Sunday, April 6, 2014

Southern Comfort at Racks

Can there be anything more comforting than fried chicken? Call it comfort food, call it soul food, sometimes all you need is some good old fried chicken. 

And Racks clearly has another winner here with their Southern Fried Chicken.

Start your meal with one of Racks' signature soups, the Clam Chowder (P 125, Left), a New England style chowder with Manila clams and bacon or the equally rich and comforting Homestyle Mushroom Soup (P 125, Right), thick and creamy with chunks of mushrooms, not just small bits. 

Classic Caesar Salad (P 190/Solo), fresh and crisp Romaine lettuce with bacon and croutons in a rich Caesar dressing for a balanced meal. The sharpness of the crunchy bacon and parmesan blends well with the rich dressing, always a great starter before the mains. 

And you just got to have some ribs. Racks Premium Boneless Pork Ribs (P 360/ Quarter), with a side of coleslaw and potato salad. Tender pork without the bone, with the signature dry rub of Racks. I really prefer ribs with a Texan style dry rub more than the usual wet glaze. The flavors of the meat really come through, just add some of Racks' Extra Hot Barbecue Sauce for a little kick.  

Southern Fried Chicken (P 640/Whole Chicken), deliciously crisp chicken while still tender and juicy inside, served with buttermilk biscuits and honey, comfort food at its best. This is one Racks' best kept secrets, the kind of dish that's well worth the drive to Racks. A side of country gravy completes the dish. The gravy isn't too salty, just right with a thick and rich texture that complements the crispy chicken. 

The whole chicken order has eight pieces, but you can go for a half chicken order too. Half or whole, you just can't go wrong with Racks' Southern Fried Chicken. And ditch the knife and fork, just go for it. Perfectly seasoned with Racks' very own secret herbs and spices, the contrasting textures of the crisp outer layer and the tender, juicy chicken makes this one a real winner. Drizzle a little honey on the crisp skin for a deliciously sweet and salty blend that works. Seriously good.  

And those buttermilk biscuits...simply pour some honey and enjoy. Honey drizzled buttermilk biscuits with some crispy Southern Fried Chicken...perfect.

Southern style comfort food, soul food, call it what you want, and there's really nothing more comforting than fried chicken. And Racks has one of the best in the metro.

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Racks is located at the El Pueblo. El Pueblo Complex, ADB Avenue corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City or call 632-1458 for inquiries.

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