Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Breakfast at Pico de Loro

There's just something about early mornings, and the sound of birds and the view of a tranquil lagoon just completes the picture. 

Time for breakfast at Pico Restaurant and Bar...

An early morning walk around the tree-lined lagoon starts your day, as the residential structures reflect on the still waters of the lagoon. Then, a lingering aroma catches your attention, as you follow your nose. Open 24 hours, Pico Restaurant and Bar gears up for the early morning breakfast service (for more on Pico de Loro, check out my previous post here at

The salad station is all set up, with fresh greens and vegetables along with freshly baked bread. Pico Restaurant and Bar's breakfast Buffet offers a wide range of choices, including a pancake and omelet station where your order is prepared ala minute and served hot off the grill.

Other choices include local dishes including beef tapa, pork tocino, bangus belly and sausages. You can also order ala carte, but the choices at the buffet spread is quite impressive, with a variety of cereals, congee and other breakfast staples. 

Fresh fruits and cheeses are also available for a light and healthy breakfast, as well as a range of fresh fruit juices and daily products. All unlimited. Including local brewed coffee.

But for me, breakfast almost always equates with bacon. A lot of bacon. A stack of pancakes and two sunny side ups, and I'm ready for breakfast.

At the pancake station, my stack is prepared way before the morning crowd comes in. You have a variety of toppings as well, including fresh fruits and chocolate chips. Next, my sunny side-ups are served in just minutes.

Choose from strawberry, chocolate, honey and maple syrup for your pancakes...

...and settle down for a leisurely breakfast. Starting the day right is always easy at Pico de Loro...and delicious too.

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