestseller.

Thick-Cut Pork Chops (P 320), grilled thick slab bone-in pork chops marinated in miso and mirin, served with caramelized apples and truffle mash. Love pork chops? You'll definitely enjoy this. The pork chop slab is incredibly thick, and Dulcelin Gourmet wasn;t kidding when they named this "Thick-Cut Pork Chop". And here's the best part. Simply slice the thick pork chop and you'll be amazed at how juicy and tender the slab is, pairing perfectly with the creamy potatoes.

Apple and Hickory Smoked Homemade Slab Bacon (P 285), thick bacon slab smoked and glazed in honey bourbon sauce, served with lechon skin garlic fried rice and farm-fresh egg cooked to your liking. With their very own smoker, Dulcelin Gourmet's thick smoked bacon is another comforting dish. The full flavors of the thick slab bacon and a sunny side up combine for a rich dish, and that lechon skin garlic rice is the final, flavorful finishing touch.

Uni and Shrimp Pasta (P 350, limited availability), a rich and creamy blend of sea urchin roe and shrimps topped with bonito flakes. Not your usual pasta dish, the creamy sea urchin roe adds a distinct richness, coating each and every noodle with a mildly sweet and briny flavor.

Kitayama Wagyu Short Ribs with Kimchi Rice (P 320), tender Wagyu short ribs served Korean style sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with kimchi rice and delicate 65C egg. The sharp flavors of the kimchi provide familiar notes, perfectly complimenting the richly seasoned beef ribs.

Stuffed Chicken Breast (P 299), delicately poached chicken breast filled with cream cheese, garlic, and US Smithfield ham, served with chorizo rice,  pickled corn relish and bacon sauteed French beans with a flavorful bell pepper sauce. Delicately arranged, the dish has subtle yet rich flavors, and the chorizo rice adds yet another layer of rich flavors to the dish.

Braised Veal Shank (P 550, good for sharing), tender veal with rich and nutty porcini cream sauce served on truffle mashed potatoes. Slow cooked for hours for tender and fall-off-the-bone goodness, the rich flavors of the veal is enhanced by the creamy sauce, and this goes to my list of all-time favorites as well.

And here's another off-the-menu dish, Dulcelin Gourmet's pple wood Smoked Kurobuta Pork with sweet apple glaze on creamy mashed potatoes. Tender, juicy, just too good. And hopefully, included in the menu soon.

Excellent dishes from starters to mains. The wide range of dishes and creative blend of flavors are exactly what you'd expect from Dulcelin Gourmet, approaching each dish with the same level of passion as their signature desserts. And when you're thinking of your next meal, drop by Dulcelin Gourmet. And have more than just dessert.

But wait, I just can't end this post without a feature on some of Dulcelin Gourmet's signature desserts...right? No meal at Dilcelin would be complete without a slice of their signature Mango Torte or any of their signature desserts.  See my post on Dulcelin Gourmet's popular desserts here at

Dulcelin Gourmet is located at the 2nd Level of UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

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  1. Definitely an amazing combo!! Love it…wish I had a piece of it now.


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