Friday, April 25, 2014

Meeting Speck, Angus and Johnnie at Madison's Bistro Moderne

It's always great to meet friends, both old and new. Like Speck, Angus and Johnnie. And there's no better place than Madison's Bistro Moderne to celebrate both old and new friendships. 

Fine dining and a well-stocked bar comes together at Madison's Bistro Moderne, in elegant yet casual interiors to enjoy that plate of Speck and a glass of Johnnie. And Angus too.

The best premium spirits and a wide array of fine scotch at Madison's Bistro Moderne is enough reason for a visit. But Madison's Bistro Moderne's kitchen, as seen though the exclusive Chef's Table, gives you even more reasons to drop by, with an equally impressive selection of signature dishes.

The evening starts with a few glasses of Shiraz, setting the tone for an elegant evening at Madison's Bistro Moderne.

And soon enough, the first of many dishes from Madison's Bistro Moderne is served. The elegant Tri-Color Ravioli (P 380), a tomato, spinach and cheese ravioli with cream cheese, quail egg, truffle oil, bacon bits and beurre noisette. A feast for the eyes, the colors alone make this ravioli stand out, and even more so after your first bite.

Topped with crisp bacon and parmesan, the cream cheese filling then rounds out the flavors until you slice into the delicate quail egg for even richer flavors. And Madison's Bistro Moderne's kitchen is just starting to fire up...

As the bar goes into high gear with the growing crowd, Madison's Bistro Moderne's kitchen picks up the pace as well, serving plate after plate of appetizers.

Meet Speck, probably one of the best appetizers I've had anywhere. Period. Speck and Goat Cheese Mousse (P 550), with truffle scent and a sweet and spicy apple mustard chutney. The melt-in-your mouth and richly flavored Italian cured meat is deliciously balanced by the chutney, fresh arugula, cherry tomatoes and bits of candied walnuts. Pairs well with a glass of red, even better with a neat Johnnie. Elegantly plated, this is one reason to drop by Madison's Bistro Moderne. Seriously.

An old friend, Johnnie Walker Red on the rocks, neat and straight up. Just perfect for the main dishes about to be served...

Braised Lamb Shank (P 750), tender, fall-off-the-bone lamb slow-braised for hours on mashed potatoes and vegetables. Rich, tender and flavorful, with the lamb's usual gamey flavor tamed down to an almost subtle level, leaving just a hint to remind you this is probably one of the best lamb dishes in the metro. The creamy and buttery mashed potatoes, and the equally buttery vegetables, complete the dish.

Confit Pork Belly (P 450), baked tender pork belly on potato gratin, braised balsamic lentils and thyme jus. Pork belly elegantly executed with a thin and crisp layer of crackling over tender and moist pork, the mandatory elements of a perfect confit, and one of the best looking slabs of pork I've seen. Maybe it's the scotch, but this pork slab is pretty. And it tastes as good as it looks. The gratin's deliciously crisp outer layer, baked with cheese, and the sharply flavored lentils with balsamic are simply perfect with the delicate flavor of the pork belly.  

Already impressed with Madison's Bistro Moderne's kitchen, more dishes arrive, and it just keeps getting better. Foie Gras Ballotine (P 350), served with mixed greens and duck ham. Fresh greens with a light yet sharp vinaigrette and sweet caramelized pear combine for an elegant little side salad. Then there's the foie gras and duck ham...just can't get any better than that.

And it was time to meet Angus. Madison's Bistro Moderne's impressive grass-fed Angus dry-aged Ribeye (P 1,680/300g), topped with a grilled mushroom, served with vegetables and cauliflower gratin, with mushroom butter sauce, bernaise sauce and premium pink seasalt on the side. As for the presentation, there's nothing better than a premium slab of meat on a wooden board. And how was the steak? This was gone in minutes...

The Grilled Angus Beef Tenderloin (P 950/200g), topped with grilled mushroom and served with buttered baby vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. Lean yet tender with a delicious bite, this one's another winner.

A cool bar and great food. And you can have both at Madison's Bistro Moderne. It was great to see Johnnie and Angus again, and looks like I'll be seeing more of Speck sometime soon at Madison's Bistro Moderne.

Madison's Bistro Moderne is located at  the Ground Floor, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Garden Way, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City, or call 631-4675 for inquiries and reservations. Check out the Facebook page at for more information.

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